Old 97'sFight Songs

Label:Elektra – ROGV-120, Run Out Groove – ROGV-120
3 x Vinyl, LP, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue, 180gm
Country:USA & Europe


Original Album
A1Jagged (original 1999 master)3:27
A2Lonely Holiday (original 1999 master)4:08
A3Oppenheimer (original 1999 master)3:27
A4Indefinitely (original 1999 master)3:41
A5What We Talk About (original 1999 master)4:10
A6Crash On The Barrelhead (original 1999 master)2:39
B1Murder (Or A Heart Attack) (original 1999 master)3:41
B2Alone So Far (original 1999 master)4:17
B3Busted Afternoon (original 1999 master)3:11
B4Nineteen (original 1999 master)3:41
B5Let The Idiot Speak (original 1999 master)3:43
B6Valentine (original 1999 master)3:08
2021 Remix
C1Jagged (2021 remix)3:30
C2Lonely Holiday (2021 remix)4:07
C3Oppenheimer (2021 remix)3:25
C4Indefinitely (2021 remix)3:42
C5What We Talk About (2021 remix)4:08
C6Crash On The Barrelhead (2021 remix)2:34
D1Murder (Or A Heart Attack) (2021 remix)3:40
D2Alone So Far (2021 remix)4:16
D3Busted Afternoon (2021 remix)3:12
D4Nineteen (2021 remix)3:56
D5Let The Idiot Speak (2021 remix)3:37
D6Valentine (2021 remix)3:06
Unreleased Demos
E1Lonely Holiday (Unreleased demo)4:34
E2Oppenheimer (Unreleased demo)3:30
E3What We Talk About (Unreleased demo)4:01
E4Jagged (Unreleased demo)3:37
E5Weightless (Unreleased demo)3:59
F1Indefinitely (Unreleased demo)4:10
F2Singular Girl (Unreleased demo)4:48
F3Busted Afternoon (Unreleased demo)3:36
F4Nineteen (Unreleased demo)3:36
F5Alone So Far (Unreleased demo)4:41



Trifold gated sleeve, also includes a 4 page, colour, 30cm sq liner notes booklet

Copies are numbered and described as limited, but no indication of the amount pressed

Copies ordered direct from the Runout Groove Vinyl shop received a free unreleased digital B-Side track with purchase – a 2021 Vance Powell remix of “The Villain” - not included on the vinyl

Track C5 is erroneously omitted from the back cover tracklisting but is on the Side C label tracklisting

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 081227892487

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  • Sugarbear66's avatar
    Edited 9 months ago
    What an amazing pressing and collection that this record so deserved. One of my all time favs. A beautiful package all the way around. If every new pressing had this kind of QC I'd buy more new records. I love they've included both the original mix and the 2021 remix. The remix isn't radical: more space, fatter guitars, wider soundstage, more dynamic range and more space so it's not as cramped as the original CD mastering.
    • deweydm's avatar
      Already have the CD, and really dig the re master here, so would would have been happy with a cheaper double album, without the first LP with the original mastering. The re master is very different from the original, but I like it a lot.
      • jveezer's avatar
        Well, we now know there were at least 3147 pressed...
        • bobbydriver's avatar
          Edited 10 months ago
          A very nicely done set - the 2021 remix is a bit wishy washy, given that the only thing wrong with the original mix was the "loudness wars" compression on the CD. The 2021 remix softens the dynamics nicely (too nice?) and adds reverb to all the vocals. This is a needless touch IMO as the dry vocal sound on the original worked well for me. Last track Valentine as an example always sounded like Murray was right there in the room next to you, but now disappoints as it's been given a generic acoustic ballad mix

          Pre-Production Demos on the other hand are wonderful and raw as you'd expect. The fact that a track like Weightless never made the album proves just how strong a set of compositions Fight Songs is.



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