Grooverider - The Prototype Years as reviewed by rene.spaanderman

January 4, 2021
edited 22 days ago
This album showed us a glimpse of the future, back in 1997. Especially John B - Secrets and Dillinja - Silver Blade made a huge impact on me personally. I still believe Silver Blade is one of the most futuristic d&b tunes ever made.
Does that make the rest of the tunes any less? Definitely not: each and every single tune on the album is a stone cold d&b classic. Essential release.

Grooverider - The Prototype Years funkyjeff77

January 26, 2021
Totally agree, these tunes are simply gorgeous and amazing...I wish they d release more like these!

Grooverider - The Prototype Years stanphase

January 7, 2018
Can only agree that City Lights should have got released. But this LP was a ground breaker and deserves to be in the collection. I remember hearing Groovrider smash it up at Tribal Gathering with these tracks. If only such a collection of ground breakers could be released now..

Grooverider - The Prototype Years Retroactive-Records

November 12, 2014
Its criminal Lemon D ''City Lights'' never made it onto vinyl and duplicate tracks already on vinyl got pressed twice :(

Grooverider - The Prototype Years Swagger

January 11, 2021
That's what is known in the business as a dubplate. 'City Lights' was on the cd. If you've got Serato, you're laughing.

Grooverider - The Prototype Years fly_free

December 3, 2016
The 10 ten inch is an acetate test press, no real release

Grooverider - The Prototype Years Sloofman

October 31, 2016
was released on rare unofficial 10 inch but not sure of the quality...

Grooverider - The Prototype Years flaw

October 11, 2016
He also made "covert operations" under the in-sync alias, which uses a lot of the same elements, and can be found pressed on the penny black compilation.

Maybe not as good in some eyes - but certainly a wicked tune!

Grooverider - The Prototype Years tonyhari5son5

January 2, 2014

I've got a pre-release version with a grey skull on the LP

Grooverider - The Prototype Years as reviewed by systray27

June 26, 2006
edited over 15 years ago
This Lp includes two of my favourite dnb-tunes ever!

Dillinja - Silver blade
Beautiful atmospheres, and a roaring amen smashing drop...Hard to put in words what feelings go through my head when I listen to this, mostly it just tells me something how life is...

Optical - Grey odyssey
This track is THE funk! Rolling beats with dreamy synths, just what I love!