Freddy FreshThe Rap Records - The Mastermix

Label:Ful-Fill Recording – FFR 007
3 x CD, Mixed
Genre:Electronic, Hip Hop, Funk / Soul
Style:Conscious, Bounce, Hip Hop, Cut-up/DJ, Electro, Gangsta


Fresh One
1-1Kurtis BlowAJ Scratch
1-2Mix-A-Lot*Electro Scratch
1-3.1Craig GShout
1-3.2Super KidsThe Tragedy (Freddy Fresh Remix)
RemixFreddy Fresh
1-4B Boys*Girls
1-5B Boys*Girls (MP3 Genius Remix)
RemixMP3 Genius
MP3 "Saxon Scoundrels" Genius Guild Hall Mix
1-6.1Davy DMXThe DMX Will Rock
1-6.2The Russell BrothersThe Party Scene
1-6.3T La RockLive In Hampstead NYC
1-6.4Jackie RobinsonPussy Footer
1-6.5Bronx Style BobBob Di Di Bob
1-6.6Raw Dope PosseListen To My Turbo
1-6.7Don Juan (4)Strapped
1-6.8Captain RockCosmic Blast
1-6.9Carly SimonWhy
1-6.10World Class Wrecking Cru*Live At Fresh 86
1-6.11Massive AttackAny Love
1-6.12World Class Wrecking Cru*Surgery
1-6.13Word Of Mouth (2)King Kut
1-6.14King SunBe Black
1-6.15KC & The Sunshine BandLet It Go Pt II
1-6.16Alvin And The Chipmunks*In And Out The Jungle
1-6.17Bob JamesShamboozie
1-6.18Beastie BoysIntergalactic
1-6.19Fresh 3 MC'sFresh
1-6.20MC DukeI'm Riffin'
1-6.21The BlackbyrdsHappy Music
1-6.22Dyke And The Blazers*Funky Music
1-6.23Lynn Collins*Mama Feelgood
1-6.24Run DMC*Sucker MC's
1-6.25James BrownIt's A New Day (Live)
1-6.26IndeepLast Night A DJ Saved My Life
1-6.27La PreguntaShangri La
1-6.28Badder Than EvilHot Wheels The Chase
1-6.29Ser & DuffBig Apple 3 - Genius At Work
1-6.30Dyke And The Blazers*Let A Woman Be A Woman
1-6.31B Boys*2 3 Break
1-6.32Bon RockIt's Alright
1-6.33Egyptian LoverEgypt Egypt
1-6.34Spoonie GeeThe Big Beat
1-7Easy MikeI Salute
1-8Fearless 4*Got To Turn Out
1-9Dangerous D (5) & Charlie ChanHe's My DJ
1-10.1T La RockIt's Yours (Freddy Fresh Remix)
RemixFreddy Fresh
1-10.2Hassan & 711*City Life
1-11CDIII*Get Tough (Freddy Fresh Remix)
RemixFreddy Fresh
1-12CDIII*Get Tough Dub (Bladerunners Edit)
Remix [Edit]The Bladerunners
1-13MantronixNeedle To The Groove
1-14.1Brooklyn AcademyCon Artists
1-14.2Seeborn & Puma*They Call Me Puma
1-15X-RaeIs Ya Wit Me
1-16FrankensteinFrankenstein's Pain
Ictus "Saxon Scoundrels" Minimix
1-17.1Boogie BoysBreakdancer
1-17.2Mr Sweety "G"*At The Place To Be
1-17.3C.O.D*In The Bottle
1-17.445 King*Harlem Brothers
1-17.5Little Starski*Dancing Party People
1-17.6Robbie B And Jazzy JBoogie Down
1-17.7K-Rob*I'm A Homeboy
1-17.8Word Of Mouth (2) ft. DJ CheeseKing Kut
1-17.9Malcolm McClaren* And World Famous Supreme Team*Buffalo Gals
1-17.10D Rock*Cut It Up
1-17.12Russell Brothers*The Party Scene
1-17.13Gucci Crew IIWe're Def Ya'll
1-17.14Priority One (2)It's Groovy
1-17.15Ground Hog*Bumpin
1-17.16Jazzy BeaterThe Beat
1-17.17Frozen ExplosionMac Knife
1-17.18Hi Fidelity Three*B Boys Breakdance
1-17.19Master Jay & Michael DeeTSOB
1-17.20CommodoresThe Assembly Line
1-17.21The Jackson 5Hum Along And Dance
1-17.22James Brown And Afrika Bambaatta*Unity
1-17.23Brothers JohnsonAin't We Funkin' Now
1-17.24Dr Luv* & Kev-SkiSweet Slick And Sky - Live Freestyle (From Off The Bench Vol 3)
1-17.25Mr Spice*The Terminator
1-17.26Royal Flush (4)Get From In Fronna Me
1-17.27Phill Most ChillThat Girl
1-17.28MagnumIt's The Music That Makes Us Do It
1-17.29Ultimate Choice*Keep It On
1-17.30T La Rock And Jazzy JayIt's Yours (Accapella)
1-17.31CM Dance*Off The Hook
1-17.32Progression (3)Tom-Tom
