The BeatlesThirty Days

Label:Vigotone – VT-218/234
17 x CDr, Unofficial Release
Box Set, Compilation
Style:Rock & Roll, Pop Rock, Classic Rock


The Best Of The Twickenham Sessions Part One1:06:07
1-1Adagio For Strings
1-2Adagio For Strings
1-3Let It Be
1-4Crackin' Up
1-5All Shook Up
1-6Your True Love
1-7Blue Suede Shoes
1-8Three Cool Cats
1-10I'm So Tired
1-11Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
1-12The Third Man Theme
1-13Don't Let Me Down
1-14I've Got A Feeling
1-15The One After 909
1-16"Because I Know You Love Me So"
1-17"I'll Wait 'Til Tomorrow"
1-18"Won't You Please Say Goodbye"
1-19Bring It On Home
1-20Hitch Hike
1-21You Can't Do That
1-22Hippy Hippy Shake
1-23Short Fat Fannie
1-24Midnight Special
1-25What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For (When They Don't Mean What They Say!)
1-26All Things Must Pass
1-27Maxwell's Silver Hammer
1-29"You Wear Your Women Out"
The Best Of The Twickenham Sessions Part Two1:11:22
2-1"My Imagination"
2-3I'm Talking About You
2-4Dizzy Miss Lizzie
2-5Money (That's What I Want)
2-6Sure To Fall
2-7Don't Let Me Down
2-8Two Of Us
2-9Across The Universe
2-10Hear Me Lord
2-11All Things Must Pass
2-12The Long And Winding Road
2-13Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight
2-14Get Back
2-15Get Back
2-16Get Back
2-17"Woman Where You Been So Long"
2-18"Oh Julie, Julia"
2-19A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
2-20Rock And Roll Music
2-22Gone, Gone, Gone
2-23The One After 909
2-24Don't Let Me Down
2-25Thirty Days
2-27Lotta Lovin'/Somethin' Else
2-28She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
The Best Of The Twickenham Sessions Part Three1:10:12
3-2Stand By Me
3-3Two Of Us
3-4Don't Let Me Down
3-5I've Got A Feeling
3-6"Queen Says No To Pot-Smoking F.B.I. Members"
3-7Mean Mr. Mustard
3-8All Things Must Pass
3-9Fools Like Me
3-10You Win Again
3-11She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
3-12Maxwell's Silver Hammer
3-13I Me Mine
3-14For You Blue
3-15Two Of Us
3-16"Suzy's Parlour"
3-17I've Got A Feeling
3-18Get Back
3-19Across The Universe
3-20Move It
3-21Good Rockin' Tonight
3-23House Of The Rising Sun
3-25"Get Off"
3-26For You Blue
3-27"Get Off"
3-28Honey Hush
3-39For You Blue
The Best Of The Twickenham Sessions Part Four1:08:16
4-1"Ramblin' Woman"
4-2I Threw It All Away
4-3Mama, You Been On My Mind
4-4That'll Be The Day
4-5Jenny, Jenny/Slippin' And Slidin'
4-6Let It Be
4-7Hi Heel Sneakers
4-8Hi Heel Sneakers
4-9Get Back
4-10Two Of Us
4-11I'm Talking About You
4-12I've Got A Feeling
4-13Don't Let Me Down
4-14Maxwell's Silver Hammer
4-15Maxwell's Silver Hammer
4-16Don't Be Cruel
4-17"On A Sunny Island"/The Peanut Vendor/Groovin'/I Got Stung
4-18The Peanut Vendor
4-19It's Only Make Believe
4-20"Through A London Window"
4-21Get Back
4-22Get Back
4-24The Back Seat Of My Car
4-25The Back Seat Of My Car
4-26"Song Of Love"
4-27"Song Of Love"
4-28Hello, Dolly
4-30Mean Mr. Mustard
4-31Take This Hammer
4-32Oh! Darling
The Best Of The Apple Studio Sessions Part One1:07:12
5-1Somethin' Else
5-3You Are My Sunshine
5-6My Baby Left Me/That's All Right
5-7Milk Cow Blues
5-8"All I Want Is You"
5-9In The Middle Of An Island/Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen Bogen By The Sea
5-10(Improvisation)/Good Rockin' Tonight
5-11Forty Days
5-12Too Bad About Sorrows
