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Chief KeefFinally Rich

Label:Interscope Records – none
Series:Vinyl Me, Please. Rap & Hip Hop – RH055
2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Club Edition, Deluxe Edition, Remastered, Silver & Black Galaxy
Genre:Hip Hop
Style:Gangsta, Thug Rap, Trap


A1Love Sosa4:06
A3I Don't Like
FeaturingLil Reese
Mixed ByKevin "KD" Davis*
Written-ByT. Taylor*
A4No Tomorrow
Co-producerA+ (2)
ProducerMike WiLL Made-It*
Written-ByA. Hogan*, M. Williams*
B1Hate Bein' Sober
Featuring50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa
Written-ByC.J.Thomaz*, C.Jackson*
B2Kay Kay
B3Laughin' To The Bank
ProducerYG (4)
FeaturingFrench Montana
ProducerLeek E Leek
C2Understand Me
FeaturingYoung Jeezy
ProducerCasa Di
Written-ByC.Dickson*, J.Jenkins*
FeaturingRick Ross
C4Finally Rich4:08
D3Got Them Bands3:24

Companies, etc.


Remastering Details - Lacquers Cut By Cicely Balston, Alchemy Mastering At AIR
Foil Stamped
Listening Notes Booklet By Sheldon Pearce
2 LP Colored "$ilver & Black Galaxy"
VMP Exclusive Pressing of the Deluxe Version of this Album

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Finally Rich (CD, Album, Deluxe Edition, Best Buy Deluxe Edition)Glory Boyz Entertainment, Interscope RecordsB0017942-02US2012
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Finally Rich (CD, Album, Deluxe Edition)Glory Boyz Entertainment, Interscope RecordsB0017840-02US2012
New Submission
Finally Rich (CD, Album)Interscope Records3722412Europe2012
Finally Rich (CD, Album, Deluxe Edition)Glory Boyz Entertainment, Interscope RecordsB001784002France2012
Finally Rich (CD, Album)Glory Boyz Entertainment, Interscope RecordsB0017838-02US2012
-Seifer-'s avatar
This is definitely in my top 3 favorite rap albums if not my favorite, and top 10 albums of all time, just because it is SO DAMN HARD. Lyrically Sosa is not gifted, no. But who the hell cares? Every track is fantastic, but you know an album is one of the best ever when almost half the tracks are among your picks for “Essential Hip Hop Tracks”.

Love Sosa, Hallelujah, Hate Bein’ Sober, and Don’t Like are in my view particularly influential to our modern gangsta rap and trap sound. Of course it goes without saying Keef pioneered the drill sound to a more mainstream audience. The album is without a doubt legendary. Lyrics are often as simple as “Bitch I’m Cooler than a Cooler” or “Tats all on my body don’t make me catch a body”, but Keef has a constant, driving flow of camaraderie, cash flow, and fast living that can make even the hardest Wu Tang old head bust a groove and forget he isn’t lyrically dense. Sometimes you already know. It’s just time to feel the rhythm of life. The beats are really what shines on this, and Sosa’s sparkly cadence and relaxed yet frenetic flow start any party out for real. This is really where high tempo gangster music in my opinion hit it off.

The sounds of the album are best described as thunderstorm made into night rager anthems. I put this album on when I get up to do a lot in the morning or on Business trips. I find it to be the absolute best soundtrack you can have to making money and getting on your grind. Obviously depending on the nature of the business, it’s not always the best. Restocking an online store hardly has the sort of experience required to really pump you up, and this album is kinda out of place. Sounded like inspiration itself when I was hitting up Pawn shops to sell random shit and scraping together money for the cords for my music gear.

This is actually the first pressing ever on a sort of smoky grey wax. VMP has the ugliest colors for records far too often, but thank god when they do a first pressing of a work it’s usually not on a hideous color scheme like the travesties that happened with Enter the Wu, Ironman, and a few others.

I don’t purchase anything except first or rare colored/alternate art specialty pressings I need in the collection so I’ve never been too let down by the awful colors. This one, alongside “So Much Fun” seems to have great coloring. It’s a sort of hazy marbling with almost a tinge of transparency that gives it a look really a bit like smoke. Difficult to do well but it turned out excellently I think.

As for sound, Don’t know yet! I’ll update when my version comes, but I missed this one at drop. I was horrified, since I’ve wanted this album basically since I’ve collected records and assumed it was sold out. After checking, I was pleased to see it can still be had for $47, but I figure it’s limited restocks will sell out very soon.

Fortunately, I just swapped my Pharcyde LP I was supposed to get this month in June for Keef while you can still get a brand new copy with VMP insurance from VMP. I’ve no need for the Pharcyde album as I’m looking for an original uncensored version, and when Finally Rich is sold out I am sure I will no longer be able to afford one at the moment. I would suggest anyone getting the Pharcyde record or any other record from VMP that isn’t an original album forget that lunacy and immediately pick up a copy of this masterpiece. No album VMP has pressed is gonna top this one in my opinion. The fantastically crisp digital production sound and loud, pounding percussion coupled with the sound quality of wax… ah. It will be magical. As for VMP, please stop pressing records that already have had multiple wax pressings before, especially on hideous coloration. I would be much more inclined to just have an ongoing subscription and never cancel if you just made pressings of albums that were previously limited to CD or Cassette but are nevertheless banging.

This has been Young Chop on the Beat, and Seifer on the mic. You heard it from the source ya dig? Check it out cool cats.


Favorite Track: Kay Kay

Earsafari's avatar
Oh my god I forgot how hyped this album gets me. After one listen my bank account magically grew, women half my age are giving me their numbers and people are going around barber shops beating the asses of those whom would badmouth me. Life-changing 10/10!
iheartbreakdowns's avatar
Got two A/B records somehow hopefully VMPs got me. Not enough words how
Jazzybell's avatar
Where do I get it from where there aren’t scalpers?
seddrah's avatar
I'm not sure how Drill isn't a "style" available on discogs, but I'm sure they will catch up. This "drill" classic is a decade old and damn did it get nice treatment from VMP. Got my copy today and it looks and sounds fantastic (note to VMP, I'd have paid an extra few bucks for a gatefold, just sayin'). 10/10 classic.
Mostdope.420's avatar
A classic! I really enjoyed the quality of this vinyl, although I do wish it was a gatefold.
PepperoniSuicide's avatar
Love the sound and the packaging on this one. I’m sure some will complain it’s not a gatefold jacket, but that’s one of my least favorite record collector gripes. Maybe it’s a hot take, but not every 2xLP needs one, and sometimes I even prefer an extra wide single pocket like this. 10/10!!
placebo_records's avatar
Had to get this one since it’s the first time on vinyl. Planned on maybe trading eventually but it actually sounds pretty incredible and the packaging is top notch. Think I’ll actually hold on to this one
sman7771's avatar
y’all don’t be payin $100 for this vinyl lmao. don’t feed these sellers
YukikoKasumi's avatar
Very impressed. Thank you VMP for showing love to such an important album to modern HipHop.