VariousSCORE! Twenty Years Of Merge Records

Label:Merge Records – MRG350
14 x CD, Compilation
3 x CD, Album
Box Set, Limited Edition
Style:Alternative Rock, Art Rock, Lo-Fi, Indie Rock


SCORE! Vol.1 Peter Buck MRG350-A
1.01American Music ClubPatriot's Heart5:59
1.02CornershopEngland's Dreaming3:33
1.03SuperchunkSlack Motherfucker2:54
1.04Dinosaur Jr.Freak Scene3:38
1.05LambchopThe Book I Haven't Read5:47
1.06M. WardRequiem2:50
1.07The Magnetic FieldsCome Back From San Francisco2:49
1.08Matt ElliottThe Dog Beneath The Skin7:52
1.09Robert PollardLove Is Stronger Than Witchcraft4:14
1.10The Rock*A*TeensMisty Took A Holiday2:41
1.11Rocket From The CryptUFO>UFO>UFO2:15
1.12The SpinanesSuffice3:50
1.13Lou BarlowConfused3:45
1.14Teenage FanclubBorn Under A Good Sign3:01
1.15Velocity GirlYou're So Good To Me2:31
1.16PortastaticSour Shores4:40
1.17Neutral Milk HotelYou've Passed3:05
1.18The Minus 5Hate Me More4:40
SCORE! Vol.2 Phil Morrison MRG350-B
2.01Guv'nerBreak A Promise3:24
2.02Imperial TeenEverything3:20
2.03The RosebudsDrunkard's Worst Nightmare3:42
2.05Annie HaydenWait For Returns3:37
2.06David KilgourGold In Sound3:57
2.07LambchopYou Fucking Sunny Day3:47
2.08Oakley HallAngela4:16
2.09Paul Burch & The WPA BallclubForever Yours3:07
2.10East River PipePrettiest Whore3:33
2.11PortastaticSpying On The Spies3:54
2.12She & HimThis Is Not A Test3:31
2.13Big DipperShe's Fetching2:39
2.14Pipe (2)Spring Training1:31
2.15Erectus MonotoneThe Day The Sharks Flew1:42
2.16Ashley StoveAmen Grasshopper3:12
2.17SuperchunkHoney Bee3:43
2.18LambchopI Wanna Know Girls6:31
SCORE! Vol.2 Phil Morrison - Videos
2.Video1PortastaticI Wanna Know Girls
2.Video2LambchopI Wanna Know Girls
2.Video3PortastaticSan Andreas
SCORE! Vol.3 David Chang MRG350-C
3.01The Essex GreenThe Late Great Cassiopia3:31
3.02Paul Burch & The WPA BallclubOh My Darlin'3:11
3.03The Magnetic FieldsA Chicken With Its Head Cut Off2:42
3.04Camera ObscuraAlaska3:11
3.05SpoonThe Fitted Shirt3:13
3.06The ClienteleMy Own Face Inside The Trees3:09
3.07The CleanOn Again/Off Again1:48
3.08ButtergloryWhen Her Brow Curls2:20
3.09The Mad SceneI Met You In My Dreams4:28
3.10The Broken WestHale Sunrise4:39
3.11Imperial TeenSugar3:26
3.12PortastaticOne For The Road4:57
3.13GangerCapo (South Of Caspian)9:36
3.14Crooked FingersSweet Marie4:56
3.15Dinosaur Jr.In A Jar3:31
SCORE! Vol.3 David Chang - Videos
3.VideoTyler Durrance GambleHilly Acres
SCORE! Vol.4 Georgia Hubley MRG350-D
4.01Annie HaydenStart A Little Late2:52
4.02The CleanSlug Song3:18
4.03Camera ObscuraIf Looks Could Kill3:29
4.04LambchopLow Ambition4:43
4.05The RosebudsBlue Bird4:28
4.06SpaceheadsMagic In The Space Age5:22
4.07Teenage FanclubOnly With You4:23
4.083DsThe Golden Glove2:45
4.09Dinosaur Jr.Repulsion3:04
4.10The CakekitchenThis Questionnaire6:19
4.12The Mad SceneThe Greatest Time4:20
4.13The RenderersA Million Lights4:14
4.14SuperchunkSeed Toss3:02
4.15M. WardBeautiful Car2:37
4.17Matt ElliottAlso Ran6:28
4.18David KilgourBBC World3:00
4.19Annie HaydenThe Lie And How We Told It
Written-ByYo La Tengo
