General Base - First as reviewed by Magnetonium

June 30, 2009

This is the finest euro-trance CD I have heard so far. The reason why this album is ranked slightly lower is because of the "cheese" factor, but if you are a big fan of 1990s eurodance AND trance, this is the perfect combination. There's virtually every type of trance here: euro-trance, melodic trance, a bit of happy hardcore, and even a bit of MFS-type deep trance. Overall a very nice package.

Most of the tracks beautifully use piano, which suits me just fine. Tracks are slightly different from each other, which makes this album excellent for listening multiple times. Few vocal samples in tracks here and there, but no full vocals - which is also excellent.

My favourites are the deep and lush "Peace" track, melodic and piano-happy "Just Hold On", and "Back Again".

General Base - First as reviewed by HopelessCase

June 19, 2005
edited over 14 years ago
Was also released with a Inlay of synthetic material (called "Bubble Display" on the Rearside of the Inlay) with red fluid in it!! EXTREMELY RARE!!!