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ArthaInfluencing Dreams

Label:Cronomi Records – cronomi003cd
CD, Album
Style:Goa Trance, Psy-Trance


1Dubber Nubber6:50
5Mystic Change7:53
6Vocal Distortion9:17

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Released in jewelcase.

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  • Barcode (String): 5060147125306
  • Barcode (Text): 5 060147 125306 >
  • Matrix / Runout: 25341 - CRONOMI003CD V28457
  • Mould SID Code: IFPI 5M05


chimushi's avatar

A couple of the cuts make a good attempt to replicate the depth and feel of Classic Goa Trance. Cut 2 "Controlled and cut 4 "Saikol" make a fine attempt in a Dimension 5 sort of way, but Classic Goa Trance, to me, is more balanced between Yin and Yang and so it draws you in with it's receptivity. Most of the New School Goa Trance that I have listened to, with a few exceptions, Is just a tad bit harsh, trying to be something that it can never really be, which is real, authentic and original. The 2 songs that I mentioned are excellent attempts to replicate the Classic Goa Trance sound, but listening to those 2 songs a second time left me feeling thankful that Classic Goa Trance is still available in all of it's authentic, subtle beauty.
yornav's avatar
Edited 4 years ago
Masterly produced! One of the works you need to listen. Definitely Artha took some time on the sound design to tweak the old schoolish sounds to a unique feel. Also the flow, story telling of the tracks individually and album has been done with proper care. Thank you Artha.
neilsequeira's avatar
artha brought me back to psytrance
seismic's avatar
Edited 9 years ago
I find that Artha gives a little shook to psytrance culture. It was as if he said - look: direction, sound, style.. these that seemed outdated, it still has a kick. Certainly as some have noted - songs on the album strayed from the direction of How our man presented earlier. If I can say, in my dream, golden album could handle tracks: Faith, Anathema, DNA, Elesdi and Genetic Formula. Plate, however, took a little different color. In conclusion - the original album, going to the first ledge.I give respect and appreciation for the great potential and current achievement.
tonique's avatar
Holy crap! My favourite goa trance producer, the sound prodigy from Malbork, Artha aka (formerly) Timer has been revealed with his first album "Influencing Dreams". And those 9 tracks demonstrate that he's an extraordinary goa trance producer, a master of sonic transitions, a trance-chamber too. A content of "Influencing Dreams" will would up everyone afficionado because of its an opulence of contemporary, top-notch and still gripping goa trance sounds. Thanks to those producers like Artha, this trancey style can still evolve, fortunately.
lemmiwinks's avatar
So it's finally here... I think I've come across some unreleased Artha already round 2005 (possibly even earlier) and it totally blew me away. First of all, his sound, the melodies and synth presets are truly unique, whenever a DJ played an Artha track at a party I'd just know it was his, even if I didn't know it, and that in itself is quite a performance in today's generic trance world. When the first newschool releases arrived I just couldn't understand how the hell this guy could not get a record deal since I found his stuff was light years ahead of other newschool that was released. I remember having personally posted stuff on psynews pleading the Suntrip crew to give him a try but I've never got any replies :(

Anyway, fast-forward a few years later and we're finally here ;) Of course, the main worry with such long-awated albums is that by the time they're finally here, people's expectations are so high that they end up being dissapointed, so I admit I was a bit skeptic of actually putting this in my cd-player. But I'm glad I did in the end ;)

The opener is Dubber Nubber which is a nice midtempo intro track with some nice djembés and arpegiated voice samples, but doesn't really have the caracteristics of the Artha sound. A nice melody builds up near the end, but still, nothing quite spectacular.

Then comes Controlled ah now that's more like it. From the very first minutes you could hear those trademark synth presets, noone quite does it like Artha. Nice warmer but you can feel that there's still room to do more.

Chaos up next which is... chaosy... it sounds too random to my ears, don't really like it.

Saikol is the one that has the most full-on elements, the beginning doesn't sound great but there's a nice buildup to a good melody in the end, a pretty rockish pad in there (I suppose this is what the other reviewers think of when saying that there's a bit of an old IM sound in there)

Mystic Change gives us a more laid-back and melodic feeling, not quite what I was used to from the artist... but it's also the best track here IMO! And that last part with the 303 melody is just superb! One of the best tracks I've heard all year!

Vocal Distortion sounds a LOT like Hallucinogen's old stuff I mean if I didn't know The Lone Deranger by heart already I would've thought this was taken from there. That said, I don't really like it when an artists tries too hard to sound like someone else so I don't really like this one.

Bali gives us again a more laid-back and melodic feeling, and a nice trademark Artha melody in the end around 8:00, in the beginning it sounds wierd but then the more you listen to it it really starts making sense, it's very nice.

Tranfusion is like THE definition of morning goa IMO, that breakdown around 4:15 and the subsequent buildup mmm that's what goatrance is all about to me.

Then comes the closer (already :( ) Insidelamp which is on the downtempo side of things. Again, this isn't really the kind of thing I'd expect from Artha but it works out pretty well in the end. The melody around 3:00 OMG, and the progression afterwards, even more OMG!!

THE GOOD: Unique style, unique synth presets and unique melodies (and what melodies!!). In a trance world where it seems to be the norm to sound like everyone else this is a VERY welcome change.

THE BAD: Having been used to Artha's old unreleased tracks I must say that I'm a bit dissapointed by the relative lack of energy compared with his older stuff. How come DNA isn't on this album? That was his absolute best IMO.

CONCLUSION The second-best trance album I've heard so far this year (Alienapia being the first). Not all the tracks are great but there are definately some gems in there. I can only hope other newschool artists will abandon their preset FL Studio melodies and plugins and search for more originality the same way Artha does ;)