DJ A-Tan Injection*Next Generation

Label:Sphere Records – SPHCD007
CD, Compilation


2ViktanCan't You Read My Mind?5:29
3Sigma (4)Mind Effect7:36
4Quantum (2)Voxiwar7:49
5PointBlank Range8:37
6Quantum On DNAHellfire7:56
7Vibe Tribe (2)Play The Game6:57
8Vik On InjectionSunny Day6:42
GuitarMark Woods



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    This time we get a compilation full of psychedelic trance compiled by dj A-Tan Injection from Israel, who has been involved in the trance scene for over 10 years now, including his project Viktan, which he does together with Vik Shefi. He also released his debut Viktan album on Sphere Records.

    First out is Citizen-X (Kfir Schlomovitz and Oren Bohadana). This is a pretty pleasant, melodic track, with some guitar and stumpy rhythms. Nice start on the album that has a light morning vibe. Track 2 is a track by Viktan himself. This track is not on his album. It has a really deep rhythm. Very stumpy track going in a progressive way, with trippy sounds jumping in and out of the track. Track 3 by Sigma (Yuval Bokor) goes a bit faster. Another stumpy track, but more groovy and dark. This one also builds up, and some crazy melodies jumps into the track after a while. Totally weird sounds. Track 4 by Quantum (Gidi Snapir) is a more full on track, with rolling heavy rhythms, jumpy sounds all the way, some voice samples and a dark vibe.

    Track 5 by Point (Nadav Bonen and Eran Ben-Gaon) starts floating. Then the heavy rolling bass line hits in, and it starts drifting with sounds jumping in and out, together with floating morning sounds. Track 6 is a collaboration between Quantum and DNA. This is a pretty full on rolling track, with some funny melodies and jumpy sounds. Nice one. Track 7 by Vibe Tribe (Stas Marniansky and Elmar Ivatarov) is one of the most melodic tracks on this compilation. It has a deep, stumpy bass line, with a melody going above together with the psychedelic, jumpy sounds. This one goes more full on too. Track 8 is by A-Tan Injection again, here with another project he does together with Vik Shefi. This sounds like most other tracks these guys has done together. The last track on this compilation is also a track by Viktan. This one is not on their album either. A nice finish, with some pleasant guitars played by a guy named Mark Woods, mixed with pleasant groovy bass lines and light melodies.

    Dj A-Tan injection sure has found his own style. He stays somewhere between full on and progressive trance. A compilation full of pretty unknown names, but for sure some artists that we will hear more from in the future.


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