John Foxx - Metatronic as reviewed by SyndromShop

June 9, 2012
Metatronic is another collection of Foxx’s car crash music in a package of three CDs and a DVD. The first disc begins with an extended version of Underpass, this seems to have a longer outro and isn’t really much different to the single edit. The first few tracks are from the Metamatic era and then track five takes us speedily up to full circle with The Noise. The second CD is a recording of the live show recorded in Sydney 2008, including some early Ultravox tracks. Track nine is an interesting track (one of the reasons I bought this CD). It is an early version of Burning Car; very different to the later single release. This version is much darker and sparse compared to the later released version; very good for fans of Foxx’s early work. The DVD was a bit of a let down. I think there could have been more that what we are given; maybe other material is being saved for a future release! One thing with the DVD, it does not seem to play through in sequence. You need to return to the menu and select each video one at a time.

John Foxx - Metatronic postpunkmonk

February 8, 2013

Yes, the alternate version of "Burning Car" lacks the warmth of the single version. It reveals a far darker vision that was moderated in later versions. It's worth the price of admission. There are other clips, but not from the Metamatic era, and this were outside the purview of this compilation, which is Metamatic/Post 1997 era Foxx. The warmer clips from "The Garden" and "The Golden Section" would be out of place here. The animated videos for tracks from "In Mysterious Ways" doubly so.