Nasenbluten100% No Soul Guaranteed

Label:Industrial Strength Records – IS030
2 x Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
Style:Speedcore, Hardcore


A1Feeling Shit4:35
A2Dirty Rotten Bastard5:04
B1No More Fucking Soul4:22
C1Concrete Compressor4:53
C2Blows T' The Nose3:58
D1Kill More People4:49
D2Cocksucker (Xylocaine Remix)
D3Fuck S.F.2:39



The center labels says 33 RPM, but the correct speed is 45 RPM in fact.
Track D2 ends in a locked groove, which requires to lift the stylus manually to the next track. D3 ends in a locked groove aswell.
Tracks C2 and D2 taken from the Bloody Fist release "Newcastle Hardcore Volume One".
On the vinyl labels: B1 is listed as "No More Fuckin Soul", B2 as "Cunt Face", C2 as "Blowf T´ The Nose" and D2 as "Cock Sucker".

"Cuntface" samples voices from Bad News - Vim Is Angry.
"Cocksucker" samples voices from the movie Full Metal Jacket.

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
100% No Soul Guaranteed (2×12", 45 RPM, Test Pressing)Industrial Strength RecordsIS030US1995
New Submission
100% No Soul Guaranteed (2×12", 45 RPM, Generic Sleeve)Industrial Strength RecordsIS030US1995
100% No Soul Guaranteed (2×12", 45 RPM, Reissue)Industrial Strength RecordsIS030RPUS2001
100% No Soul Guaranteed (9×File, MP3, 320 kbps)Industrial Strength RecordsIS30US2009
Recently Edited
100% No Soul Guaranteed (8×File, WAV)Industrial Strength RecordsIS30US2009


  • jellyjim626's avatar
    Remember hearing these tracks for the first time in the UK in 95, sounded like nothing else. Still when I put this record on over 25 years later nothing quite compares . This one has stood the test of time for sure!
    • YEAHYEAHBEEBISS's avatar
      this album FUCKS and it helps me focus because i have adhd but my mom says it sounds like a car alarm
      • DJ_Gemmell's avatar
        I first heard Cuntface on some Nosebleed tape when I was about 14 years old, and it totally blew my mind. Absolute raw madness of a track from the glory days of gabba.
        • 2Styliztik's avatar
          Edited one year ago
          By 1994, Bloody Fist Records was established in Newcastle, NSW Australia with equal amounts of determination and Dole money. Mark Newlands had the arduous task of personally distributing the muddy sounding white labels to record stores. This wasn't some brisk walk in the park, that's travelling 180 kms to Sydney to hand over the records to incredibly indifferent sales assistants, many of whom would have been Sydney DJs themselves. As the future wallet burning FIST01 collected dust, one international DJ stumbled across it, he happened to be US DJ Lenny Dee, the owner of Industrial Strength Records. Lenny Dee played a couple of tracks off the white label in his sets around the world. Timeline wise, I know Nasenbluten and Lenny Dee played together at the old Adelaide gaol in 1995, I'm not sure if he asked the boys to submit tracks then or Lenny contacting Bloody Fist Records earlier, either or I guess. With their music perfect for Industrial Strength, the Novocastrian trio were able to cobble together their best Amiga efforts (with a couple of suggestions by Lenny) and sent a DAT tape from Newcastle, Australia to Brooklyn, New York.

          The first track has the happy title of, Feeling Shit. Sitting at a very reasonable 180 BPM, there's a punchy square wave kickdrum that lays down the ground work. With limited channels to make their music, Nasenbluten had to be a bit creative. The "whistling" sound effect is nicely moved up and down sounding kinda rhythmic. There's also a repeated shout used, I swear its sampled from Euromasters, Hé Scheids!..... Schop'm Voor Z'n Klotûh (hey referee, kick him in the balls!), but I could be wrong. A common thread is the really odd samples used in contrast to the Industrial noise. There is some old timey music chucked in and an old horn sound effect which is repeated with glee, its weird. The whistling effect is more pronounced in the second half and sounds good, in conjunction with possible Euromasters sample and an old horn going off. Due to the BPM, this a very solid piece of Industrial Hardcore that could be played with Hardcore Gabber, giving your Early Hardcore sets a bit more flavour. By far the most interesting aspect of the song are some of the vocals in the middle of the song. They have been recorded off the Australian version of The Price Is Right and its host, Larry Emdur. Good memories of coming home from school and watching that show in the 90's.