5-13Dig A Pony
5-14Dig A Pony
5-15You've Got Me Thinking
5-16I've Got A Feeling
5-17Don't Let Me Down
5-18"I Dig A Pygmy"
5-19Don't Let Me Down
5-20Dig A Pony
5-21Going Up The Country
5-22Dig A Pony
5-23I've Got A Feeling
5-24"You Want A Session Job?"
5-25Dig A Pony
5-26Don't Let Me Down
5-27Don't Let Me Down
5-28Don't Let Me Down
The Best Of The Apple Studio Sessions Part Two1:08:10
6-1Dig A Pony
6-2Dig A Pony
6-3I've Got A Feeling
6-4I've Got A Feeling
6-5I've Got A Feeling
6-6Get Back
6-7Get Back
6-8Get Back
6-9Get Back
6-11Twenty Flight Rock
6-12Get Back
6-13Oh! Darling
6-14Oh! Darling
6-15Get Back
6-16On The Road To Marrakesh
6-17Two Of Us
6-18Two Of Us
6-19Two Of Us
6-20Teddy Boy
6-21Two Of Us
6-22Maggie Mae
6-23"I Fancy Me Chances"
6-24Two Of Us
6-25Maggie Mae
6-26Her Majesty
The Best Of The Apple Studio Sessions Part Three1:08:28
7-1There You Are, Eddie
7-2Diggin' My Potatoes
7-3Hey Liley, Liley-Lo
7-4Rock Island Line
7-5Michael Row The Boat
7-6Rock-A-Bye Baby
7-7Singing The Blues
7-8Dig It
7-9Dig It
7-10Get Back
7-11Get Back/Little Demon/Maybellene/ You Can't Catch Me/Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
7-12Short Fat Fannie
7-13Get Back
7-14Bad Boy
7-15Sweet Little Sixteen
7-16Around And Around
7-17Almost Grown
7-18School Day
7-19Stand By Me/Where Have You Been
7-20Get Back
7-21I Lost My Little Girl
7-22Two Of Us
7-23Two Of Us
7-24Bye Bye Love
7-25Two Of Us
7-26For You Blue
7-27For You Blue
7-28For You Blue
The Best Of The Apple Studio Sessions Part Four1:05:53
8-1For You Blue
8-2For You Blue
8-3For You Blue
8-4Let It Be
8-5Let It Be
8-6I'm Talking About You
8-7Let It Be
8-8Let It Be
8-9Isn't It A Pity
8-10Window, Window
8-11Octopus's Garden
8-12High School Confidential
8-13Great Balls Of Fire
8-14Great Balls Of Fire
8-15Let It Be
8-16Let It Be
8-17Let It Be
8-18Let It Be
8-19Let It Be
8-20Dig It
8-21Rip It Up
8-22Shake, Rattle And Roll
The Best Of The Apple Studio Sessions Part Five1:11:28
9-1Miss Ann/Kansas City/Lawdy Miss Clawdy
9-2Blue Suede Shoes
9-3You Really Got A Hold On Me
9-6Let It Be
9-7Let It Be
9-8Let It Be
9-9"I Told You Before"
9-10"I Told You Before"
9-11The Long And Winding Road
9-12The Long And Winding Road
9-13The Long And Winding Road
9-14The Long And Winding Road
9-15The Long And Winding Road
9-16The Long And Winding Road
9-17The Long And Winding Road
9-18Strawberry Fields Forever
9-19Let It Be
The Best Of The Apple Studio Sessions Part Six1:12:21
10-1Let It Be
10-2The Long And Winding Road
10-3Old Brown Shoe
10-4Old Brown Shoe
10-5Old Brown Shoe
10-6Old Brown Shoe
10-8"I Told You Before"
10-9"I Told You Before"
10-10Don't Let Me Down
10-11Get Back
10-12Get Back
10-13Get Back
10-14Get Back
10-15Get Back
10-16Oh! Darling
10-17Get Back
10-18Get Back
10-19Get Back
10-20Get Back
The Best Of The Apple Studio Sessions Part Seven1:12:45
11-1Get Back
11-2Get Back
11-3Get Back
11-4Get Back
11-5I've Got A Feeling
11-6You Won't Get Me That Way/The Walk
11-7I've Got A Feeling
11-8The River Rhine/The Long And Winding Road
11-9I've Got A Feeling
11-10I've Got A Feeling
11-11I've Got A Feeling
11-12Dig A Pony
11-13Dig A Pony
11-14Get Back
11-15Love Me Do
11-16Get Back
11-17Don't Let Me Down
11-18I've Got A Feeling
11-19Don't Let Me Down
11-20I've Got A Feeling
The Best Of The Apple Studio Sessions Part Eight1:12:06
12-1One After 909