SCORE! Vol.5 Jonathan Lethem MRG350-E
5.01Robert PollardI'm A Strong Lion1:10
5.02Neutral Milk HotelSong Against Sex3:41
5.03The Magnetic FieldsThe Saddest Story Ever Told2:12
5.04East River PipeAbsolutely Nothing2:13
5.05Destroyer (4)It's Gonna Take An Airplane3:41
5.06Oakley HallNo Dreams4:01
5.07PortastaticSt. Elmo's Fire3:27
5.08The CleanPoint That Thing Somewhere Else5:27
5.09Teenage FanclubIt's All In My Mind3:40
5.10The Music TapesSong For The Death Of Parents4:03
5.11SpoonBelieving Is Art4:19
5.12The ClienteleJoseph Cornell2:23
5.13M. WardTo Go Home3:50
5.14CaribouShe's The One3:56
5.15Big DipperA Song To Be Beautiful4:05
5.16The SpinanesHawiian Baby5:37
5.17Third Eye Foundation*Lions Writing The Bible1:57
5.18Walter Salas-Humara and WinterpillsShe's Fetching4:03
SCORE! Vol.6 Alex Ross MRG350-F
6.01The Magnetic FieldsWashington, D.C.1:55
6.02Dinosaur Jr.Poledo5:42
6.03The CleanAnything Could Happen2:37
6.04Imperial TeenMillion $ Man4:25
6.05The CakekitchenEverything Turned Orange4:50
6.06David KilgourToday Is Gonna Be Mine3:17
6.073DsHey Seuss2:20
6.08The Rock*A*TeensHwy R4:02
6.09Camera ObscuraLet's Get Out Of This Country3:21
6.10SuperchunkKicked In4:24
6.11The Magnetic FieldsI Have The Moon2:37
6.12East River PipeHelmet On4:04
6.13Third Eye Foundation*Semtex5:13
6.14Lou BarlowThe Ballad Of Daykitty4:03
6.15Miss Teen SchnauzerYeah Woo1:09
6.16Lou BarlowI'm So Glad
Written-BySkip James
SCORE! Vol.7 Zach Galifianakis MRG350-G
7.01Camera ObscuraLloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken3:49
7.02M. WardPaul's Song3:15
7.03Arcade FireNo Cars Go5:40
7.04Paul BurchSun Don't Shine2:45
7.05Honor RoleListening To Sally3:06
7.06She & HimSentimental Heart2:37
7.07Wye OakPlease Concrete3:13
7.08Shark QuestLunch At Sara's4:08
7.09The Gothic ArchiesCity Of The Damned1:33
7.10Tenement HallsStarless Nights4:33
7.11Neutral Milk HotelCommunist Daughter2:02
7.12Lou BarlowCaterpillar Girl3:41
SCORE! Vol.7 Zach Galifianakis - Videos
7.VideoNo ArtistKeep Your Chin Up - A Video Diary
SCORE! Vol.8 Marcel Dzama MRG350-H
8.01Arcade FireBroken Window6:19
8.02Destroyer (4)Your Blood4:16
8.03East River PipeKill The Action2:37
8.04M. WardMagic Truck1:44
8.05Paul Burch & The WPA BallclubWillpower4:30
8.06PortastaticHey Salty4:59
8.07PramTrack Of The Cat4:13
8.08SpoonI Summon You3:58
8.09The BatsNorth By North4:02
8.10The CleanTally Ho2:40
8.11LambchopThe Man Who Loved Beer2:46
8.12The Magnetic FieldsI Think I Need A New Heart2:34
8.13Albatross NoteWinnipeg
Written-ByMarcel Dzama
8.14Wye OakBaltimore
Written-ByMarcel Dzama
SCORE! Vol.9 David Byrne MRG350-I
9.01Neutral Milk HotelKing Of Carrot Flowers Pt. 12:03
9.02Arcade FireMy Body Is A Cage4:43
9.03CalexicoOcean Of Noise4:51
9.04Camera ObscuraPen And Notebook3:25
9.05CornershopBreaking Every Rule Language English1:33
9.06East River PipeStare The Graveyard Down5:03
9.07LambchopA Day Without Glasses4:09
9.08PramThe Pawnbroker3:18
9.09The RosebudsShake Our Tree2:43
9.10Shout Out LoudsTonight I Have To Leave It (Kleerup Remix)5:06
9.11SpoonDon't You Evah3:39