          To continue the happy mood, we have Dirty Rotten Bastard. Much closer to 200 BPM, the track is built around a very simple Acid line which is used at the right places. There's also a basic keyboard tap that's not bad either. Others things that pop up, an 80's break with the ironic "Pop Music" sample, a more 90's UK fast Breakbeat and Claps. The main vocal sample and song title is most probably taken from Prime Minister Pete Nice (formerly of 3rd Bass) and his 1993 Hip Hop song, Rat Bastard.

          To reiterate the name of this album, No More Fucking Soul is on the flip side. I like to think of this track as a harsh remix of Euromasters, Amsterdam Waar Lech Dat Dan (Amsterdam, where is that then?), with the usage of the main riff. From that point of view, its a valiant effort by the Newcastle boys. Once again, there's some odd samples that puncture the track, James Brown's 1970 Sex Machine and the drum break from Herman Kelly's 1978 song, Let's Dance To The Drummer's Beat. More irony sampling soulful music in a track called No More Fucking Soul. The other notable sample is the hardcore lyrics of MC Ren from NWA's Fuck The Police. These sort of Hip Hop samples would become a major component of Nasenbluten and Syndicate productions.

          After a damn good Rob Gee interlude, we are confronted by my favourite .xm file, Cunt Face, or as super Hardcore Thunderdome XV will say, Cxxx Face. The word Cunt Face is a fairly common slang word in Australia, its for someone you really don't like! The track starts off with some ill conceived comments by Nik Fish, one of the most popular DJs in Australia. I met Nik once, he was a nice guy. This led to a short lived beef between Nik and Nasenbluten fueling the Newcastle vs. Sydney thing. Also, its seems like Kylie Minogue is sampled, Australian singer in a Australian Industrial Hardcore track, I'm OK with that. One of main features of Cunt Face is the blunt square wave kickdrum that drills your brain like a dull pain, it sounds awesome! The other noteworthy ingredient is the uncompromising coarse language used throughout the song. For many years I thought it was the members of Nasenbluten shouting angry shit at a poor microphone, however its clever sampling of Bad News 10 and Vim Is Angry. This all leads to a glorious piece of music, keeping up the Euromasters theme, Alles Naar De Klote (All Fucked Up) is sampled. To add to the chaos, the track gets faster and faster making it even more psychotically intense. I love every second of Cunt Face and is possibly my favourite finishing track. Having spoken to Mark, I got the impression that he's not keen on Cunt Face anymore. Very similar to a band who have one big song that everybody knows, and despite a good back catalogue of music, people just want to hear that one song. Fuck Silverchair, this track is the best thing to come out of Newcastle, except maybe Jennifer Hawkins.....

          Arguably the most playable track on the double EP is Concrete Compressor, more closer to 170 BPM and an introduction to Nasenbluten's love of crusty Breakbeats. One of the main sounds is an electronic alarm which sounds really effective. After an unusual religious sample the reverbed kickdrum slams the track. The mid section is dominated by a simple synth riff that is played at a speedy pace and it works. Another one of those Industrial cuts that will spice up your old school Hardcore sets. Oh yeah, hearing Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics at the wrong speed is bizarre.

          Blows T' The Nose smells like a Overcast track, a 909 kick with famous Hip Hop samples. With Mark N's astute knowledge of Hip Hop, it's no surprise that this slightly darker Hardcore tune uses the politically charged lyrics of Public Enemy's Welcome To The Terrordome. The track is basic in structure, but everything is placed quite well. The foundation of the track is an excellent Industrial kickdrum, plus classic Breakbeats and an appropriate dark Pad hovers over the track. If you've ever wanted to hear Blows T' The Nose in all its glory, listen to it in Nasenbluten's JJJ set in 1997, Mark N utterly destroys his copy of Welcome To The Terrordome!

