Paul OakenfoldThe Goa Mix

Label:Not On Label (Paul Oakenfold) – OTCD01
2 x CD, Mixed, Unofficial Release
Style:Trance, Goa Trance, Progressive Trance, Modern Classical


1-1Mr. VGive Me Life1:38
1-2GraceSkin On Skin (Orange Mix)6:16
1-3Li KwanPoint Zero5:37
1-4The Disco EvangelistsDe Niro (The Spaceflight Remix)2:01
1-5Virtual SymmetryThe V.S. (Original Mix)4:40
1-6VangelisTears In Rain2:14
1-7Salt TankEugina (Pacific Diva)1:25
1-9Saint EtienneOnly Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix Of Two Halves)0:18
1-10Wojciech KilarVampire Hunters1:00
1-12VangelisMain Titles1:39
1-13Man With No NameFloor-Essence (Dayglo Mix)5:49
1-14Scorpio Rising (2)Dubcatcher (Oakenfold Instrumental Edit)
RemixPaul Oakenfold
1-15Man With No NameEvolution5:36
2-1Goldie Presents MetalheadsInner City Life1:35
2-2Wojciech KilarLove Remembered1:41
2-3Voodoo PeopleCo-Incidence2:40
2-4The Infinity ProjectStimuli5:03
2-5Trance TeamWake Up! (Trance Mix)3:03
2-6V-TracksHeretic Voices2:09
2-7MarmionSchöneberg (Marmion Remix)7:59
2-8Karl BiscuitHierophone1:32
2-9VangelisRachel's Song1:39
2-10VirusSun (Oakenfold & Osborne Mix)8:07
2-11Man With No NameDeliverance7:13
2-12Perfecto AllstarzReach Up! (Indian Summer Mix)5:29
2-13Para-DizerSong Of Liberation5:25
2-14Dead Can DanceSanvean3:33
2-154VoiceEternal Spirit (Northern Mix)3:45
2-16Man With No NameSugar Rush (Raw Cane Mix)3:42



Originally broadcast on UK Radio One Sunday 18/12/94 at 12:00 AM

Both discs come as a single mix. Track listing is not given.

Disc 1: 53:37
Disc 2: 64:32

This release as illustrated is NOT official. It has a code of 'OTCD01'. This is NOT the official version sold by Cream in late 1995.

Track durations taken from a stop clock.

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  • Rich.C's avatar
    Still sounds fresh as f**k 23 years on! this alongside Dj Vertigos - "Better Days" 1992 mix and Sasha and Digweed Northern Exposure 1 have to be my top three mixes of all time, what makes this mix so special?...the breadth of sound is awesome, alright the goa boys slate it for not being "100% goa" which is fair cop, para-dizer - song of liberation is definitely trance! but you find yourself gliding in and out of various sounds, the mix just seems to flow without loosing momentum, this was a good advert for the perfecto stable introducing many who hadn't heard of producers like Martin Freeland, Matt Darey (before he produced cheese)...remember you had to buy your records from record shops in them days.
    Why this mix stands out for me is the way oakey breaks the tracks up with those ambient, chillout numbers...vangelis, dead can dance, wojciech kilar etc they just tease you for next big track which is on the way, the dead can dance track still sends a chiver down my spine, must sound immense live, (like dilemma - in spirit, alot of people so im told have this played at their funeral) Im slightly ambivalent about them re-releasing this one on vinyl as it was such a rarity back then.
    After 1994 alot of producers (especially trance producers) started to incorporate ambient breakdowns/passages in their tracks...chicane - saltwater, fridge - paradise, pulp victim - the world are just a few which spring to mind but there's loads more, perhaps inspired by this mix? who knows?
    On release this mix received mixed receptions; some people view it as a compilation as oppose to a mix citing the lack of perceived mixing, and what some deem as oakey just fudging a load of his favourite tracks together which i thinks harsh. Others (like myself) see this as a stroke of genius, a soundscape of the best sounds the world had to offer in 1994, i know its a cliche but it really is timeless, great driving music.
    I paid £12 for this cd in the 1990s, look at the prices now! madness...but it does what it says on the tin "a journey you have never experienced before"
    • jiggawhat's avatar
      Edited 10 years ago
      At first I thought people were just being stuck up - OMG they dared edit this mix - blasphemy! - but it really was made worse. The addition of Infected Mushroom ruins the momentum, the mood, that they had spent so long building up. Southern Sun is a good song but doesn't belong in this mix.