9.12SuperchunkFlorida's On Fire (Acoustic Demo)2:54
9.13The 6thsAs You Turn To Go1:57
9.14David ByrneGirls On The Freeway
Written-ByEast River Pipe
SCORE! Vol.10 Miranda July MRG350-J
10.01Arcade FireCrown Of Love4:41
10.02The Magnetic FieldsMeaningless2:11
10.03Neutral Milk HotelTwo-Headed Boy4:27
10.04Camera ObscuraTears For Affairs4:03
10.05SpoonTake A Walk2:27
10.063DsBeautiful Things3:30
10.07The Broken WestBrass Ring3:43
10.08The Magnetic Fields100,000 Fireflies3:20
10.09Telekinesis (2)Look To The East3:13
10.10The CleanDrawing To A Whole2:08
SCORE! Vol.10 Miranda July - Videos
10.Video1Carrie Brownstein and Miranda JulyVideo #1
10.Video2Carrie Brownstein and Miranda JulyVideo #2
10.Video3Carrie Brownstein and Miranda JulyVideo #3
SCORE! Vol.11 Kara Walker MRG350-K
11.01Camera ObscuraHands Up Baby3:22
11.02The Magnetic FieldsLove In The Shadows3:00
11.03Beatnik FilmstarsHypo-Boxing5:32
11.04Matt ElliottThe Mess We Made5:29
11.05LambchopBreathe Deep5:49
11.06...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of DeadMistakes And Regrets3:49
11.07Erectus MonotoneI Am In The World2:22
11.08SpoonDon't You Evah (DJ Amaze And Alan Astor Mix)5:27
11.09She & HimWhy Do You Let Me Stay Here?2:30
11.10Destroyer (4)European Oils4:54
11.11Coral (2)Boxtruck2:57
11.12East River PipeWhen Will Your Friends All Disappear?2:55
11.13Radar Bros.Show Yourself3:18
11.14Destroyer (4)Suicide Demo For Kara Walker (Demo)6:05
SCORE! Vol.12 Amy Poehler MRG350-L
12.01M. WardI'll Be Yr Bird2:28
12.02Oakley HallAll The Way Down5:17
12.03Destroyer (4)An Actor's Revenge2:57
12.04The Magnetic FieldsI Don't Want To Get Over You2:23
12.05The RosebudsI'd Feel Better2:28
12.07The Essex GreenDon't Know Why (You Stay)3:26
12.08SpoonLines In The Suit3:49
12.09SuperchunkPink Clouds3:24
12.10Radar Bros.Pomona3:57
12.11Neutral Milk HotelEngine3:15
12.12Imperial TeenBaby2:45
12.13Dinosaur Jr.Just Like Heaven2:53
12.14Pipe (2)Ashtray2:24
12.15PortastaticNYC, Raining, 5 AM0:54
12.16Radar Bros.We Got The Beat
12.17Amy Poehler and Fred ArmisenActors Acting: How An Actor Crafts: A Dialogue Between Two Actors As They Discuss Crafting Their Craft15:31
SCORE! Vol.13 Mindy Kaling MRG350-M
13.01SpoonThe Way We Get By2:44
13.02Imperial TeenShim Sham3:01
13.03Arcade FireNeighborhood #1 (Tunnels)4:51
13.04Guv'nerJealous Girl3:56
13.05Annie HaydenMoney Trouble2:50
13.06Matt SuggsWhere's Your Patience, Dear?2:31
13.07SuperchunkPhone Sex4:52
13.08East River PipeI Am A Small Mistake1:50
13.09Oakley HallRue The Blues3:08
13.10M. WardFool Says1:50
13.11The Broken WestSo It Goes3:14
13.12The ClienteleSince K Got Over Me3:50
13.13PortastaticLittle Fern3:16
13.14ButtergloryShe Can't Hide From Radios3:10
13.15The Magnetic FieldsThe Luckiest Guy On The East Side3:43
13.16Brian* & Ross (of The Broken West)*Uptown Girl3:56
SCORE! Vol.14 Andrea Zittel MRG350-N
14.01The Ladybug TransistorThis Old Chase3:26
14.02Crooked FingersSolitary Man3:24
14.03Arcade FireHaiti4:09
14.04The Essex GreenSnakes In The Grass3:32
14.05The Magnetic FieldsI'm Sorry I Love You3:08
14.06The RosebudsLife Like3:16
