Mentallo & The FixerMentallo & The Fixer (2): 1998-2000

Label:Домашняя Коллекция – none
Series:Красная Серия
CD, CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release, MP3, 192 kbps
Style:EBM, Industrial


No Further Rest For The Wicked CD1 1998
1Mentallo & The FixerWhen Worlds Collide8:04
2Mentallo & The FixerDisrupter7:46
3Mentallo & The FixerBrutal Rapture8:31
4Mentallo & The FixerDay Of Ascension5:16
5Mentallo & The FixerCritically Wounded4:59
6Mentallo & The FixerLunatik (Re-Mix)7:23
7Mentallo & The FixerCerebral Static (Part I)0:54
8Mentallo & The FixerSchizoid Embalizm5:23
9Mentallo & The FixerOverloaded4:53
10Mentallo & The FixerBreeder8:03
11Mentallo & The FixerWorlds Collide2:48
12Mentallo & The FixerCerebral Static (Part II)1:24
13Mentallo & The FixerDivine Intervention6:05
No Further Rest For The Wicked CD2 1998
14Mentallo & The FixerHope6:29
15Mentallo & The FixerTelepath3:52
16Mentallo & The FixerBrutal Rapture (Re-Mix)7:02
17Mentallo & The FixerNarcosis3:15
18Mentallo & The FixerStory (Part I)1:22
19Mentallo & The FixerDisrupture (Re-Mix)3:00
20Mentallo & The FixerVision7:41
21Mentallo & The FixerRetribution9:01
22Mentallo & The FixerThe Radium Bomb Aftermath7:32
23Mentallo & The FixerStory (Part II)2:56
24Mentallo & The FixerDias Muerto14:25
25Mentallo & The FixerLunatik4:12
Algorythum 1999
26Mentallo & The FixerIntro4:24
27Mentallo & The FixerSystematik Ruin5:47
28Mentallo & The FixerGamma Ray Antenna2:54
29Mentallo & The FixerProxima6:18
30Mentallo & The FixerUnearthed5:17
31Mentallo & The FixerChoice Flaw6:27
32Mentallo & The FixerCarbon Based7:05
33Mentallo & The FixerStumbled8:23
34Mentallo & The FixerReverly5:49
35Mentallo & The FixerLuminaries4:31
36Mentallo & The FixerResonant Echo3:53
37Mentallo & The FixerRemnants Past6:33
38Mentallo & The FixerTheme1:29
Systematik Ruin 1999
39Mentallo & The FixerSystematik Ruin (Re-Mix)5:47
40Mentallo & The FixerCarbon Based7:05
41Mentallo & The FixerIntro - Sys-Ruin12:42
42Mentallo & The FixerInner Peace (Remix)4:31
43Mentallo & The FixerCarbon Based (Ambient)7:24
44Mentallo & The FixerSystematik Ruin (Trance Tone)5:25
45Mentallo & The FixerMichael13:13
46Mentallo & The FixerCarbon Based (Trance Tone Dub)3:42
47Mentallo & The FixerInner Peace4:45
Love Is The Law 2000
48Mentallo & The FixerUnited Nations8:54
49Mentallo & The FixerVessel4:08
50Mentallo & The FixerLike Father5:00
51Mentallo & The FixerNovacaine2:03
52Mentallo & The FixerExit4:30
53Mentallo & The FixerThe Thousands Points Of Light3:11
54Mentallo & The FixerMurderers Among Us6:24
55Mentallo & The FixerLawless4:45
56Mentallo & The FixerSubjection7:00
57Mentallo & The FixerZealot3:42
58Mentallo & The FixerTruth Be Told4:24
59Mentallo & The FixerLawgiver8:02
60Mentallo & The FixerConsequential3:23
61Mentallo & The FixerLove Is The Law7:42
Sensory Deprivation 1989
62BenestrophePig Butcher7:47
64BenestropheSensory Deprivation7:13
65BenestropheEndangered Species5:24
66BenestropheFlesh Decay5:53
67BenestropheDog Lab6:45
68BenestropheDi Bomber6:16
69BenestropheConscience Bind6:03
71BenestropheRed Kross6:57
72BenestropheChurch Yard4:53
73BenestropheDowned Cow6:41
Auric Fires 1998
74BenestropheFuture Tense4:41
76BenestropheBase Of Brutality3:28
77BenestropheH.I.V. (Test Positive)6:20
79BenestropheDisbelief (The Quest)6:49
81BenestropheAuric Fires5:47
82BenestropheSleep Tonight8:36
83BenestropheBritches (A.L.F.)3:42
84BenestropheFarewell My Love6:48
87BenestropheLiberty City1:44


CD-ROM comes with MP3 tracks encoded to 192 kbps, 44kHz, a WinAmp player and cdboom Navigator for Windows 98, NT, 2000 and a picture gallery.

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  • Matrix / Runout: AAA-1716



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