Dynamo CityUrban & Free 2021 Remixes

Label:Stay Up Forever Remix – S.U.F.R. 46
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Style:Acid, Techno


A1Urban & Free (Perc Remix)
A2Urban & Free (Chris Liberator & Sam DFL Remix)
B1Urban & Free (Tassid Remix)
B2Urban & Free (Patrick DSP Remix)
RemixPatrick DSP

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    So I'll try to be more concise here, but I'll start by saying I was so unbelievably thrilled when I saw this release coming down the pike, as the original "Urban & Free" is one of my all-time faves from the early SUF/London acid days. It's got atmosphere, a wicked "melody" synth, and that classic acid sound. So shout-out to Chris, Aaron, and SUFR for picking a brilliant old-school track to give new treatment too.

    Chris & Sam's mix is deep, dirty, and rocking, with "acid alligators" of low, growling character that ultimately give way to wicked, sharp acid attacks from all across the sky. There's also this lovely "creaking" synth that adds massively to the tune despite its limited sonic role. Absolute killer, 5+/5.

    The Perc remix is heavy and thumping in that hard-techno mode, which is admittedly outside my normal palette, but I really do enjoy this version. In particular, it has a thunderous kick-drum, as well as this measure-interlude that sounds like the demented, distorted, and damaged configuration of the melody-synth from the original. Big and stomping, this version is not for the faint of heart. I'll go 4/5, but again, that's actually high considering this style isn't on my normal sonic pathways.

    Thumping his way onto the record with characteristic aplomb and verve, my man Tassid brings his percussive mastery and acid deviance to bear on the original in ways only he can. Truly, I've become such a big fan of this guy's work over the last decade or so, and as such, I was so thrilled when I saw he was one of the remixers here. I especially like this triple-tone layer that comes in a little before the main breakdown, as it's another example of a small element punching up beyond its own weight. LOVE this version, 5+/5 again.

    Lastly, we come to Patrick DSP, an artist I already had a few records from but who I'm not overly familiar with (that said, the track he did with Chris & Sterling, "Progress," is an absolute killer of the highest order), so I didn't enter this remix with too many predictions or expectations. But wow, this is a really great remix, which combines slick-yet-thumping percussion sonics with wonderful, layered acid work, especially as the track progresses. Plus, I do love that this version hews closer to the sound and atmosphere of the original than the others, as it's nice to have one remix that serves as a direct homage. Brilliant tune, another 5+/5.

    Do yourself a favor and buy this now at a standard price! "Too late will be the cry" and all that....


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