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HallucinogenThe Lone Deranger

Label:Twisted Records – TWSCD1
CD, Album, Partially Mixed
Style:Goa Trance


2Snakey Shaker6:22
5Snarling (Remix)6:47
6Gamma Goblins Part 28:47
VocalsDaniella Buntman*
8Jiggle Of The Sphinx
Written-ByR. Trevor*

Companies, etc.



℗ & © 1997 Twisted Records Ltd.

All writing & sonic manipulation at the Hallucinogen Sound Labs - Dorset
Sleeve by [email protected]

Total duration: 59:36

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (String): 630883000325
  • Barcode (Text): 6308 8300032 5
  • Barcode (Text): 6 30883 00032 5
  • Matrix / Runout (Version 1): IMPRESS TWSCD1 02
  • Matrix / Runout (Version 2): TWSCD1 01 5
  • Mastering SID Code (Versions 1, 2): IFPI L135
  • Mould SID Code (Version 1): IFPI 0469
  • Mould SID Code (Version 2): IFPI 04B6
  • Other (Mould Text Version 2): MADE IN THE UK
  • Label Code: LC 2112

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
The Lone Deranger (2×LP, Album, Gatefold Sleeve)Twisted Records, Twisted RecordsTWSLP1, TWSLP 1UK1997
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The Lone Deranger (CD, Album)Nova Tekk Media + DistributionNTD 91006-18Germany1997
The Lone Deranger (CD, Album)Dragon Beat LabelDRC-3Japan1997
The Lone Deranger (2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Black w/ Purple Glitter)Twisted Records, Twisted RecordsTWSLP1, TWSLP 1UK1997
The Lone Deranger (CD, Album, Partially Mixed, Limited Edition, Gold)Twisted Records, Twisted RecordsTWSCD1, TWSCD 1UK1997


AlexisNembrode's avatar
Could have been called Twisted II, as its right up there with its antecessor, both in terms of quality and mood. Definitely a classic, side by side with Dragon Tales, Beyond the Infinite and We Created our Own Happiness.
Subkrill's avatar
The Lone Deranger is, in my opinion, one of Psytrance's most representative albums, THIS IS NOT GOA TRANCE. It has a very different environment to Goa, its melodies and sounds can resemble the Classical Mushroom of Infected Mushroom or the Dragon Tales of KoxBox. It's true that it can contain some element or theme of Goa, since his previous album Twisted is a great mix, but this one, definitely is Psytrance
Vert1's avatar
Edited 5 years ago
This album is a sharp drop off in quality from Twisted. I like the first two tracks, but the rest of the album? Not so much. 2/5.
lambdastorm's avatar
Aside from Classical Mushroom, this is proly the strongest psytrance album I've ever laid my ears on. It's so sick yet so energetic at the same time I feel like an orgasm was on its way when I first listened to this shit. If any of my classmates are willing to try these I bet it'd blow their minds within seconds.

5/5 IMO, Simon Posford at the top of his game.

