Mansel DaviesBreaking Bread


1I Wait For You8:15
2Ten Years In The Wilderness3:40
3Hey, Mama4:11
4Shake It To The Right4:32
5Why Don't You...?3:35
6The World's Gone In For Repair3:52
7The Chosen One4:14
8And The Winter Comes4:12
9Where The Young Lovers Go4:02
10Falling For You3:34
11Breaking Bread6:18


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    Here's a recent interview about the album by BGFM
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      Welsh Connections
      18 April at 20:48 ·
      Music Review by John Eliot
      Artist: Mansel Davies
      Album: 'Breaking Bread'
      I think this may be the oldest person I’ve ever heard on record, 96 years! Come to think of it though, Dylan is catching him up at 82 years. I know the great John Lee Hooker was still making music in his eighties.
      No, Mansel Davies is not 96. His Dad is, and he begins this great CD from Mansel. I’m not going to say the cd is worth getting just for Mansel’s Dad, the CD is just worth getting. I know the kind of guy Mansel is. A bit like me. I didn’t really take writing poetry seriously until I was in my late fifties and then became published when I was 62. In this CD, Breaking Bread, the listener hears experience. Not only experience of life, but also in the quality of music. Sounds a bit corny, but excellent lyrics and melody. The quality of musicianship, there is so much talent out there. It is no wonder that only a few seem to make it very big, too much competition.
      In the notes Mansel also attached he says that he can be found playing in different venues, usually playing well-known covers. Mansel, I’m telling you. Forget the audience and what they want, all of these songs are strong enough to perform in your own right. They are excellent and should be heard! Get out there and perform them.


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