David Mancuso - The Loft (Volume One) stuham

August 10, 2017
Question for anyone who owns this one - how many pages are in the booklet? Thanks!

David Mancuso - The Loft (Volume One) zentao1

December 30, 2017

4 pages, front and back. I will see if I can add photos to this listing...Very interesting history in this and the Vol 2...

David Mancuso - The Loft (Volume One) ittf

September 9, 2017

The booklet is very nice, it has 8 big pages. Mine also came with a small 3 page Nuphonic folded card order form for T-shirts, record bag, slipmats, back catalogue 12" vinyl and CDs.

David Mancuso - The Loft (Volume One) as reviewed by zentao1

May 22, 2017

This is an amazing piece of history. The musical is great and the package is really good - perfect pressings and the booklet is very good.

David Mancuso - The Loft (Volume One) Pumpsack

November 26, 2014

Just awesome. It may be a pricy purchase, but if you look at buying these brilliant tracks individually, it works out quite reasonable. A must have for any DJ's collection

David Mancuso - The Loft (Volume One) as reviewed by zeebianco

July 2, 2006
edited over 13 years ago
Absolutely essential box set with lavish packaging and booklet. Also the pressing is very loud and clear which makes listening a real pleasure. Such a shame that Nuphonic folded before they got a chance to do a "Paradise Garage" or "Music Box" boxset. Loft 2 is also essential. As for the music itself - a mixture of genres - house, disco, dub, soul which goes to show that the best music transcends its genre (something that producers of "club" music should note). The famous quote "there are only two types of music - good and bad" applies here. This is all good!