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    Stewart Copeland - Spyro album cover

    Stewart CopelandSpyro

    Label:Not Them Again Music – none
    49 x File, FLAC
    Genre:Stage & Screen
    Style:Soundtrack, Video Game Music


    1Spyro 1 Main Theme (Orbit)3:36
    2Artisans Home1:55
    3Dark Hollow (Five)4:10
    4Town Square3:59
    6Sunny Flight2:36
    7Cliff Town4:03
    8Ice Cavern2:10
    9Night Flight (Quail)3:12
    10Magic Crafters Home4:13
    11Wizard Peak (Frog)2:57
    12Blowhard (Louis)3:16
    13Beast Makers Home3:16
    14Tree Tops (Breather)4:06
    15Metalhead (Squid)3:48
    16Dream Weavers (Stoat)4:39
    17Dark Passage (Avocado)3:08
    18Lofty Castle (Potato)3:17
    19Haunted Towers2:33
    20Jacques (Rain)4:01
    21Icy Flight (Tiger)3:03
    22Gnorc Cove (Grant)2:38
    23Twighlight Harbour (Watusi)3:44
    25Idol Spring3:45
    26Sunny Beach (New)2:52
    27Hurricos (Electrogears)1:54
    28Ocean Speedway Master2:15
    29Crystal Glacier3:23
    30Zephyr Meadow3:13
    31Magma Cone3:41
    32Metro Speedway2:37
    33Cloud Temple3:19
    35Canyon Speedway3:06
    36Sunny Villa (Farfiza)3:28
    37Mushroom Speedway (Lol)3:26
    38Country Speedway (Curry)3:37
    39Evening Lake3:03
    40Fireworks Factory (Agent)4:10
    41Charmed Ridge (Midnight)3:57
    42Crystal Islands (Aft)3:40
    43Dino Mines (Evening)3:47
    47Mt Spyro 23:04
    48Tiger Train3:55
    49Spyro End Titles4:08

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    AmonZip's avatar
    Let's hope for a release on vinyl soon.

    Also, this unfortunately got removed from streaming platforms recently, sucks.
    powerstone05's avatar
    So...did you know this was a thing? Cause I certainly didn't a couple days ago!

    So first off despite how it looks, this is a legit release from Mr. Copeland himself. If I had to guess, this is to curve around having to deal with Activision just to release these. The artwork was done by one of Mr. Copeland's daughters and is honestly a cool and loving touch to this.

    So, for those looking at the lossless version, these are definitely superior to the game rip versions. The tracks are indeed losslessly sourced seemingly straight from masters, full dynamic ranges (even moreso for some tracks, so enjoy those extra fat basslines) and for a couple tracks (minus one track I'll mention below) audio errors have been fixed. Notably, "Night Flight" isn't flatlined as heck and an audio glitch in "Icy Flight" is not present on this. You're also getting a couple extra unused tracks, the title theme from Reignited and interestingly, an alternate version of Ice Cavern.

    On the cons as one can surmise from a careful glance, alot of tracks are missing and is not complete. Not sure why this is of if they're planning on releasing a second volume but it's something to note. The other issue is "Fireworks Factory" for some reason was rendered incorrectly here and plays about 8% too fast. After slowing it down, it still sounds better then the original game track. I also would have personally preferred to have some tracks from Enter the Dragonfly included as well.

    The first Spyro is one of my favorite games (and soundtracks) of all time and the fact that we ended up getting a release honestly feels like a miracle. Despite some problems with the release, it was absolutely worth the $20 to support Copeland on this. I'm hoping we get more tracks released and hopefully also some hard copies whether it's CD or vinyl. Worth it!