Aril Brikha - Deeparture In Time Gimac123

May 18, 2014

Wow! I drifted away from techno after being heavily into it during the early 90's, I wished I'd hung around and heard this when it came out. Its a seriously good album, displays all the good elements of techno. It's flawless imo.

Aril Brikha - Deeparture In Time as reviewed by Dj_Armando

August 27, 2012
edited over 8 years ago

One of my favorite albums from a very high class producer. Aril's tracks have always sounded very well crafted to me and this album just shows how much work and thought is inserted into Aril Brikha's works. A must have for every EDM loving person, one of the greatest albums of all time for me.

Aril Brikha - Deeparture In Time as reviewed by patientot

April 7, 2010

Probably THE finest piece of Detroit-style techno not to come out of Detroit itself. While there is nothing genuinely revolutionary about the tracks on this album, they are so carefully and perfectly crafted that it doesn't matter. Aril has a great sense of melody and knows how to make smooth sounding tracks that glide along without losing the soul that defines the very best Detroit Techno. The fact that he can integrate these intricate, slightly spiky little drum patterns with some fantastic lush synth melodies are what makes this so special. Actually, I'd rank his sense of melody in techno up there with Carl Craig's best work. Absolutely essential.

Aril Brikha - Deeparture In Time nobodycandestroyme

April 8, 2010
That's a great record but somehow it's the same problem with most of Aril Brikha's productions, the tracks are great but the mastering/cutting/pressing is rather bad. That makes a vinyl with low output volume, hard to mix with other productions.
Still one of my favorite despite the poor mastering/cutting/pressing frustration.

Aril Brikha - Deeparture In Time as reviewed by Numanoid

May 7, 2006
edited over 15 years ago
This album could have had real crossover potential had it been injected with more progressive elements to make it stand out in a crowded genre, as too many of the tracks are just not going anywhere. The best tracks like "Otill" would have made a nice EP.

Aril Brikha - Deeparture In Time as reviewed by pipecock

March 9, 2005
edited over 16 years ago

This is the superior version of this CD. The version released at the same time as the vinyl removes "Read Only Memory", "On and On", and "Headhunter", easily three of the most interesting tracks on the album. There's not a boring moment here, this is pure analogue Detroit-esque techno at its best. I have easily listened to this album more than 1000 times. It is my favorite piece of recorded music in any genre.