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Various"One Giant Leap"

Label:101 International – INTEL 5, 101 International – INTEL-5
2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style:New Wave, Synth-pop, Indie Rock


A1Minus-1*On The Other Side
Written-ByC. Craddock, D. Albert
A25D (2)Run For Cover
A3The Organisation (3)I Saw It With My Own Two Eyes
Written-ByM. Needham
A4Junk (12)Lay Heads Together
Written-ByC. Fox*
A5Negatives In ColourLove Amongst The Buildings
Written-ByR. Rands*
A6Ulterior MotivesBreaking The Law
Written-ByA. Maskell*
A7Low Profile (4)Pretty Pictures
Written-ByC. Regan, D. Cuozzo
B1Steve Braun's UniverseYoung Lovers
Written-ByS. Braun*
B2Alias (33)Sound Of The City
Written-ByG. Greenhill
B3Fear Of The DarkLiberty
Written-ByA. Aitken, A. Lamprell
B4Sean Burke (2)Dance With Danger
Written-ByS. Burke*
B5Billy Stewart (2)Jaded Eyes
Written-ByB. Stewart*
B6Prime Force (2)Wrong Side Of Life
Written-ByA. Farrant
C1Rajan JamesImpossible Dreams
Written-ByR. James*
C2Syco & The Newyorkers*Slipaway
Written-ByW. Gordon
C3Z-19 (2)The Night Is Still Young
Written-ByM. Newton
C4Alexis Pope (2)Loves Our Song
Written-ByA. Pope*
C5Nadia (18)Vive Le Guitar
Written-ByV. Allen (2)
C6Partners In Crime (9)Tell Me Now
Written-ByR. Marston
D1Darshan (2)Not This Time
D2Cry So HardCarried Away
Written-ByR. Booker (2)
D3Talk BackGuessing Games
Written-ByI. Pritchard*
D4No Sympathy (2)Sharing Names
Written-ByC. Mitchell (4)
D5Dave VaughanVice
Written-ByD. Vaughan*
D6Sleepwalker (18)Loki
Written-ByC. Nolan, D. Alison



Taken from the back of the cover:

For years I let the major record companies dictate my tastes, but
with the upsurge of the independents and a go-it-alone approach
from many bands, I've become highly interested in the acts the
majors might or won't sign.
All too often dazzling gems of pure pop passion get left behind
outfits, while new fashions and trends race ahead of the majors,
constantly indicating the type of acts the A&R departments will be
looking for in the next few months.
Occasionally the indie market re-dresses the balance, bringing
forward acts worthy of consideration, sometimes tied in or even at
the forefront of a blossoming fad, but nearly always these acts are
genuinely new and highly interesting.
Problem is that the indies lack finance. They can often push a
new act into the public eye, but from ten on luck is still the name of
the game.
And then there are the demo tapes sent in by the thousands of
hopeful musicians up and down the country – the untapped pool of
talent that the majors should listen to thoroughly before signing up
the latest darlings of the pop world.
A lot of demos are diabolical – I've listened to enough to
convince me of this – but just occasionally a song bursts out of the
cassette deck gleaming with pop fury and grinning with obvious
potential. The band or artiste might look wrong, but the basics are
there, and that's what's important.

"One Giant Leap" is an ambitious collection of demos from
bands and solo artistes who are currently not signed to either major
or indie record labels.
Doubtless not all of the stuff that's containes within these
precious grooves will be to your taste, but does show an intriguing
and diverse display of pop talent, some of which deserves to be
signed immediately.
I have some personal favourites on this double album. 5D – a
six piece from Lewisham – show great promise with a bustling, lively
song called "Run For Cover", while Negatives In colours offer
intriguing synth diversions and a quirky hook with "Love Amongst
The Buildings".
Then there's Alias – a talented one man team – who turns in
the beautifully crafted, well produced and bubbling " Sound Of The
City", while Darshan – a Welsh five-piece – are spot on with the
delicate and involved "Not This Time".
My favourite demo is "Vice" by Dave Vaughan (ex-DT's and
57 Men Overboard). Check that harp, the odd synthy/R&B
undertones and the eerie, warbling hook. Great stuff!
"One Giant Leap" will hopefully be a stepping stone for many
of these acts. Keep your ears peeled.

Paul Strange, Melody Maker

Special thanks to Lisa McCaffery & Lisa Batt.
Published by Toast. Except A5 published by Sparta Florida.
℗ 101 International 1983.


lotussound's profile picture
anyone have a link to the Minus One track?? dying to check it out
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there are some presses of this but with the dream sequence sleeve and labels