Goodie Mob - Soul Food as reviewed by lenngren

March 13, 2020
edited about 1 month ago

The hype sticker on this promo reads “Hardcore with a conscience straight from the ATL” and sure, why not? There are worse ways you could describe this. One could also say, if you don’t love this album you don’t get hip-hop! That might sound harsh but it’s the way I feel because it’s So. Damn. Good!

The beats feel alive, organic, not a second is wasted. If anything you want more. Like for example you wish they would have included the long version of “Blood” instead of just the snippet. All 4 mc’s have their own distinct style and they’re all dope. Cee-Lo felt like a star a few seconds into very his first verse (Git Up, Git Out). The other 3 are also mad skilled even if they don’t have his wide range. Khujo especially never got enough recognition if you ask me.

There’s no point highlighting my favourite tracks because I love this record from start to finish. “Soul Food” is exactly what the title promises. I think this album deserves to be mentioned when you discuss the best hip-hop albums ever released.

Goodie Mob - Soul Food ajgb1800

June 15, 2020
The complete song "Blood" is on compilation album America is Dying Slowly. Dope HipHop compilation about HIV/AIDS.

Goodie Mob - Soul Food soulkings

March 10, 2016
edited over 5 years ago

Stone Cold classic Hip Hop LP, kind of slept on. Gospel / Soul influenced, dirty south rappin' and singin', I'd say with anti establishment lyrics / slavery bashing. Beats; also using instruments, not only samples. Extremely consistant, no fillers and very well crafted LP that invites for repeat listenings. Cell Therapy was a minor hit back then, Serinity Prayer is my favourite. I'd would go as far as to state "the best OutKast LP OutKast never made..."

PROMO ONLY LP (!), which is highly recommended to all lovers of real hip-hop.

Goodie Mob - Soul Food soulkings

July 4, 2017

Lol, you are right, it is Fighting the track after...

Goodie Mob - Soul Food izzze

December 28, 2016
how is serenity prayer your favourite? it's just a 9 second proverb... ^^

Goodie Mob - Soul Food soulkings

July 28, 2016

This is the dirty version, as it should be, not clean radio versions.

Goodie Mob - Soul Food Sofusjam

July 7, 2016
Do you know if this is an explicit or clean promo pressing? Can't seem to find any information anywhere regarding that.