Drain Pipe - Untitled TheSuccubus

July 17, 2016
Untitled is soo smooth! Incredible track. And timeless to say the least.

Drain Pipe - Untitled cpr242

April 7, 2016
I'm not saying this is the worst music I've heard, but it's not the best. Definitely not worth $100. I can't wait for music with real changes to come back. That being said, if you like dub techno you're probably going to love this.

Drain Pipe - Untitled TheSuccubus

July 17, 2016
No need to hate on the release, just don't post your opinion please.

Drain Pipe - Untitled Tolnai

September 24, 2015
Repress please! ;)

Drain Pipe - Untitled SouthItaly

April 10, 2015
edited over 3 years ago
too much the price..

Drain Pipe - Untitled splint

November 23, 2012
an average record at best, sad to see the price skyrocket over 150 eur...

Drain Pipe - Untitled ajmedway

July 27, 2015
This is miles North of average, but no record should ever cost that much. Some total sharks on Discogs and total fools paying the insane prices to perpetuate this ridiculousness.

Drain Pipe - Untitled chapinozo

November 12, 2010

exellent track, deep ,atmosferic and funky just nice!