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DeafheavenInfinite Granite

Label:Sargent House – SH251-PD
2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Picture Disc, Stereo
Country:USA & Europe
Style:Avantgarde, Post-Metal, Shoegaze


A2In Blur5:30
B1Great Mass Of Color6:00
B2Neptune Raining Diamonds3:06
B3Lament For Wasps7:08
C2The Gnashing5:34
D1Other Language6:11



Limited to 3000 copies.

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  • Barcode: 634457061316

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
New Submission
Infinite Granite (2×LP, Album, Neptune Blue)Sargent HouseSH251LPNBUK, Europe & US2021
New Submission
Infinite Granite (2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Transparent Light Blue)Sargent HouseSH251UK, Europe & US2021
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Infinite Granite (CD, Album)Sargent HouseSH250USA & Europe2021
New Submission
Infinite Granite (2×LP, Album)Sargent HouseSH251UK, Europe & US2021
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Infinite Granite (2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Clear w/ Blue (Cloudy) Splatter [Shellstar])Sargent HouseSH251UK, Europe & US2021


MrTerkyMan's avatar
Wish I could do 4.5 stars for this release.

The Zoetrope picture discs are very cool. I have never seen anything like these. The A & D sides are artwork from the record, however, the B & C sides have Zoetrope animations on them. These are optical illusion-esc patterns that look animated when the records are being played that create a whole other level of visual experience when playing this release.

The sleeve, as many here have said, is a bit of a pain. A cool idea for sure - the A side of the picture discs is the main cover art of the record, so when it is slotted into its sleeve the record itself makes the album art. A very cool idea - however, they are made out of abs plastic and thus the records tend to stick to the inside of the sleeves and it takes a bit of effort to get them out. This may unfortunately cause damage to them over time and as others again have posted here, this release seems to have a tendency to have pops and crackles perhaps due to this.

Musically, this is by far my favorite Deafheaven release. I liked Sunbather back when it came out, and much of their work before this has been in that vein, but Infinite Granite changes their formula drastically. Ditching growls (mostly) and black metal influences for light, airy cleans and slowing down the guitar and basswork for a more post-rocky-shoegaze style.

Vinyl - 5/5
Sleeve - 4/5
Music - 5/5
Total - 4.5/5
rubyfox's avatar
The records are so damn difficult to get out because of the static. Pretty bad design on their part. Also, I might just be a total idiot, but how am I supposed to tell side A/B and C/D apart?
kevronamous's avatar
Mine sounds great. No pops or surface noise at all
Kalevibong's avatar
Any recommendations of how tf should I get the record out without damaging it?
tjnix's avatar
Unfortunately mine has a lot of surface noise and pops. Sort of expected this with picture discs but still disappointing with the price point.
SITF21-'s avatar
Ahhhh, packaging nightmare. When/if you get it, make sure you put the records in some sort of sleeve (if you can get it out of the plastic trap they packaged it in). The record sounds pretty good though, for picture discs. The picture discs looks great too! If you're wanting the best sounding pressing, I doubt this is the way to go. Otherwise good record to have and I'm happy to own it. Just damn the plastic (glue) packaging.
fullautoAnime's avatar
Can anyone comment on the sound quality on either the Neptune Blue or Transparent Light Blue versions?
Savster's avatar
My copy doesn't have any pops or weird noises that some of the PD records are known for. Idk if the mastering was affected by the limitations of the format a little bit or something, but the sound on this one is quite compressed. Still, a very fine listen, way better than I expected it to be.