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    Klaus Flouride - Because I Say So album cover

    Klaus FlourideBecause I Say So

    Label:Alternative Tentacles – Virus 67
    Vinyl, LP, Album


    A1Door Slammer
    A2Eclipse (Blue/White)
    A3Feeding Time In Hell
    A4Desert Ships
    A5Bus Thru The Barrier
    A6Keep On Walking
    A7Born Again Dentistry
    A8Bus (Reprise)
    B2Eclipse (Blue/Green)
    B3Charlie's Friends
    B4Pretty Flowers
    B5Dominating Baby
    B6El Sid (The Credit Song)
    B7The Final Word

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    Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
    New Submission
    Because I Say So (Cassette, Album)Alternative TentaclesVIRUS 67CUS1988
    Needs Changes
    Because I Say So (LP, Album, Limited Edition, Promo, Test Pressing, White Label)Alternative TentaclesVirus 67US1988
    New Submission
    Because I Say So (CD, Album)Alternative TentaclesVIRUS 67CDEurope1989


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    Edited 2 months ago
    If you are a value shopper, which I would assume Klaus would prefer you to be, this LP is an incredible bargain, with 15 "songs" and even a hidden track. My introduction to this odd collection of songs came by way of a compilation tape in the late 80s, which contained "Eclipse Blue / Green" and "Charlies Friends." Since the songs vary so much in style, I will give a brief rundown of Because I Say So. The first four tracks on side one pass by in a blur of sludge, growling bass tones, and barely there electronics, with a bit of sturm und drang on the first track. I apologize for the ineptness of this description, but it's hard for me to wrap my brain around those. "Bus Through the Barrier" has a chorus that keeps repeating with some distorted guitar pushing things along, sort of a singalong that no one would ever actually sing. "Keep on Walking" has a low-key Beatles feel with a chorus that gradually grows until it becomes nearly grandiose towards the climax. This is probably the most "normal" song on the album. I honestly can't remember much about "Born Again Dentistry," but side one closes with a reprise of "Bus Through the Barrier," because, why not? Side two opens with "Akiko," a lovely, dusty guitar dirge that reminds me a bit of Nazareth's "Rose in the Heather," to me the standout from this LP. "Eclipse Blue / White" is a short, pretty acoustic guitar track that leads directly into the folky "Charlies Friends," which is one of the few songs on the album with any narrative, but I can't really parse the tale that is being told. Suffice to say this one has fairly awful vocals, propulsive strumming, an excellent bit of twang guitar introduced late in the proceedings, and a chorus that is catchy but goes on a bit long for such a short tune. "Pretty Flowers" is weird, creepy, and long, with a distorted vocal berating somebody, maybe the listener? It could be audio verite, or it could be the least helpful self-help track ever recorded. The transition between "Pretty Flowers" and the ragtime blues ditty "Dominating Baby" is surely one of the strangest in the history of pop music. The latter track presumably closes the album on a high note, but wait, there are still three more songs! "El Sid (The Credit Song)" provides album credits in a distorted, nearly unintelligible voice," then inexplicably there is a doomy electronic instrumental called "The Final Word," followed by a reprise of the chorus from "Keep on Walking" that lasts about a minute (track 16, untitled). If you pick this album up thinking it will sound anything like the Dead Kennedys, it doesn't. It is certainly worth hearing though, and you will probably feel like you've accomplished something once you reach the end, like completing a full listening session with Metal Machine Music.
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    ...does this LP have an insert/lyric sheet or a printed inner sleeve? My copy just has a generic inner.
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    I have this on original cd-again-same track listing-you have no record of it???