Robert Hood - Minimal Nation tnadnort

August 3, 2017
My copy reveals dark brown translucent coloured vinyl when held up to the light.

Robert Hood - Minimal Nation alexblex

May 6, 2020
I can confirm this. I have also a dark brown translucend vinyl copy.

Robert Hood - Minimal Nation dougiewelsh

September 2, 2016
edited over 4 years ago
acrylic... thats the best tune on it and it was left out of the repress, dunno why....

although you can't see by Unix !

Robert Hood - Minimal Nation onlycrumbs

July 12, 2016
edited over 5 years ago
Interesting to note, is the 2009 remaster takes away from all the beautiful transients and peaks of the original release. Hear it for yourself. The original has these nice subtle sculpted dynamic peaks that are sooo awesome, especially being a minimal techno record, while the remaster removes them and squashes them.

No doubt, the bigger sound picture is still there in the remaster, and the overall feeling of the tracks is still present, but the microcosmic beauty, and the majestic presence has been dissolved to make room for loudness and more impact; which might have been done on purpose. Who knows?

Robert Hood - Minimal Nation baj

September 9, 2020

My scratched up NSC pressing sounds pretty tired, but I'm attached to it. I'm not a specialist in sound engineering, but RM had a special touch, whatever mojo he mustered.

Robert Hood - Minimal Nation rob_d

November 18, 2018
edited over 2 years ago
Just noticed this myself and came to check if anyone else mentioned it. Not only did they take away transients etc.. Some of the actual composition is missing/edited out from the remaster. For one example, at around 3:54 to 4:10 minutes of the original 'Station Rider' there are some very cool, subtle metallic clicks and scrapes that come in....these are completely erased in the remaster.
In fitting with most modern day dance music production, they scooped a lot of the low mids out...which is where most of the perceived movement in the bass is located. I personally can't stand this practice.

Robert Hood - Minimal Nation as reviewed by kunoman

November 19, 2012
Back in the nineties this was way ahead of its time. One of the most influential albums of Techno.

Robert Hood - Minimal Nation ----

June 22, 2012
Alongside Dan Bell no one else honed the efficient, minimal vibe so effectively. But listen closely and you can hear all the influences in there. Some of the songs sound like proper funk, just minimalized...

Robert Hood - Minimal Nation ivo303

November 28, 2011

the pace: pure hard raw funky detroit...thats trance !

Robert Hood - Minimal Nation pequin

September 16, 2015
too bad that the m-plant release doesn't contain it. pace is the best on the record!

Robert Hood - Minimal Nation as reviewed by Battle

September 8, 2004
edited over 16 years ago

Absolutely right, this album is one of the fixpoints in techno history. Museum with its Hood typicaly strings is so deep, never heard again. Ride and Station Rider E are two tracks of the same topic, like one is the remix of the other. So he putted them on separate records to mix them together. Try it, you can create a mindblowing ride into eternity - everytime different.

Robert Hood - Minimal Nation as reviewed by V-Agent

March 8, 2003

The record responsible for cementing the term 'minimal' as a genre within Techno.