12-2Old Brown Shoe
12-3Old Brown Shoe
12-4Old Brown Shoe
12-5I Want You (She's So Heavy)
12-7Get Back
12-8Teddy Boy
12-9All Things Must Pass
12-10All Things Must Pass
12-11I Want You (She's So Heavy)
12-12I Want You (She's So Heavy)
12-13Dig A Pony
12-14I've Got A Feeling
12-15Don't Let Me Down
12-16Get Back
12-17One After 909
12-18She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
12-19Two Of Us
12-20Let It Be
12-21The Long And Winding Road
The Best Of The Apple Studio Sessions Part Nine1:07:47
13-1The Long And Winding Road
13-2For You Blue
13-3All Things Must Pass
13-4All Things Must Pass
13-5Let It Down
13-6Let It Down
13-7I Want You (She's So Heavy)
13-9Sexy Sadie
13-10Dig It
13-11Besame Mucho
13-12Three Cool Cats
13-13I Got To Find My Baby
13-14One After 909
13-15One After 909
13-16Vacation Time
13-17Cannonball/Not Fade Away/ Hey Little Girl (In The High School Sweater)/Bo Diddley
13-18Maybe Baby
13-19Peggy Sue Got Married/Thinking Of Linking
13-20Crying, Waiting, Hoping
13-21Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
13-22Teddy Boy
13-23Two Of Us
The Apple Rooftop Concert46:14
14-1Rooftop Setup
14-2Get Back
14-3Get Back
14-4I Want You (She's So Heavy)
14-5Get Back
14-6Don't Let Me Down
14-7I've Got A Feeling
14-8One After 909
14-9One After 909
14-10Danny Boy
14-11Dig A Pony
14-12Dig A Pony
14-13God Save The Queen
14-14I've Got A Feeling
14-15A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody
14-16Get Back
14-17Don't Let Me Down
14-18Get Back
The Complete Apple Studio Performance Part One1:03:28
15-1(Unknown)/Hey, Good Lookin'
15-2Take This Hammer/Lost John/Five Feet High And Rising/"Bear Cat"/ Black Dog Blues/Right String, Wrong Yo-Yo/Run For Life
15-3Two Of Us
15-4Two Of Us /Friendship
15-5Turkey In The Straw
15-6Step Inside Love
15-7Friendship/Tales Of Frankie Rabbit
15-8Two Of Us (Take 11)
15-9'Deed I Do/In The Middle Of An Island/All Together Now
15-10Two Of Us (Take 12)
15-11The Long And Winding Road (Take 13A)
15-12The Long And Winding Road (Take 13B)
15-13The Long And Winding Road (Non-Take)
15-14The Long And Winding Road (Take 14)
15-15The Long And Winding Road (Take 15A)
15-16The Long And Winding Road (Take 15B)
15-17The Long And Winding Road (Take 16A)
15-18The Long And Winding Road (Take 16B)
15-19The Long And Winding Road (Take 16C)
15-20The Long And Winding Road (Take 16D)
15-21Lady Madonna
15-22The Long And Winding Road (Take 17A)
15-23The Long And Winding Road (Take 17B)
15-24The Long And Winding Road (Take 18)
15-25The Long And Winding Road (Take 19)
The Complete Apple Studio Performance Part Two50:13
16-1I Want You
16-2Let It Be (Rehearsal)
16-3Let It Be (Take 20A)
16-4Let It Be (Take 20B)
16-5Let It Be (Take 20C)
16-6Let It Be (Take 21)
16-7Let It Be (Take 22)
16-8Let It Be (Take 23)
16-9Let It Be (Take 24)
16-10Let It Be (Take 25A)
16-11Let It Be (Take 25B)
16-12"OK, Let's Track It."
16-13Let It Be/Twelfth Street Rag (Take 26A)
16-14Let It Be (Take 26B)
16-15Oh! Darling
16-16Oh! Darling
16-17Let It Be (Take 27A)
16-18Let It Be (Take 27B)
Get Back43:33
17-1One After 909
17-3Save The Last Dance For Me
17-4Don't Let Me Down
17-5Dig A Pony
17-6I've Got A Feeling
17-7Get Back
17-8For You Blue
17-9Teddy Boy
17-10Two Of Us
17-11Maggie Mae
17-12Dig It
17-13Let It Be
17-14The Long And Winding Road
17-15Get Back (Reprise)


