Otis FodderMusic To Drive Cross Country By

Label:Comfort Stand Recordings – csr015
10 x File, MP3, EP
Style:Breaks, Downtempo, Experimental


1This Is The First Track, The Beginnings Of Music9:53
1.1Memoirs Of Peisinoe
Featuring [Vocals]Patricia Shetley
1.2Sentimental Low Little Tree
Featuring [Spoken Interlude]Barbara Adams
1.3Requiem: Introitus
2Bubbles For Bellboys2:24
3Gay Bar (Re:Mix)
Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, FeaturingR. Stevie Moore
Composed By [Original Composition], VocalsElectric Six
4My Valentine
Featuring [Vocals]Lee Edwards
5Time Out For Grandpa1:05
6If You're A Fan Of Don Henley You're In Luck2:07
7Cumberland Gap
FeaturingR. Stevie Moore
8Monsieur William
Composed By [Original Composition], Music ByShoed Léo
Lyrics ByJean-Roger Caussimon
VocalsAna Dem
9Transmission 12-9723:05
10The Rulers (Mister Alger Mix - Fall Silent Remix)
Bass GuitarBrian Wohlgemuth
DrumsDamon Watson
VocalsLevi Watson
Words By, Composed By [Original Composition], Music By, RemixFall Silent



Long night excursions, smoke filled dens of people passing by, remembering passages and characters in the woodwork. This Is The First Track, The Beginnings Of Music.
Created for the WFMU show Re:Mixology, which aired on June 20, 2003. It was used as the opening intro (Sentimental Low Little Tree and Requiem: Introitus are also taken from this radio show which was rebroadcast on Solid Steel in August of 2003).

Memoirs Of Peisinoe was taken from the CD compilation Sonicabal 3 and created in August of 2003, featuring vocals by Patricia Shetley.
Sentimental Low Little Tree is a remix of the song "Sentimental Soliloquy" that appeared on The Bran Flakes CD Bounces (remix created in May of 2003). It features a spoken interlude by Barbara Adams.

Requiem: Introitus was released under the title Gonorrhea on the compilation "My Malady" in 2002. This is the original full-length instrumental mix with religious spoken samples, which tie in with the Requiem theme. Bubbles For Bellboys
Intended to appear on a compilation by local Seattle organization Hometown Gravy. The CD, with tracks centering around the theme of "Bubbles", never came full circle. Created in January of 2003.

Gay Bar (Re:Mix)
Created for WFMU's Re:Mixology show. An hour of artists remixing and covering the Electric Six song Gay Bar. R Stevie Moore recorded bass, guitar, vocal, drum and keyboard parts and sent individual tracks to me. I spliced up and added elements. Original composition/vocals by Electric Six. Bass, Guitar, Keyboards and Drums by R Stevie Moore.

My Valentine features Lee Edwards on vocals (also known as The Christian Con Man) and was created for WFMU radio's Incorrect Music show in March of 2001. It also appeared on the WFMU Re:Mixology show in June of 2003. In 2002, the vocals were stripped from the track and the music was slightly remixed for our Bran Flakes CD Bounces. It can be found there under the title Champagne Music.

Time Out For Grandpa
created sometime in 2002 and featured on the WFMU Re:Mixology show in June of 2003.

Cumberland Gap - R. Stevie Moore created a MIDI file of the classic old-timey song Cumberland Gap and added some keyboard elements to the mix. I added the percussive breaks. Not sure why it's here, but it's sitting around and it's short and sweet. Created sometime in late 2002.

If You're A Fan Of Don Henley You're In Luck
From the Re:Mixology show and was originally created in 2002 for a CD-R compilation of material, We Bore II ("Use music you hate to create music you like") put out by Toast and Jam Recordings.

Transmission 12-972
From a forthcoming DVD compilation of Music and Video due out sometime in the near future. This is the audio track for a short film produced by Lullabelle. The composition was created in January of 2003 and features live instrumentation (bass, guitar and strings) with a slew of spliced up samples (voices, strings, sfx and other elements).

Monsieur William
Recorded one evening in December of 2000 with vocals by Ana Dem. We never did finish the song, but figure it probably will never get finished, so here it is. The song was originally performed by Serge Gainsbourg. Lyrics by Jean-Roger Caussimon. Original composition and music by Shoed Léo.

The Rulers (Mister Alger Mix)
I did a remix of the song The Rulers for the band Fall Silent in January of 2001. Individual studio tracks were dumped down to DAT and then spliced up and remixed. I had created the first take of Requiem:Introtus a month before this and featured it here as it seemed to work well. The remix CD was never released and this remix was shelved; but here it is now, dusted off to be shared. Words and original composition/music by Fall Silent. Dan Galecki (guitar), Damon Watson (drums), Levi Watson (vocals), Brian Wohlgemuth (bass guitar) and Jeff Dunn (guitar). This remix appears here with permission from Fall Silent.



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