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1 Cujorius One, The A Ah Asca Visions
2 Cujorius One, The Anjuna Mystery
3 Cujorius One* Blurred Black
4 Cujorius One* BloodStains In My Smoke
5 Cujorius One, The Cacti Lemonade 7:09
6 Cujorius One* Darf With My Scoof 10:10
7 Cujorius One* Das Grosse Kumpo Remix
8 Cujorius One* Dragon Disco 7:08
9 Cujorius One, The Fragile Hallucinogens 7:06
10 Cujorius One, The Intimidation
11 Cujorius One, The Kill Quasimodo
12 Cujorius One, The Anormal Dong - LoneSomeDuck 8:39
13 Cujorius One, The Master Mu
14 Cujorius One* Mumi Murder
15 Cujorius One* Mumi Murder (Remix) 3:37
16 Cujorius One* PMS
17 Cujorius One* PMS Remix
18 Cujorius One, The Return Of Gung - Gaga
19 Cujorius One* Shape Form Face
20 Cujorius One, The Sofis Fears
21 Cujorius One* Stereo Noise (NASA / Gnome Effect Remix) (Version 1)
Remix – Gnome Effect*, NASA (4)
22 Cujorius One* Stereo Noise (NASA / Gnome Effect Remix) (Version 2)
Remix – Gnome Effect*, NASA (4)
23 Cujorius One* Stereo Noise (NASA / Gnome Effect Remix) (Version 3)
Remix – Gnome Effect*, NASA (4)
24 Cujorius One* Toys & Masks
25 Cujorius One, The Twisted Fairytale
26 Cujorius One, The Acid Allergic 6:51
27 Cujorius One, The Cleopatras Oddities 6:29
28 Cujorius One, The Diggin’ It Out 6:26
29 Cujorius One, The Elektra Matter 15:26
30 Cujorius One, The Fluffy Morgy 5:11
31 Cujorius One, The Gelfing Gaggle (Marshall Rmx) 8:47
32 Cujorius One, The Go Griner 8:38
33 Cujorius One, The Godning (O Barré) 3:59
34 Cujorius One, The Japanic Elf 8:06
35 Cujorius One, The Knowledge About How To Jerk Off 7:24
36 Cujorius One, The Leaping Rab Rats 5:58
37 Cujorius One, The Los Locos Locales 6:04
38 Cujorius One, The Mad Dreams
39 Cujorius One, The Skizo Swipper 7:49
40 Handbuch Couriosity Of Nature
Musician – Cujorius One, The, Genetic Spin
41 Front Minimale Wrong Behaviour 7:02


The Cujorius One started to produce music in the mid of the 90’s. They made a huge number of minimal/tech psytrance tracks available @ Some of those tracks were supposed to be released on albums (like 'Twisted Fairytales' on Liquid Audio Soundz/Novatekk & the EP 'Go Griner / Toys & Masks' on Pinwheel Rec., but cancelled), others were released officially on compilations and E.P.’s some ten years after they were given for free!

<b>1, 2, 10 to 13, 18, 20, 24, 25</b>: source: mp3 files
<b>5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 15, 26 to 41</b>: source:

<b>5</b> is listed also as 'Cacti - Lemonade'.
<b>7</b>: Possibly a remix of the track 'Der Grosse Kumpo' by <a href="">Institut Für Bassforschung</a> (released on <a href="">this</a> compilation in 2001).
<b>9</b> is listed also as 'Fragile - Hallucinogens'.
<b>12</b> is listed also as 'Lonesomeduc'.
<b>15</b> is listed also as 'The Mour - Mumi Murder Remix'.
<b>24</b> is listed also as 'Toys - Masks'.
<b>41</b> is listed also as 'Couriosity'.

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• Info for 'Blurred Black', 'BloodStains In My Smoke', 'Darf With My Scoof', 'Das Grosse Kumpo Remix', 'Dragon Disco', 'Mumi Murder', 'Mumi Murder (Remix)', 'PMS', 'PMS Remix', 'Shape Form Face', 'Stereo Noise (NASA / Gnome Effect Remix)' versions, 'Toys & Masks'; alternate name for 'Couriosity Of Nature'; artists behind Handbuch project by Cujo A. Hora
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