"There is an area of the mind that could be called unsane, beyond sanity, and yet not insane. Think of a circle with a fine split in it. At one end there's insanity. You go around the circle to sanity, and on the other end of the circle, close to insanity, but not insanity, is unsanity."
drexcia2's avatar
Edited 7 years ago
Twisted was by far the cream of the crop no doubt it is but then came "The Lone Deranger" raising the bar even further. Goa doe's not get any better than this. In my opinion this will go down unequivocally as the greatest Goa album ever. There is nothing in my collection I can compare this to other than his previous release "Twisted" The Pleiadians - I.F.O. album does not work as an album the tracks would be better if they were released on compilations like many other Goa albums. The Lone Deranger takes you on a journey from start to finish. It still sounds as fresh as it did back in 1997 and will continuing to do so in the future because of his mastery production skills on the track "Deranger" There's a cheeky sample saying I'm going to get you !! He has certainly done that on the whole album but my attention is focused on 2 tracks Snakey Shaker and Horrorgram all the tracks our supreme but I love Horrorgram and the way it builds up towards the end it reaches' never ending height's it's like being zapped with a thousand laser's all at once all round your whole body truly "Awesome" and Snakey Shaker is like mercury forming and coming together all over the place it sends shivers down my spine. A good sound system or high quality headphones is a must if you want to really want to appreciate the intricacies and details your hear things you never thought were even there. Its a musical revelation I cant emphasize in words how supreme this album is regardless of age I'm sure kids and men alike listen to this and know it destroys any other forms of trance with ease. hallucinogen, Green Nuns, Darshan Blue Planet Corporation amongst others defined the genre but for me Hallucinogen is in a different league and well ahead of his time. I would recommend to all lovers of electronic music regardless of what genre your into. To sum this up in one word TIMELESS!!
transition-metal's avatar
Edited 5 years ago
Fucking awesome album, i don't have anything to say that hasn't been said before and said a lot better than i can say it for that matter. But i will give my 20cents worth where the track "Trancepotter" is concerned, how does this guy do it, he is the master of spooky goa, this tune makes me think of every horror movie i ever saw. the wierd chant sounds like some kind of pagan ritual with the maniacal, demented laughter and and twisted sounding moans that sound kind of human but kind of animalistic dropped in at all the right momentss and then that riff he comes in with before he kicks the tempo from 137 to 150bpm is nothing short of awe inspiring!!!
s3iyaintrance's avatar
like everyone else, i believe the same thing , this is one of the most amazing goa-psy albums ever created!!
posford is a genius,all the tunes are amazing in structure, melodies and basses.
all the album is a masterpiece but for my the real gold is Jiggle Of The Sphinx, just listen this tune, when is raining, dance sorrounded the nature!!! thats is a incredible experience for everyone! thank you Simon.
omri0910's avatar
Can't quite figure how come this album got only 2 reviews....

A masterpiece, Must have, must listen, all legendry album.
every single track is extremely good. you can listen to it separately or in one piece. it doesn't matter. it's still be great. this album is definitely in my favorite elctronic albums list.

Imagine: Isolated Ocean beach, clear sky, warm sun, the waves gently touching the sand, lying down on the warm sand, getting relaxed, powerfull high quality headphones on your ears, powerfull mp3 player, closing your eyes, and this album playing as you fall into deep and peaceful hypnotic state of mind.
letting yourself go*........... EPIC.

*I have listend to this album about 20 times in that exact way..
Not much I can say really, except that this CD is one of the best Goatrance albums ever produced!!

A defining album for the genre, Posford once again crafts together a tryptamine-drenched sonic concoction with as much detail and precision as a modern Forumla 1 team (maybe more). The basslines are generally fast and pumping while Posford's use of the synthesizers and effects I have yet to see surpassed. Somehow he manages to put it all (and there is alot of it) together so perfectly!

Surprising to see just one other review for this truly EPIC album! A definite MUST HAVE!
murari's avatar
Edited 14 years ago
Its shocking to see no comments on this legendary release! After Hallucinogen's ground breaking debut in 1995 with the much celebrated Twisted, Simon Posford had the envious task of following up on a well loved and accepted classic. He goes about it with ease, crafting new structures of melody, expanding the classical Hallucinogen soundscapes to more deep and pounding levels.

Starting from with the well known LSD sanity-unsanity sample we slowly delve into the Demented world of Hallucinogen! Squelching acid lines meet the rolling rhythms from Twisted as sounds pop in out, creating, leading and ultimately defining the tunes. Trancespotter and Snarling being perfect examples. Horrorgram adds percussive elements to the stomping mix. Gamma Goblins features seriously twisted levels of sonic manipulation which are intense yet melodic.

The Lone Deranger is a worthy follow up to Twisted and Simon Posford has once again pushed the levels of Psytrance in a new direction by taking the old-school Goa melodies and adding the Psy influenced tech vibes. All of the tracks on this album are gold, just as Twisted. It stands the test of time and gives today's commercial sounding "psy-trance" a run for their money, 10 years after being released! In my opinion that's what defines a classic, It sounds just as good as the day I first heard it.

A must have for anyone into Goa, Psy-trance.