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24 × File, MP3, Mixed, Remastered, 320 kbps


1 Radiation Storm 3:54
2 Industrial Junk 3:06
3 Khans Of The New California 3:22
4 Metallic Monks 3:28
5 Follower's Credo 2:42
6 Vats Of Goo 3:10
7 A Trader's Life 4:00
8 Moribund World 3:06
9 The Vault Of The Future 4:04
10 Second Chance 3:46
11 City Of The Dead 3:08
12 Underground Trouble 3:44
13 City Of Lost Angels 3:35
14 Flame Of The Ancient World 2:57
15 Many Contrasts 3:24
16 Gold Slouch 3:24
17 My Chrysalis Highwayman 1:08
18 Beyond The Canyon 3:20
19 Biggest Little City In The World 3:13
20 Dream Town 3:12
21 California Revisited 1:19
22 All-Clear Signal 3:26
23 Acolytes Of The New God 3:17
24 Desert Wind 3:18



Mark Morgan's "Vault Archives" is remastered and mixed full-bandwidth soundtrack from old-classic "Fallout" games (24 tracks).

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January 3, 2019
edited about 1 year ago

Stay away from this release, the tracks have a bad cut in the sound spectrum... it's really audible in the high.


August 25, 2017

"Remastered". A term really overused nowadays. Let me tell you something. The original Soundtrack CDs sound better. The mixing on this "remaster" release is totally a waste plus it is not even done properly. You hear a small artifact when every tracks fades out and the new fades in. The loudness is all over the place. Some sounding too loud, others too silent. Also when viewing the audio frequencies in some tool, some weird things will be seen. Hard to explain but it looks bad compared to the original files. None of those problems does the original CD releases have. Just ignore this release. I don't even think its official.

It doesn't seem to be sold anymore anyway. Good.


October 8, 2014
Lovely ambient songs from the equally lovely Fallout games. :D