James Blake - CMYK EP jondavey

January 20, 2020
Take a pinch of Timberland and a dash of Kelis and what do you got ? Nothing like either one of those ! Something so different. in fact, that nothing much had really be heard like it before. I just wish it was a bit longer...CMYK I'm talking about in case you hadn't guessed.

James Blake - CMYK EP Pistachios

September 26, 2019
... just getting better with age...

James Blake - CMYK EP Peenut

November 21, 2020
For real this was one of my first experiences with dubstep and electronic music, a decade later i feel like my brain has caught up with these tracks, gonna get a copy on wax soon.

James Blake - CMYK EP Lkjshd66

May 13, 2011
Listen to "Postpone" for like 5 seconds then click the play button on CMYK at the youtube link to the right. In my opinion, sounds pretty cool...

James Blake - CMYK EP Julzzzz

June 29, 2012

James Blake - CMYK EP as reviewed by Herr_Zimmerman

November 20, 2010
Sounding more like a stripped down, minimalistic approach to Flying Lotus' style of abstract hip-hop, I have a hard time believing this EP is classified under Dubstep; not that I mind, personally.

It holds many of rhythmic touches that seems signature of other dubstep releases I've heard, as well as its UK Garage predecessor, but loses the gimmicky wobbling bass and overall feeling of needing to prove how "amazingly aggressive and hardcore" I've found to permeate the genre.

Props to James Blake on making some extremely chill, extremely enjoyable tracks. If you can find a copy, do yourself a favor and add it to your collection.

James Blake - CMYK EP freshacejay

June 5, 2011
Listen to Shackleton please. No wobbly nothing, pure dubstep. There is more to dubstep in my opinion than filthy bass wobbles and ejaculation causing bass drops.