Les Joyaux De La Princesse ‎– Croix De Bois - Croix De Feu

Les Joyaux De La Princesse ‎– XIV<sup>e</sup> Édition
Vinyl, 10", Limited Edition, Red


A1 Untitled 7:10
A2 Untitled 2:41
A3 Untitled 5:18
B1 Untitled 4:22
B2 Untitled 2:47
B3 Untitled 7:15


Luxurious set including 34x26 cm album, available with the subscription card and 6" flexi-disc. 300 copies on red vinyl.

Available exclusively through subscription.

5 more not-numbered copies on red vinyl were available on "Heilige Feuer III" festival in St. Petersburg, Russia on the 19th of October 2002.

A few other not-numbered copies do include the flexi 6" (without cover) and the 2 inserts (previously glued to the cover): "A tous les enfants ..." stamped with "St Petersburg 19th October" and "Billet de souscription" stamped with "Marbach 27/12 / Wien 28/12".



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October 29, 2015

Les Joyaux's releases were once extremely sought-after and, in a time when the Internet was young and not so many people were in this kind of music, they were nothing short of legendary. Today, quite a lot of what Erik did put out has lost most of its charm, thanks also to unreasoning bootleggers. "Croix De Bois - Croix De Feu" is, despite everything, still a fascinating mini-album. The music is very simple, with its bombastic keyboards, few noises and drumming, as well as historical French speeches sampled here and there, but the atmosphere it conjures is strong, dramatic and effective. Being a 10" vinyl, it clocks a bit more than 30 minutes, and you don't risk to fall asleep, like with a few of the following releases (Philippe Henriot, anyone?). The packaging is, undoubtedly, the most beautiful ever created by Monsieur Les Joyaux.