SwagDark Corners EP

Label:Jus' Trax – JST 10
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
Style:Techno, Tech House


A1Version One
A2Version Two
B1Version Three
B2Version Four


  • murphyleo0832's avatar
    Version 1. Wow. Lift off.

    1995. Proud of my 20 year old self for buying this. Good on you!!!
    • Telcoman's avatar
      This great EP and many others by Swag have been made available via their Bandcamp at
      Nice chance to revisit mid nineties early tech house.
      • chrisnova777's avatar
        Edited 4 years ago
        cant really mess with the bass on version 4 of this 4 track EP
        • djemmay's avatar
          Edited 4 years ago
          It's tracks like this that can show the NKOTB a trick or two. House music secret weapons at their best and way, way ahead of their time. 'Version 2' sounds as fresh now as it did in '95 and you could drop it in a set as if it was made in 2017.
          • gerbenK1's avatar
            its timeless. 22 years old and it still sounds FRESH! love this record and also the comments below!

            • khmerwolf's avatar
              4 trackers are always so satisfying when all 4 cuts deliver, and this one DELIVERS! 'Version One' was a big hit at the time, a very unique sounding record. For me it's all about 'Version 2'; it's an absolute belter, the kick drum is so hard it forces the track down your throat, but done in a brilliant way. Top notch and both tracks could easily be played out in 2016 no doubt!
              • laaafont's avatar
                Edited 5 years ago
                Underrated producers. Dark Corners is a killer EP with a more 4x4 approach than their Primitive Urges releases. Rave-ish synths, Ethnical Percussions, odd 'bubble synths' on A1... Can't wait to play it to a '2016 crowd'.
                • jezjonson's avatar
                  Version 3 is unbelievably good... Chris Duckenfield continues to impress to this day.
                  This type of house is truly house for sure!
                  • paulo_m's avatar
                    Edited 15 years ago
                    Version One is the druggiest dirtiest house/techno record of all time. Released in 1995 it still sounds the bomb 11 years on. Tremendous.

                    An absolute must if you are a DJ who likes the crossover from house to techno, as it has the drum programming of a deep house track but has all the technological sensibilites of a Red Planet or Maurizio release. Excellent for bridging the gap in a set from house through to pumping techno.
                    • andyman5's avatar
                      Edited 16 years ago
                      This is one monster of a record that was like nothing else when it came out. It builds and builds to explosion and is still a peak hour track in the middle of any house/tech-house set. No crate should be without one. Brilliant.


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