      They definitely did blow it. Please, Oakenfold, Perfecto, please re-release a re-mastered copy of the original.
      • Tripperettes's avatar
        Guys, thanks for the reviews on the new Goa mix; from what I’m reading I'll stick to the original. One point I want to make is that the 'Cream' issue of the Goa Mix CD in 1995 is not actually a bookleg. Even though you get the impression it is the release was exclusively licensed and sold via cream in full knowledge of Paul Oakenfold and this was advertised to people who were close to this scene. As you know the 'Cream' club was very much at the forefront (of clubs) during the mid nineties and this was sold legitimately through them. If you have this actual release you will be able to tell from the production that this was not just ‘knocked-off’ from the live mix in Dec 94.
        • danfmaia's avatar
          This is the better album I've heard in my life. And believe me, I really have heard a lot of things... But this album reaches perfection.
          Nostalgies from the better period in Trance history, when all trance lovers were united in one same ideal, and no prejudice existed in anyone of the Trance styles. In fact, all styles were united in one unique spirit, the spirit of total freedom in music.
          Goa, ambient, acid, hard... There is only one thing above it all:
          • Mrmilano's avatar
            Edited 16 years ago
            I recently pulled this out of the bin. The right thing to do. It is by far, superior to many of the mix cd's that 'dj's are pushing out these days.
            Days of Raves at the beach are gone, but now more commercial events take their place...

            Sublime moments relived, and a trip down memory lane, worth making every day. Oakenfold delivers a masterpiece.
            Too bad there is not a reissue, it would definitely fly off the shelves, and so many Oakie 'fans' would think its a new mix....
            • hunter.england's avatar
              Edited 17 years ago
              I bought this from a independant record shop in Plymouth late 94. I remember thay only had 3 copies on CD and 3 on Cassette which my friend and i bought them all. I've seen copies of the one i have but never the two coloured CD version i have. It is the best mix i've heard and still to this day make every hair stand on end!!
              • crazyboris's avatar
                Edited 18 years ago
                This is an amazing mix. The music is quite "simple" compared to old skool psychedelic trance. I'd rather say it's just regular trance. But very beautiful. Less is so much more! It puts a big smile on my face everytime I hear this mix. Last night I even got tears in my eyes. This is definately one of my favourite mixes/cd's, together with his other mix "A voyage into trance".
                • bolle88's avatar
                  Edited 18 years ago
                  This IS the best tracklist I've ever seen and the best tracklist I'll ever see ! It is hopeless to try to find it for buying, but luckily I found it for downloading...
                  The last weeks I've listen to this mix so many times and there is no doubt: this IS the best mix-cd ever done, all categories...
                  This cd and A Voyage into Trance are the absolute best works from mr. Oakenfold... To bad he doesn't play really good music anymore...=/
                  • SteelWolf's avatar
                    Edited 19 years ago
                    This mix is definitely in my top two CDs EVER. Paul Oakenfold himself admitted that this was his best essential mix, and i agree. Such a great mix here, mixing oldschool trance, some progressive house, and psy trance, and some soundtrack tunes as well. And, this is the most smoothly, flawlessly mixed CD i have ever heard, perfect spot on mixing from oakie. This is very very rare today (i found it on accident on ebay), so get it if you can, its a great album!
                    • Raijin's avatar
                      Edited 19 years ago
                      Oakenfold's true roots. Look at the date on that mix! 1994! This mix is awesome, the tracks are a perfect blend between the psychadelic vibe of GOA and the harder edges of psy-trance. If i could ever find another copy of this anywhere, i'd buy it.


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