1-17.33King Johnny FreshYou See What I Got
1-17.34Kool G Rap & DJ Polo*Road To The Riches
1-17.35Sammy Davis Jr*Up, Up And Away
1-17.36Todd TerryMade By The Man
1-17.37MC ShanThe Bridge
1-17.38Baritone TiploveLivin' Foul
1-17.39Cold Crush BrothersNumber One With The Fun
1-17.40Incredible Bongo Band*Apache
1-17.41Radio Crew*Egyptian Lover's Theme
1-17.42Disco DaddyZodiac Rhymes
1-17.43Radiance*The "Micstro"
1-17.44Dynamix IIBass Generator
Fresh Two
2-1B.O.$*Da Bona
2-2Undercover LoversFake Fly Guys
2-3MC Don & EZ D*Party Rocker
2-4Compton's Most Wanted*I'm Wit Dat
2-5Almighty RSO*One In Tha Chamba
2-6AboriginalsKeep It Hot
2-7Troubleneck Brothers*Back To The Hip Hop
2-8RC Nucleus*Predator
2-9Bob The Mob*, DJ Slayer* & MC Speedo*It's A Shame
2-10Bizzie Boyz*Too Deep
2-11Mr D Original*Now U Da Man
2-12KrondonThe Best Form (Instrumental)
2-13I.C.F.*Live From The 718
2-14Frick N Frack*You Shouldn't Have Done It
2-15Eric Sermon* & Too ShortBuy You Some
2-16B.G. Knocc Out & DrestaD.P.G./K
2-17Street MilitaryDon't Play With A Gun
2-18Cold World HustlersCold Day In Hell (Remix)
2-19Corrupted SeedsMack God
2-20Trife*So What?
2-21Danny D & DJ Wiz*Taste The Honey
2-22.01DJ DMD25 Lighters
2-22.02Choice (2)Stick N Move
2-23Conscious Daughters*Princess Of Poetry
2-24G Rapp The General*Stuck In The Game
2-25Ced (3)Look How They Raised Us
2-26Rally BoysOne 4 The Money
2-27The Dead CrewThe Projects
2-28Ceb*Goes Like This
2-29Mudd (5)Murda Outcha Speaker
2-30Delinquents*Outta Control
2-31.1Ghetto Street Fighters / Top AuthoritySomething Special
2-32A.D.O.R.Life Now
2-33Crusaders For Real Hip-HopThat's How It Is
2-34Smooth IceSmooth But Def
2-35Conscious Daughters*We Roll Deep
2-36WhutabrothaknoComin' Up On A Grip
2-374 DeepRollin' 4 Deep
2-38Waveform 7Southside
2-39Dangerous D*Mr Boom
2-40Lux*Boom Box
2-41Jewel T*Driftin'
2-42Jewel T*Driftin' (Instrumental)
2-43Kid SensationSea Town Funk
2-44De' 116 With A Bullet
2-45SwossWho I Roll Wit'
2-46Sparrow (2)Physics
2-47Cauz*Hi Risk Hi Return (Instrumental)
2-48The Hard BoysCriminal Remix
2-49The Metric BrothersSkratch Mathematics
2-50Plush Brothers*11:55
Fresh Three
3-1Brooklyn Essence TeamDusk Till Dawn
3-2Stressed OutJazzy Wit Da Joint
3-3Parallax (9)Bleeding Hate
3-4MerdagramLast Birth
3-5MerdagramDa Craziest
3-6J-ForceBull's Eye
3-7Da Dysfunkshunal Familee*Slipping
3-9Poppa Bear Kool Breez & DJ Baby Wize*Ya Better Stop
3-10Another Smooth AllianceAin't No Sunshine
3-11Kings Of SwingThis Is The Way We Rock The House
3-12Loose ScrewPhat Free
FeaturingMachete (10), Spayne
3-13Sylk SmoovTrick Wit A Good Rap
3-14Originoo Gunn Clappaz*Danjer
3-15People Without ShoesNappyhead Assassin
3-16Philly Crew With Mac Money*PS P.S.K. (I'll Tell You What It Means)
3-17Mischevious LQ And The Mad Mischief Crew*Mischief Night
3-18Jaybok The City AceHip Hop Phenomenal
3-19Freddy FreshThe Smiths (Unreleased)
3-20Hollywood (7)We Got The Funk
3-21Alliance (2)We Can Get Used To This
3-22MTDKNew Age Evolution
3-23Pop Da Brown HornetLet's Go The Lap
3-24Josh VirginDelivery Man
FeaturingMC Brown Mug
3-25Josh VirginChildren Of The Damned
FeaturingMC Brown Mug
3-26Rory HoyThe Conditioning
FeaturingConductor Crucified*
3-27The Conductor CrucifiedSelf Inflicted
3-28Freddy FreshSlow Jams Mini Medley (Unreleased)
3-29Sonic ForceTime Flys