14.07PortastaticBright Ideas5:19
14.08Future Bible HeroesI'm Lonely (And I Love It)4:46
14.09Richard BucknerA Chance Counsel4:50
14.10Lou BarlowRound-N-Round2:36
14.11Paul Burch & The WPA BallclubHow Do I Know?4:49
14.12The Broken WestYou Can Build An Island3:15
14.13Shout Out LoudsImpossible6:50
14.14Imperial TeenIvanka3:17
14.15Beatnik FilmstarsLeisure2:48
14.16Conor OberstI Don't Want To Die (In The Hospital)3:34
14.17Teenage FanclubCells3:20
SCORE! Vol.14 Andrea Zittel - Videos
14.VideoAndrea ZittelHouse After Ten Years Of Living
SCORE! Scharpling & Wurster: A Vampire Or A Dogman MRG350-O
15.01Scharpling & WursterA 20th Anniversary Merge Records Roundtable Discussion43:13
Score! 20 Years Of Merge Records: The Covers! MRG351
1QuasiBeautiful Things
Written By3Ds
2Les Savy FavPrecision Auto
Written BySuperchunk
3The ShinsPlenty Is Never Enough
Written ByChris Lopez (2)
4St. Vincent And The NationalSleep All Summer
Written ByEric Bachmann
5Broken Social SceneComplications4:45
6Ryan AdamsLike A Fool
Written BySuperchunk
7Bright EyesPapa Was A Rodeo
Written ByStephin Merritt
8Lavender DiamondNew Ways Of Living
Written ByDestroyer (4)
9The Apples In StereoKing Of Carrot Flowers Pt. 3
Written ByNeutral Milk Hotel
10Laura Cantrell And Sunburst (5)Cowboy On The Moon
Written ByKurt Wagner
11Bill CallahanSanta Maria
Written ByVersus
12Barbara ManningThrough With People
Written ByMac McCaughan
13The Mountain GoatsDrug Life
Written ByF.M. Cornog
14The New PornographersDon't Destroy This Night
Written ByThe Rock*A*Teens
15Tracey Thorn & Jens LekmanYeah! Oh, Yeah!
Written ByStephin Merritt
16The Hive DwellersMy Noise
Written BySuperchunk
17Ted Leo And The Pharmacists*The Numbered Head
Written ByRobert Pollard
18Okkervil RiverAll You Little Suckers
Written ByF.M. Cornog
19Death Cab For CutieKicked In
Written BySuperchunk
20Times New VikingNeighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
Written ByArcade Fire, Josh Deu
Score! 20 Years Of Merge Records: The Remixes MRG352
2PramMother Of Pearl4:14
3Guv'nerBaby's Way Cruel
RemixFour Tet
4PortastaticDrill Me (I Was So There Remix)
RemixThe Blow
5SpoonThe Ghost Of You Lingers
RemixJohn McEntire
6Arcade FireNo Cars Go
RemixJason Forrest
7The 6thsVolcana! (I Hope Your Train Crashes Remix)
RemixXiu Xiu
8The RosebudsBow To The Middle2:47
RemixHands Off Cuba
10The Magnetic FieldsWashington D.C.
RemixMark Robinson
11LambchopNashville Parent
RemixJunior Boys



Box set featuring the following discs, all unique to the set:
14 curated compilation CDs, Scharpling And Wurster: A Vampire Or A Dogman, Merge Cover Art book, and a SCORE! Box to hold them all.

Tracks 1.18, 2.18, 4.19, 5.18, 6.15, 6.16, 8.13, 8.14, 9.14, 11.14, 12.16, 12.17, 13.16 previously unreleased.

Also includes the following CDs that were available separately:
SCORE! Twenty Years Of Merge Records: The Remixes! MRG352 and SCORE! Twenty Years Of Merge Records: The Covers!

Delivered by 12 month subscription January 2009 through December 2009. Limited edition of 1250.



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