BrumeAfter The Battle (A Chronicle Of The Joy Of Life)

Label:EE Tapes – EE18
CD, Album, Limited Edition
Style:Abstract, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Industrial


1Frozen Fields5:03
2Another Style Of War5:10
3Broken Hearts4:18
5Survival In Eating Proteines From Human Brain Corpses8:43
6Burning Panzer Wrecks4:47
7I Did Not Remember My Name / Fire Again!5:18
8We Were Young...4:15
9I'm Feeling Good!10:06


  • Instruments [All], Voice [Voices], Sounds [Metal], Tape, Effects, Mixed By, Mastered ByC. Renou*
  • Painting [Cover]Jonathan Canady


Edition of 300 copies.
CD comes packaged inside a 7-inch sized offset-printed sleeve.
Includes a four page insert containing the complete Brume / C. Renou discography.

Cover painting: "Composite 2.4" © 2008.

© 2009 Brume / C. Renou.



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    More Brume can be found on 'After The Battle', released at the same time, but this time by Belgium's EE Tapes, who, like Waystyx specializes in some what 'older' musicians (Big City Orchestra, Y Create, Human Flesh to mention a few). EE tapes doesn't have the same great packaging, but have settled on their style: 7" covers. Both 'Emergence' and 'After The Battle' aren't mentioned on the insert, a Brume/C. Renou discography, which starts in 1985 and ends with release number 106 'The Sun/The Moon' (reviewed in Vital Weekly 698), and this is just the solo and split releases, not whatever he contributed to compilations. Is that a lot, or just an ok number? And is there is someone out there who has all of this I wondered (well maybe Brume himself of course). 'After The Battle' contains nine pieces, all in a pretty classic Brume strategy. There is sound, always and everywhere. Silence is never a friend of Brume, but throughout the twenty-four years of his career, there is one major change:
    he allows synthesizers and computers on the game. In the old days he stuck all his acoustic sounds on a reel-to-reel machine and mixed them together, perhaps using some sound effects on the outside. These days, it seems at least to me, he uses sound synthesis from the computer to edit whatever he does, and also feeds them through (software based-) synthesizers. Still a highly vibrant sound, but also still, Brume doesn't always realize when to end a piece. Sometimes the pieces are a bit long by themselves, certainly when it comes to clang-boom pieces, but then the ten minute closing piece 'I'm Feeling Good' is a great one. Slow, peaceful, quiet, introspective. It offers an entirely new Brume, and this would be a great to have somewhere in the middle and a road to explore further.
    (FdW) Vital Weekly number 707 (week 49)
    After The Battle" is an album that was released in the end of 2009 by the Belgian label EE Tapes. I first thought it was the re-release of an old demo or record, but Christian Renou finally decided to bring his legendary Brume project back to life and this album features new compositions. The style and receipt of Brume is easily recognisable while again revealing his overwhelming productivity and impressive sound research. Listening to a Brume album always evokes me to discover a kind of sonic puzzle. The soundscapes created by Renou have always been filled with numerous layers of sounds. He now moves into dark ambient territories and visits experimental fields. Christian Renou is a real sound alchemist, which he tends to illustrate on tracks like "We Were Young" or the remarkable "Stalingrad" that will hold you in its grip more than 14 minutes. "Frozen Field" being the starter of the album is another cut to pay attention for. This track features a vocal effect that hangs like a ghost over a nebulous soundscape. The soundscape style goes on with ""Another Style Of War", but progressively the tracks became more complex and fascinating. Anguishing screams and other humming sounds will lead the listener into a stupor, but the experimental creativity revealed on tracks like "Burning Panzer Wrecks" and "I'm Feeling Good" are leading us to another dimension with different accents. The album has been packed in a 7" vinyl format, but inside you'll find a cd limited to 300 copies! A must have for the fans of this French genius.
    DP - Side-Line (2010-04-22)


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