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    Sleep ChamberSpellbondage

    Label:Inner-X-Musick – none


    1Opening - Spellbondage (Soundtrack)
    2Street Interviews
    4Street Interviews
    5Femme Fatale
    6Street Interviews
    7Extreme Unction
    8John Zewizz Interview
    9Thee Unforgiven
    10Street Interviews/Studio Recording Session
    11Site Ov Pain, Site Ov Pleasure
    12Kiss The Whip
    13Odoratus Sexualis
    14WZBC Interview/Studio Work
    15The Nun (Fetish Convent)


    bonnicon's avatar
    This video opens straight into one of their more experimental pieces featuring a variety of images in black & white - Fire Walkers, skulls, fractal swirls, high-heeled shoes, the SC logo, all set to a slow track reminding one of a combination of early-to-mid-period CABARET VOLTAIRE - plodding electro-beat with chain-like percussion & sustained, chilling sounds overhead. This heralds Vox Pop interviews, mostly positive, some amusingly 'anti'. After about 10 minutes of this comes "Site Ov Pain/Site Ov Pleasure" - images of ATA7Th.Lfl IXOURINI. murder victims, bodies carried from scenes of carnage, Son Of Sam headlines, burials from the corpses view-point, foetuses, body parts, live Slo-Mo shots of the group. The music itself again is more representative of their more experimental side, with noises echoing over a loose drum minimalism & broken voice. Again we are treated to Vox Pop interviews (about 6 minutes) including one highly-strung-out woman who accuses them of being Communists, Satanists & Junkies. Next comes a video of another, more atmospheric, minimal piece, the music full of distant, connected noise while a simple drum pattern remains up-front. On the screen, through a grainy veil, a naked woman gyrates & cavorts, reclining on her bed, the images blurred but unmistakeable. Another brief Vox Pop of an abusive drunk, a piece of footage presumably showing a genuine suicide blowing his head off leads into another strange, echoing piece of SLEEP CHAMBER mood music - the images of both drunk & suicide combine with a journey through a graveyard, piles of corpses & images of the gravely ill, coffins & cremations. The music itself mainly uses the human voice with only a little synthesis, using repetition and sombre phonetic images to create a strange atmosphere. Introducing the track "Vivisection", ZEWIZZ explains the reasons behind the imagery (ie, people torturing animals & human suffering, big game hunting, animal skins) - the music being a slow plodding thing based around a 4-note sequence with atmospherics & metal percussion over the top. Following this is a 'found' piece on freeze-dried animals showing us a little more American eccentricity. After this comes more Vox Pop interviews, one character in particular looking & sounding like a set-up - no-one could be as strange as that, surely! Next comes a long piece on the group working in studio, putting a track together ("Site Ov Pain/Site Ov Pleasure") sometimes amusingly odd with the vocalist singing without the listener hearing the backing track. This is followed by a video of a track which might almost be THROBBING GRISTLE at their most interesting with the visuals combining the vocalist walking through a Waste Land, a talking dummy head, flagellation & bondage, religious images, nudity, close-up intercourse & nipple-piercing which itself is followed by "Kiss The Whip" which has images of Big Cats, S & M, Jesus Christ, distorted doves, fellatio & stills of various group members. Next comes an interview with who I assume is the SC manager - the interviewer asking him if his genitals have played a role in the videos. After this comes snatches of wildlife, drawing conveniently into "Odoratvs Sexualis", using footage of religious ceremonies using incense, snakes, donkeys, perfumes, diagrams, masturbation, erotic dancers & ecstasy suggestive of coitus, Ethnic ceremonies to excite & attract, closing with footage of two cats mating. The next ii or so minutes concern themselves with a SLEEP CHAMBER interview on Boston College Radio Station - rather amusing as you don't really see/hear them answering the actual questions. Next up come more Vox Pop interviews, leading into more studio work, this skips into "The Nun (Fetish Convent)" with images of Nuns (surprise), the group themselves, and individuals fulfilling physical needs, more or less drawing the video to a conclusion.

    Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.