VariousPsychogeographic X

Label:Diskono – DISKONO 001 X
Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, White
Style:Abstract, IDM, Experimental


A1Office ProductsR.J.
A2Boards Of CanadaSixtyniner
A3Fabric Soap StarsBeef Intermission
B1DJ BeattieDream Of Irma Injection
B2Rook ValladeWater Of Life


Limited to 500 copies.
Released in conjunction with Psychogeographic Y (DISKONO 001 Y).


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    This version of Sixtyniner is different from the one as released on Twoism. The Diskono version is a little bit faster, the nostalgic main melody is more at the front, the intermezzo breaks are more detailed and the 'first kiss' story is easier to understand. The bass is not as deep as on Twoism. After 4.14 the main melody is gone and won't return as the higher melody continues over the beat. The Twoism version continues to play the melody 'till the end but the beats disappear earlier. Overall this version sounds clearer. The Twoism version sounds more sad in way.
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      Edited 10 years ago
      The first track on this is 7" is 'Office Products - R.J.' really awful, cut ups and vinyl scratches of some 80's record, a totaly joyless listening experiance. Though from that track we go to the other wordly BoC - Sixtyninner. Has an audio sample also used in 'David Came to Mahana'im' on Old Tunes Vol.2 (most probabley taken from a porn film). Sixtyninner totaly stands out on this release and the fact it follows such pretentious rubish just makes it even more mind blowing. The last track on side A is pretty cool choppy noise piece much more interesting than the first track.
      side B is quite cool if a little forgetable, fans of Gescom and other 90's experimental electronica outfits should get a kick out of it.
      As for this record going for £750!? I thought the limited to 100 pressings of twoism went for around that before the repress. Considering there is only one BoC track here and there were 500 of these pressed. I think £750 must be overstating it a bit. But hey, who knows what people will spend, all I know is my copy cost £6.50.
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        I can remember, years ago, this 7" was on ebay for about 750 quid. This, of course, was before Warp re-released the "Twoism" EP by Boards of Canada, where the song "Sixtyniner" was on. I was laughing at that time since I had purchased the 7" for about 8 € when it came out. I should have sold it though :-) Pretty funny, obscure music on it with a rare appearance of O.S.T. as Rook Vallade. Anyway, Boards Of Canada is the hit on here.


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