          Kill More People is what we used to call Speedcore. The track starts with what sounds like a robot burping! Mark N has mentioned that he likes tracks with massive changes in BPM and Kill More People fits that description. Of all the tunes, this one is my least favourite, because I don't really know what to do with it, also it doesn't have as many fun elements sporadically sequenced in Fast Tracker. I suppose if you want to go from Hardcore Gabber to Speedcore, Kill More People is a handy track to have.

          The track that Speedcore and Terror fans really enjoy is a 69 second nasty piece of work called Cocksucker. It's just raw as fuck angry music, helped by the infamous samples from the 1987 movie, Full Metal Jacket. In the middle there's an Australian TV or radio sample with Rob Gee telling everybody "FUCK YOU", fair enough. There's also a broken guitar sound which I like. Well done Aaron Lubinski.

          Fuck Stephen Ferris is the final .xm file to end proceedings. This one is a more experimental number, but I find it to be a great intro/set starter. There's some pretty good vocals used throughout and a mysterious synth riff that sounds like its from an old TV show. It seems rather fitting that the track and record itself ends with an intense drum roll landing somewhere near 500 BPM.

          That Paul Elstak shoutout didn't age well!! Richard Kingsmill, a well respected music programmer from JJJ actually had the balls to play Nasenbluten's What Ye Deserve on national radio, well played sir. Wow, even George Vagas got a positive mention.

          In January 1995, 100% No Soul Guaranteed was unleashed onto the Hardcore scene and public in general, and it became one of Industrial Strength best selling records and became popular amongst DJs. It put both Newcastle and Nasenbluten on the map, which lead to more livesets for the trio and more DJ gigs for Mark N. The double EP also substantially helped the profile of the fledgling Bloody Fist record label. After purchasing a second hand fax machine, this lead to a lucrative deal with Steffen Kuschel and his East German label, Strike Records. This meant a proper vinyl pressing and saving Mark having to travel to Sydney and 360 km round trips. It turned out to be the start of an amazing period for Nasenbluten and Bloody Fist Records.

          Fast forward to the early 2000's, demolition derby and Brown Thunder aside, Nasenbluten had not been properly paid for this record by Industrial Strength, even though it sold incredibly well, Newlands/Lubinski/Melo didn't see much of that money. It got a bit nasty, lawyers were called in and a special remix of Cunt Face dedicated to Lenny Dee was considered. Before things went next level, Steffen @ Strike Records was able to step in and broker a peace deal between the two parties. Sound Base Music would repress IS030 and Nasenbluten would be paid in US Dollars (something Mark was very happy about!), this 2001 repress is where I got my copy of this impressive two piece vinyl. I remember the day the repress landed at BF HQ, Mark was so happy to have this record back he wrote the record and its description in the Stock section, twice.

          If there was ever a Gold standard of Industrial Hardcore, 100% No Soul Guaranteed is the cheap DIY version of that. The fact they only had outdated Amigas, Fast Tracker, fuck all cash and a wide selection of music to sample makes this a fucking good achievement. There was no grand artistic mantra, it was three guys in the suburban paradise of Newcastle, starving off boredom, living off the Dole and drinking beer. Making music that they wanted to hear, with nobody in Australia remotely interested (well maybe Geoff Da Chef), you have to take matters into your own hands. After 25 years, it is still one of the best Hardcore records ever made.

          • expandabear's avatar
            I'm not sure gabba ever got better than this. Pure raw aggression.
            • resettheatari's avatar
              The finest gabba record ever. Saw them live a few times at Nosebleed in Rosyth, the world famous gabba club, I was there most weeks.
              • elektrasoul's avatar
                fuckin brilliant!
                • dj_hoodlum's avatar
                  The first Nasenbluten record i ever had the pleasure of laying my hands on!!! This record is deffinatly not for the faint hearted that's for sure!! Plenty of classic gritty 8-bit mono amiga samples, wich ensure this album stays on an underground level. Not the sort of thing you listen 2 while having tea & biscuits with your mother!! It's kind of like being trapped inside a jet engine and having someone bang on the side with an oversized wooden spoon whilst shouting the most violent and sick thing they can think of!!! Quite charming really...



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