Roger RogerSound Industrial

Label:L'Illustration Musicale – IM 25
Vinyl, LP


A1Sound Industrial N°12:00
A2Sound Industrial N°22:00
A3Sound Industrial N°32:00
A4Sound Industrial N°42:00
A5Sound Industrial N°52:00
A6Sound Industrial N°62:00
A7Sound Industrial N°72:00
A8Sound Industrial N°82:00
B1Sound Industrial N°92:00
B2Sound Industrial N°102:00
B3Sound Industrial N°112:00
B4Sound Industrial N°122:00
B5Sound Industrial N°132:00
B6Sound Industrial N°142:00
B7Sound Industrial N°152:00
B8Sound Industrial N°162:00

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Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Machine stamped factory etchings in capital letters both sides): MPO
  • Matrix / Runout (Hand made etchings both sides): Y.D.



  • ragazzodoro's avatar
    Edited 12 years ago
    This is another "shot review" of mine of this big hidden chapter of Electronic Music History and Library: innovation here stands so easily near the craftmanship's touch of "fun easy listening", litterally speaking, wich often has resembled the Roger music output.

    Taking a large visual of the entire Roger and Teperino Library electronic music production, that we contemporary have known until our days and that can be traced since the late sixties and late eighties (1968-1987),this "Sound Industrial" emerges from the most prolific year, the mid Seventies.
    Not sure about the release year, but we can put as 1976, Roger was largely experimenting in various "music regions" related to his various label contracts and semi self released lps and was clearly not at his start but at one point of climax where he felt something more "straight ahead" could be done: so what better option than the "L'illustration Musicale" french small label would take the advantage to publish such works?
    We have come to know that there were a strict relation between Roger and Nardini's Studio Ganaro and Eddie Warner label, since Warner was the one putting money into producing.

    So being his last record belonging to this storic French label i feel he took some of his better ideas and put together them with new intentions.
    "Sound Industrial" is a record that you cannot fully enjoy at a first listening; because normally every people only experiences the surface of the music and it only can results in a repetitive sensation.
    I pray the listener to overcome this feeling after reading this review: only so he can find the treasures hidden in this bunch of 16 tracks that strangely all have 2 minutes for duration.
    The listener's attention is not forced to link to track names and duration just for this purpose to concentrate the listener's ears to specific music progression, wich evolves from start to finish in a common unique panorama.

    The first side just adds attentive requests to changing patterns related to percussive sounds that can interchange from beats to synth keyboard pressed notes with many flowing layers and the overrall feel requires maximun listening attention to balance with a visual mind all the musical sources.
    With track 3 a sudden feel is in and we experience again the fact that fundamental beats are shifting from electronic beats to other different sources like marimba or synthesizer and overrall the ambiental mood is more progressive with a final melody enjoyable in a fun pop style.
    With track 4 we return to the attentive "close eyes mood": it suggest relaxation and eidetic capacity becomes more strong with echoes and coming and going sound.
    Here it comes, we are ready enough to swim into track 5: what we are hearing? Flowing Summer Water in an exotic landscape !
    Just as it is coming from a little fountain-head with marimba soundings and warming synth, here Roger with a particular "Musique Concrete Recording" trick (largely introduced & used by J.J.Perrey too)has recorded water as a musical source and it fits into it so well that we do not know what he had used to let the water flow with such musical fluidity!
    Then with track 6 we are into a machinery industrial ambient mood and it feels like we are sssstretching and sssscratching metal potatoes and with track 7 the high repetitive beats and soundings led us into a "Kaleidoscopic Perception" that will be a sample to entire album, at the same time high volume entertaining and sofa relaxing.
    Side A closes in with a particular soothing melodie belonging to ondes Martenot wich Roger has many time us acquainted for plus adding synth layers.
    Side B instead jump on with a steady percussive track 9 and a musical perception trickery again: where the main beat goes , with the heavy drum or the delayed marimba ?
    Track 10 and 11 offers more high examples of multi balanced electronic sounds wich jokes on repetition and progression feel with a main hypnotic strenght and geometric multicolored ideal figures just like we give each musical source a different color: every single emersions gives a figure.
    Track 12 implies some new to ear metallic sounds and delivers one more strong feeling of equlibrium and fusion of sources, while track 13 enters in with a much more ringing xylo sound and electro & synth FX and track 14 is based on a "flowing off" decading electronic long delay sound with spare gestural key notes addition.
    One sudden surpise again with track 15, where the water is treated for its bursting properties with bubbles, just like it has been spin off from a single canal to a metallic tube all filled with up tempo drum machine and synthesizer: water never sounded so better ! (will suggest to hear Tomoko Sauvage music if you are fisically in need of recorded water sounds!)
    Track 16 is the last one and it speedes up in velocity with many overflowing electronic sounds wich gives a saturated feel of conclusion.

    So i can say very easily Sound Industrial is one of the best Roger (and Nardini ! must say) Library album for its new ideas wich can only can be compared to the chappell TVMusic series in the experimental way but it adds a distintive feel wich can be enjoyed at all stereo volumes and is enriched if listened with earphones and closing eyes.
    This special thing is probably one of the most hidden secrets in Roger&Nardini company music(because it happens to me only with this album so freely to have eidetic images building up in different colors and patterns and every track has his specific identity after many playing times.
    At the end of years listening to this Sound Industrial Lp(or better Industrial Sound? some errors in english going on there......?) I would be able to sheer off from the music dynamics to fully enjoy only mental figurative structures patterns.
    It is just me or it is the future in music starting from "old" things ?


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