Yellow Sox - Flim Flam chrisnova777

May 23, 2016
the repeating voice sample in this record sounds just like the beginning of Missy Elliot from her "the Rain" single but that track was released in 97..?? maybe its a sample?

Yellow Sox - Flim Flam as reviewed by -sheez-

March 22, 2015
I remember hearing this circa 96 at some outdoor party in a quarry. It was light, about 5 in t'morning and this livened up a flagging dancefloor. Original mix, every time. Took me ages to get someone to part with their copy! Can now be yours for about two quid! That's fashion/ignorance for ya!

Yellow Sox - Flim Flam MAWcollector

March 23, 2017

Soulboy1975 EPIC.Such a great deep & Fantastic comment. (I owned and hammered the Yoshitoshi Remixes 2x12" double-pack them sold it). (10 years later discovered the real thing on Nuphonic ~ Such an underrated label).

Yellow Sox - Flim Flam as reviewed by TheGlynja

June 29, 2007
edited over 12 years ago

Nice job by Diesel on this mid-tempo, very X-Press 2 stylee, funky bassline guitar dub builder. Great for an early set selection as exemplified by Scotland's Justin Robertson amongst others (aka Lionrock). Mix 2 takes a more wa-wa guitar route similar to Hustlers Convention or maybe Outrage. Flanging synth chord stabs end up giving it a more melancholy feel though.

On the flipside, the Original mix presents a much more disco-influenced, cheery, almost bouncy house guitar builder. Even this, though, promises more in the build-up than it delivers in the crescendo, despite it being probably the best mix on the disc. Good for a set starter record, but not ont to dwell too long with. Bonus beats at the end are good for fun.