8 Individual 2-disc sets in double slim jewel cases and 1 single disc in cardboard slipcase. Comes with a 50 page 12" x 12" page booklet and slipcase-style box. The booklet included with this title features the following information:

* Introduction by the folks at Vigotone
* Complete track information
* Recording information
* An Apple Records ad for the "Get Back" single
* "The Beatles Get Back" article by Mal Evans from the July 1969 Beatles Monthly
* "World's first in-depth preview of Get Back"; from the August 1969 Beatles Monthly
* "Daddy Has Gone Away Now: Let It Be" article from July 9, 1970's Rolling Stone
* "Up on the roof" - a review of the Apple-top concert.
* "(Why Couldn't They Just) Let It Be" article by Ken Mansfield
* "The Last Picture Show" article on the movie; from the Fall 1999 Q Magazine Special

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Other (Catalog Number: Discs 1 & 2): VT-218/219
  • Other (Catalog Number: Discs 3 & 4): VT-220/221
  • Other (Catalog Number: Discs 5 & 6): VT-222/223
  • Other (Catalog Number: Discs 7 & 8): VT-224/225
  • Other (Catalog Number: Discs 9 & 10): VT-226/227
  • Other (Catalog Number: Discs 11 & 12): VT-228/229
  • Other (Catalog Number: Discs 13 & 14): VT-230/231
  • Other (Catalog Number: Discs 15 & 16): VT-232/233
  • Other (Catalog Number: Disc 17): VT-234

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Thirty Days (17×CD, Unofficial Release, Box Set, Compilation)VigotoneVT-218/234US2000
New Submission
Thirty Days (16×CD, Unofficial Release, Box Set, Compilation)Not On Label (The Beatles)BJ12911/12-23/24Unknown



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    I have this if anyone is looking to acquire the set.
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      anyone know where i could get a copy of this??
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        **** Liner Notes: "Thirty Days" – The Ultimate Get Back Collection. The Beatles’ Get Back session have been written about to death so we’ll keep it brief. The Beatles gathered on January 2, 1969 at Twickenham Studios with the intention of rehearsing brand new songs for a concert that would be televised live throughout the world. They also agreed to have the entire process filmed for an accompanying documentary. When the sessions drew to a close thirty days later, the spectacular live show had been downgraded to an impromptu concert on the roof of the Apple building, and the live television broadcast and documentary had been combined and reconfigured into a single feature film. The Beatles left behind them a half–finished album and boxes upon boxes of taped rehearsals, performances, arguments and jams. It is from those boxes that this set is culled.

        So what makes this collection ‘ultimate’? First off, everything on these 17 discs has been digitally transferred with great care from master tapes. So they sound better than they ever have before! More than 500 rolls of tape were sifted through, and only the very best and most interesting performances were chosen for inclusion. In some cases performances have been painstakingly reconstructed from as many as three original tape sources. Secondly, the dialogue and lengthy stop–and–go rehearsals that sometimes made listening to Get Back sessions a chore have been bypassed, with only "takes", serious run–throughs, oldies and the more interesting structured jams being presented. All the performances that made up the Let It Be album (except for those recorded outside the time frame of the Get Back sessions) can be heard in their original, unadulterated form. And for the very first time the January 30th rooftop concert has been meticulously reconstructed from ALL existing source material, while the January 31st session that produced "Two of Us", "The Long and Winding Road", and "Let It Be" is presented in a form more complete (and enjoyable!) form than ever before. In the track listings that follow, each song is cross–referenced to its entry in Get Back: The Unauthorized Chronicle of The Beatles’ Let It Be Disaster, the authoritative work on these sessions. The prefix of each number represents the day in January 1969 on which the song was performed, while the suffix places the song in chronological order within that day. All tracks that weren’t covered in that book have only a day prefix followed by the word "NEW". Even a cursory glance at the track listings (especially those from January 22nd to 31st Apple sessions) reveals that an avalanche of new and exciting material is waiting for the listener! And even if the song is "old", it is most often in better quality or more complete than it was on any previous issue. You can also see that in some places the authors of Get Back were incorrect with their datings and performance placement, so the correct information is presented here. So hit "play" and enjoy the Get Back sessions like you never have before.

        **** Recording Information: The majority of the audio found on this set was recorded by the Let It Be film crew. Two Nagra mono reel-to-reel tape recorders were utilized to capture nearly every moment of the sessions. One tape recorder was assigned to each camera and, each time that camera began filming a beep would be heard on the tape to allow for later synchronization with the picture. Short reels running at a very fast speed were utilized capturing only 16 minutes per roll. Since two tape recorders were running nearly all the time, the time it took to thread up a new reel would theoretically be captured on the other machine. At Twickenham, the rolls for each recorder were simply numbered consecutively, and these numbers were announced (when the soundman remembered) at the start of the roll with the appropriate camera designation (A or B) added on. A total of 223 rolls were recorded in this fashion at Twickenham. When filming moved to Apple the recording process remained the same, but the numbering system differed slightly. The sound rolls that corresponded with each camera were still numbered consecutively, but the A rolls were arbitrarily restarted at #400, and the B rolls at #1014. 307 rolls were recorded at Apple, making for a total of approximately 530 rolls (about 141 hours, though only 80 or so it if is unique). The material on the final disc of this set was recorded on E.M.I.'s mobile unit which Apple borrowed when Magic Alex's equipment failed to function. Those were the days indeed.



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