Evala ‎– Acoustic Bend

Port ‎– PTCD005
CD, Album


1 Flowing 2:16
2 Multiplex 2:03
3 Resonance 1:15
4 Parallel 2:23
5 Snap 4:17
6 Bounce 1:09
7 Scrabble 0:50
8 Cracking 3:23
9 Hush 6:12
10 Cave 3:47
11 Ice 1:00
12 Labyrinth 3:12
13 Discoid 1:03
14 Fuzzbox 4:36
15 Untitled 4:13



In contrast with his previous album "ttm studies 08" which utilizes the complex systems theory, this work is based on natural environmental sounds. From macro vibrations of urban overview to micro vibrations of a melting ice, the field recordings, which have been collected over time by evala himself (his blog "hacking tone" (http://evala.org/ht/) offers a glimpse of them), are precisely repeating the topological transformation with an unprecedented method, vividly presenting the "new acoustic" which is neither natural nor artificial.
With advanced technology and distinct focus, boldly and sensitively processing and deforming the phenomenon such as sound reflection, collection, propagation and resonance, it draws the steric and high-density acoustic space where myriad music vividly vibrates. This album once again fully reveals evala’s spectacular audibility and musical orientation, and it draws a clear line between existing works such as using only environmental ambient sounds just to add some realism in the music or by only amplifying small vibrations. A truly innovative album which leads the cutting edge music to a new paradigm.