VariousS.O.D.O.M - Slaves Of Devil Our Master (25th Anniversary)

Label:Slaves Of Devil Our Master – SODOM 25TH
9 x CD, Compilation, Stereo
Box Set, Limited Edition
Style:Hardcore, Gabber, Speedcore


CD 1 (A1 S.O.D.O.M 1 to 9)
1-1Liza 'N' EliazGrab This5:06
1-2Ingler AKA Laurent HôGH Options4:58
1-3Armaguet NadCocacolaïne8:56
1-4RadiumNarcotic Nightmare6:01
1-5MNOIf You Eat Me Damn4:31
1-6Armaguet NadKind Of Felony5:46
1-7Angel FloXR Master II6:28
1-8M.I.D.Black Submarine5:45
1-9Armaguet NadTous Les Enfants Devinrent Musique4:47
1-10Angel FloWanda De Monte Gordo6:43
1-11Armaguet NadComptines Et Galéjades5:11
CD 2 (A2 S.O.D.O.M 11 to 19)
2-1Fist Of FuryMusic Nightmare6:18
2-2Middle MMother Anger7:18
2-3Fist Of FuryTa Gueule4:04
2-5Burning Lazy PersonsLiquid Air 14:58
2-6Armaguet NadAerodynamite5:52
2-7Middle MFall6:26
2-8Armaguet NadRock Your Style5:44
2-9Middle MLa Voix Des Anges6:40
2-10Atomic CompressorYulunga5:21
2-11Art Is AnalViolent Vodoo6:46
CD 3 (A3 S.O.D.O.M 21 to 29)
3-1Total OutputPaleblue13:51
3-2Fist Of FuryToxic5:33
3-3Enforex & CrystalshockPhotophore Brillant5:20
3-4Liza 'N' EliazSilicon Skin5:13
3-5XY (11)14H Man5:12
3-6OrajNi Chantant Ni Dansant5:49
3-7Desolation (9)Broken Choirs6:25
3-8Art Is AnalKiff La Vibes6:24
3-9Armaguet NadANH24:58
3-11Armaguet NadNobody5:15
CD 4 (B1 S.O.D.O.M 1 to 9)
4-1InglerEf Options5:59
4-2MaxitraitSerre Les Dents5:45
4-3Angel FloElectric Coma5:13
4-4RadiumOctopuss Attack4:57
4-5Fist Of FuryHuulirr9:44
4-6Armaguet NadReally Blast One6:17
4-7Art Is AnalKiller Instinct15:09
4-8Armaguet NadThe Devil Pact5:04
4-9Armaguet NadPsykiatrik Hospital My Real World6:01
4-10Angel FloJustine Your Face5:40
CD 5 (B2 S.O.D.O.M 11 to 19)
5-1Armaguet NadBlack Energy5:14
5-2Fist Of FuryLe Mal6:16
5-3Armaguet Nad7eme Prophetie6:08
5-5Burning Lazy PersonsLiquid Air 23:56
5-6Art Is AnalBloody Fan's5:50
5-7Fist Of FuryYalala6:49
5-8SoamI'm Down4:54
5-9Middle MLucile5:39
5-10Art Is AnalTruc Delbor Track5:20
5-11XY (11)Six To Six5:40
5-12Pti KaïLa Verité6:09
CD 6 (B3 S.O.D.O.M 21 to 29)
6-2Enforex & CrystalshockNo Buzz4:31
6-3Armaguet NadFear Of Witch6:22
6-4Burning Lazy PersonsIH 84:07
6-5XY (11)Choubidouwa5:00
6-6Desolation (9)Invaderz Terror Concept6:32
6-7DJ Task (2)Market Neun5:28
6-8Armaguet NadDeath of Bio Organic4:23
6-9Art Is AnalLost Heroes5:47
6-10DesolationHC Motherfukaz5:49
6-11Angel FloSubmarine Attack II5:41
6-12Fist Of FuryBloody Cunt6:34
6-13Armaguet NadWat Beteken5:16
CD 7 (C1 S.O.D.O.M 1 to 9)
7-1Liza 'N' EliazI Dont' Wanna Say5:30
7-3MaxitraitPoème Industriel5:34
7-4Armaguet NadMartyr Killer5:04
7-5Angel FloOrganic Revolution6:39
7-6MNOSilent Maternity3:53
7-7Fist Of FuryNique La Police4:58
7-8Armaguet NadHell Is Industrial4:30
7-9Armaguet NadAlone For Eternity8:06
7-10M.I.D.Radium Cul Baise5:54
7-11Angel FloCrystallographie5:40
7-12Armaguet NadSuck & Die5:26
CD 8 (C2 S.O.D.O.M 11 to 19)
8-1Armaguet Nad & TEC9Stop Breathing5:31
8-2Fist Of FuryPolna Core6:13
8-3Middle MHead Full4:12
8-4Armaguet NadHell's Killer6:28
8-5Art Is AnalFree Drugs5:42
8-6Fist Of FuryHC Museum5:50
8-7SoamHell Fuck4:36
8-8Middle MNo One Is Innocent4:58
8-9Armaguet NadMystic F.6:09
8-10Atomic CompressorNo Way5:01
8-11Pti KaïVoyage Au Coeur de la Tripaille6:50
8-12Armaguet NadDisgusting Bitche's Ovaries6:20
8-13XY (11)Face To Face5:21
CD 9 (C3 S.O.D.O.M 21 to 29)
9-2Fist Of FuryComplete Manipulation5:46
9-3Liza 'N' EliazWhiteline4:49
9-4Armaguet NadFields of Sweety in Evil Garden4:36
9-5Burning Lazy PersonsIH 94:07
9-7DJ Task (2)Human Garbage7:10
9-8Armaguet NadViking Sexy Girl6:16
9-9Armaguet NadANH17:40
9-11Desolation (9)Ocean of Khaos5:18
9-12Art Is AnalConnasse Va2:17


Packaging: 3xcardleeves containing 3 CDs each in a metal case with a sticker and a flag with the logo of the label.

Every track from S.O.D.O.M 1 to 29 is on the compilation, except SpeedyQ's tracks.

Limited to 150 copies.

On back of cardsleeves :
"Merci à tous les artistes qui ont rendus possible cette aventure depuis 25 ans et un grand merci à vous tous pour le soutien...
Thanks to all the artists who have made this adventure possible for the past 25 years and a great thank you to all for the support.
Respect to Liza N'Elliaz & Big Up to : EXMGFX"

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
S.O.D.O.M - Slaves Of Devil Our Master (25th Anniversary) (3×CD, Compilation)Slaves Of Devil Our MasterSODOM 25TH A1/­A2/­A3France2022
S.O.D.O.M - Slaves Of Devil Our Master (25th Anniversary) (3×CD, Compilation)Slaves Of Devil Our MasterSODOM 25TH B1/B2/B3France2022
S.O.D.O.M - Slaves Of Devil Our Master (25th Anniversary) (3×CD, Compilation)Slaves Of Devil Our MasterSODOM 25TH C1/C2/C3France2022




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