Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid jondavey

January 31, 2019
edited 2 months ago
Hmmm, I can kind of see the attraction, but it's too fast. And it sounds like the guy, Solar Quest, is using that 303 mod that was popular at the time, it's called devilfish ? or something similar. Anyway is spoils the pure flavour of the 303 IMHO....
Yes, Devilfish, here's the bugger;

Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid as reviewed by CHoCi

August 16, 2016
edited over 2 years ago

Dont Trust the Video Sound of the most Favorite Version "George's All Nighter".
All exisiting Youtube Videos (expect one, who pitched it on minus 8 !) have the CD or mp3 Audio Track behind. It does not sound like the Vinyl Version. The vinyl Version has more delay and sounds much more rougher as this digital shit.
By the Vinyl Version - and get the dirty acid sound...
...and the answer is: No - If you want to ask that what i think you want to ask :)

Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid sophie101

August 1, 2018
Wonder how this track compares with the new release ACID AIR RAID
Mark Sherry's Acidburth Mix?

Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid as reviewed by

April 20, 2015
An absolute beast of a track, if acid trance had a bench mark this would be it!!!

Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid trancer88

March 3, 2011
i missed to write that acid techno or any other techno style has no melodies or ambience, because the roots of techno (electro and house) are not influenced by ambient music too.

Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid trancer88

July 24, 2018
you are an a s s h * * e

Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid Weareonenation303

August 27, 2017

Dude, nobody cares about how accurate you are in categorizing music styles. Being a bit of an asshole will get you no where.

Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid trancer88

September 28, 2015
this track is acid trance. i am not a fool because i´ve been listening to electronic music for 15 years.

Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid trancer88

June 29, 2014
you think you're a philosopher? haha, i've been through many like you. do not argue with musically educated people like me you uneducated fool.
and you should have spare your worthless long explanations. i don't consider myself the arbiter of edm subgenres. you may have seen my profile and that doesn't matter, you're still a fool. you don't know what actually has been happening to the electronic styles. there are not many new styles today, they are the same but sound different because they spoiled the styles, electronic music was good before 2000. whatever you say about the styles of today, they are crap. i don't define the stylistic origins of the styles only by facts, but by listening to them as well. i do it for myself. so i tell you, this track is acid trance.

Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid Mr.TomServo

June 12, 2014
edited over 4 years ago

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there are no hard and fast rules/definitions for the fuzzy borders between dance-music genres, particularly over time (as increasing numbers of genre-bending and genre-defying tracks continue to proliferate).

And anyway, plenty of acid tracks from Choci's Chewns blur the line between acid trance and acid techno (e.g., "Taking the Piss" and "Floydian Slip," as just two examples).

Bottom line, you are not the ultimate arbiter of dance-music sub-genres, whether or not you agree with a particular designation. And now that I've looked at your profile, I see you basically spend most of your time on Discogs proclaiming on the nature of genres and how certain releases fit into your rigid categories. As such, I think you are ultimately failing to recognize the diversity and complexity of the evolving nature of several different dance-music types over time.

Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid trancer88

March 3, 2011
if an acid track is faster in tempo than acid house and has melodies, ambience and less drums than techno, it is acid trance. so at least this version Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid (George's All Nighter) is acid trance, this track participates in the acid trance compilation va - acid flash vol. 1. listen to the compilation album and notice the melodic part in the tracks, and also the typical disco beat of trance.

Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid as reviewed by maroko

September 13, 2008

If heavy artillery could drop acoustic napalm while taking out enemy lines, then Acid Air Raid would be to music industry what the V2 rocket is to the massive war apparatus!
In plain english: this track will make you simultaneously reconsider both, your taste and sanity, while massive acid driven leads shatter your body and mind to an infinite quantity of randomly scattered protons!
It has all been already said. A long and patient build up followed by a spontaneous vinyl combustion, and an air strike siren bringing it all to an end. This 12" contains four different cuts of the same track, but it's the George's All Nighter that got everyone hooked. Any one of the four versions can still be dance floor effective if properly introduced; be it a hard trance, retrospective techno, acid techno or just a no nonsense hard techno set. Be not mistaken, there is a very good reason why Solar Quest's track came out head and shoulders above any other old school TB303 driven track.
I have two copies of this. One is being saved for the rainy days, the other one has been getting regular spins for a decade now. It's one of my all time favorite releases, and amongst three to four other items which helped shape my entire musical life.

Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid as reviewed by tonymasud

March 30, 2006
edited over 13 years ago
This is one big destructive acid tune, when it comes to giving a title to the most known (hard) acid techno track, this would probably be it, or the pump panel version of confusion. Altho the genius of the track is that it is one big tease. A huge intro building into nothing, big soaring beats with humongous snares just shattering all over you going ballistic into the standard beat of the track. What can you say really about this track that hasn't been said, not much really but it sure works every time.

Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid as reviewed by steady-j

March 10, 2006
edited over 13 years ago

An absolutely wicked epic acid trance tune! I got my opportunity to play this in the minutes leading up to midnight on NYE 2000/2001 for the delight of 250+ headbanging nutters - it tore the floor up.
Not as self-consciously "hard" as more recent acid techno, but nonetheless all the elements of this tune are spot on - alternately bubbling and tearing acid lines, a bouncy little bell-like synth line that cuts across everything, turbulent drum rolls, and lots of big long hands-in-the-air breakdowns (but minus the obvious cues that make up so many newer treadmill trance-by-numbers tunes).
Oh and it's on lush red vinyl.