Nonprivate - Catastrophic flutternozzle

November 17, 2010
It's very interesting. It's very informationally rich. It's good. If you're a Cylob fan, buy a copy.

Nonprivate - Catastrophic Analogassailant

October 4, 2010
edited over 7 years ago

My understanding is that the audio contained on this cassette is from/for a small, ‘live’ type of experimental performance with visuals.
Therefore hearing this stuff ‘live’ with the projected visuals and seeing Chris work his gear in a creative manner would make this recording much more interesting and enjoyable.

IMO it does not translate as well as a standalone “I think I’ll listen to some Cylob now” release while at home; hence it being released on an obscure label with no store front presence and in an outdated format.

Nonprivate - Catastrophic as reviewed by acidbachelor

May 17, 2010
edited over 7 years ago
"Power Electronics" + Chris Jeffs = Nonprivate

Nonprivate - Catastrophic james_anderson

May 5, 2010
could you post an impression of the sounds contained?

as a cylob fan I am very interested in this release...

Nonprivate - Catastrophic potax

June 2, 2010
Not dance-oriented at all. nonprivate is a different project where Chris Jeffs explores synthesis and structure in a much more abstract way than Cylob. Really impressive sounds, structures and skills.