Title appears on release as:
Freddy Fresh Presents - The Rap Records - The Mastermix

Track 1-6.29 incorrectly credits "Big Apple 3" as the artist and "Genius At Work" as the title.

Track 1-17.32 incorrectly credits "Tom Tom Club" as the artist and "Progression" as the title.

Incidental information:
Released in Jan 2010 to commemorate the launch of Freddy Fresh's Rap Records 2 book. 3 CD mammoth mastermix selection featuring exclusive remixes and edits from Freddy Fresh-The Saxon Scoundrels-MP3 Genius and Steve-The Razor-Picardi of the Bladerunners.



  • blackp1985's avatar
    this is Will!!! from the FIERCE Posse!!! hey! we're on disc #3.. lol
    • Freddyfreshsales's avatar
      Thanks for the nice comments. You will absolutely freak when you hear the amazing multi edits and blends done on this project by the Saxon Scoundrels (MP3 Genius and Andy Halstead "Ictus" out of the UK and there is a multi edit of the dub of the famed CDIII - Get Tough track by Steve "The Razor" Picardi that is so mindblowing that it really needs to be heard to be believed and its exclusive to this Japanese CD release. This project took over 1 year to complete. There are posters in the triple pack of each record used. Worth its weight just for the dope poster and edits!!
      • coldworld119's avatar
        Edited 14 years ago
        Just as a general comment, Freddy Fresh is one of the greatest DJs of all time, without a doubt. One of the marks of a great DJ is that their mixes sound as if they've selected only tracks from a very specific subgenre, but when you step back you realize that what they've done is selected from a huge amount of tracks the very few that have some kind of sonic or emotional quality in common, and this shared quality is more often than not something that would not have been noticeable to anyone else. Add to that perfect mixing, and not the kind that follows a formula, but that is based on a perfect FEELING for the tracks and flow; Freddy takes this to another level, mixing in only the choicest moments of the tracks (when you hear the unmixed versions of the individual tracks, you often come away thinking that the original artists and producers might not have understood what made the track great as much as Freddy does), layering it up with bits of other tracks and his own tweaks and original elements which take things to an entirely different level so that the mix becomes something much, much more than the sum of its parts.

        To see these qualities in their most succinct form, I strongly recommend Freddy Fresh presents B-Boy Stance. Once you've begun to absorb that, move on to this. I won't try to comprehensively detail the components of this mix, especially as I can't think of any other DJ that's even attempted something like this that I could use as a point of comparison, let alone accomplished it so successfully. Just know this: the individual mixes on these three discs match up against any other mix that's been put on wax or disc or any other format, and contain extremely rare as well as common but underrated hip hop tracks, mixed to perfection in that style that only Freddy can do, and that highlights a strain of hip hop and DJ music that no matter what level of familiarity you think you have with the genre will seriously open up your mind and your ears. For reals: get this gem if you can, cuz this thing will be sought after for a LONG time to come, and who knows how long it's going to be around for.
        • Apeman
          This is a brilliant master-mix by none other than B-Boy legend, Freddy Fresh. As some might know, Freddy wrote a fantastic book called "The Rap Records", which was a comprehensive guide to collecting 12" singles from the classic era of hip-hop/rap (1979-mid 1990's).

          This mix (with the help of Leeds duo, the Saxon Scoundrels) is pretty much a fantastic summary of some of the greatest and most underrated hip-hop jams from the 80's and 90's (and a few scant 00's tracks thrown in too), plus throws in a few more familiar jams such as Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys and "Here Come The Girls" (not that Sugababes version!) by Ernie K Doe.

          I highly suggest you go out and find this 3-part mixtape (it will be quite rare one of these days), as there are also some real dope jams from Freddy's son in law - The Conductor Crucified on this CD thrown into the mix as well (probably one of Minnesota's greatest MC's).


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