Richie Hawtin - Minus Orange stef25

January 6, 2017
A1 is one the greatest bangers track of all time. First heard Jon Berry play this in Manchester. The massive reverb on that rim shot just sounds incredible on a big sound system.

Probably not quite as good as his Plastikman days, but the way he deconstructed all the Yellow samples in to something like this is pretty amazing.

Richie Hawtin - Minus Orange as reviewed by Beijing_Confidential

February 16, 2009
That repeated "Oowh" is my favorite part, very driving and energetic. Richie is the master of building up grooves with striped-down naunces. His soundscape is so original and unique which always give you a "this is richie" feeling. I found on the internet a Magda remix of the track but I seriously doubt if it's authentic, because it's really not very good compared to what's in this release.

Although I love Richie's new works, I think there hasn't yet anything mind-blowing compared to the "Plastik man" era.


Richie Hawtin - Minus Orange as reviewed by steady-j

March 10, 2006
edited over 11 years ago

A driving slice of funky techno, ultimately derived from Yello's classic "Oh Yeah". Some of the versions have a vocal sample from that track, a repeated "Oowh" that drives the track on, while others strip the mix right down to beats, stabs and effects in different combinations. Clever and energetic. Richie used it to great effect on his own "Decks EFX and 909" mix CD. The alternate release "Minus Yellow" is closer to the Yello original, retaining four notes of the bassline instead of just two, but is also handy to augment this one in the mix, containing several loops in addition to the main track.