VariousTelepathy (Jungle Dons - Dub Plate Special)

Label:Breakdown Records – BDR LP8
2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Style:Drum n Bass, Jungle


A1Telepathy CrewExpand Your Mind
A2Ray KeithRinse
A3Hype*Doomed To Fail
A4Krome & TimeOriginal Juggling
B1Roni Size & DJ DieFriday Nite
B2DJ RapUniversal Mind
B3Bizzy B & PugwashJust A Little Crew
B4DJ Dextrous*Nice 'N' Slow
C1Marvellous CainKiller
C2GrooveriderNext Of Kin
C3Devious DNumber One Sound
C4L Double Presents Deadly DMi Nar 'Fraid
D1DJ SSNiceness
D2Roni SizeCool Calm Collected
D3Bryan G*Badman
D4L Double Presents Twice AroundWithin Limits



"All Previously Unreleased & Specially Recorded Tracks"

Title on the spine is just 'Telepathy - Jungle Dons'

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  • Barcode: 5022765552094

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Telepathy (Jungle Dons - Dub Plate Special) (CD, Compilation)Breakdown Records, Breakdown RecordsBDR CD8, BDRCD 008UK1995
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Telepathy - Jungle Dons - Dub Plate Special (Cassette, Compilation)Breakdown Records, Breakdown RecordsBDR MC8, BDRMC 008UK1995
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Telepathy - Jungle Dons - Dub Plate Special (CD, Compilation)Sub Base Records USASB 86003-2US1995
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Telepathy (Jungle Dons - Dub Plate Special) (2×LP, Compilation, Test Pressing, White Label)Breakdown RecordsBDR LP8UK1995



  • shadesofrhythm's avatar
    bare dubplate madness...I forgot about this one and then found it on a tape I'd mixed from the 2x12" vinyl...Picked up the vinyl for £5.99 new along with 'Face of the Future LP' (also £5.99), from FOPP in Leamington Spa approx 96'...I mixed both LPs onto a 90min cassette, 45 mins a side so highlights only...but turned out decent-ish! considering I mixed the straight off the cuff without listening to then first...anyway, don't be put off by the track count, this LP is mixed and mastered very well considering...TBH I played it out right throughout the late 90's because I couldn't find the original dubplates...a little db gain and a touch of bass roll-off and these tracks play fine.
    ...and btw, most of you ain't playing out anyway, just your bedroom bizz, so chill.
    If you were there back in the day, you'd know, we played anything that could be played, 7"s, cassettes, the lot, I even seen a DJ play an intro from a tape player into the MCs microphone..!! Wicked times...!
    • Stusee's avatar
      Yeah but they're all dubplates, where else are you going to find them on vinyl? Just turn the amp up!
      • mulder's avatar
        I've checked the youtube vids and "Cool Calm Collected" runs to over 6 mins on the vinyl rip. Does that mean the CD has edited tracks on it as DIscogs lists that particular track as being under 6 mins? I'm fearing that it probably does. Breakdown records did occasionally edit tracks, for example the CD of Drum and Bass Selection 1 obviously edits most if not all of the tracks. Thankfully they started doing double CDs for that series from number 2 onwards with full length tracks, thus making the exclusives on those worth cutting to dub if you so wish.
        • BlueMoonWax's avatar
          The tracks are quiet because there's 4 to a side which makes the grooves smaller. Still well worth getting though. You'd be forgiven for thinking the tracks would be just be throwaway ones that didn't get released elsewhere but that isn't the case at all! Top quality tunes all the way through, especially the Rap, SS & Ray Keith contributions.
          • legaliseme's avatar
            Dunno wat it is but this record seems unusually quiet? Not really that in the know about these matters, could just be the age for all i know, but just use trim to level it out and its a goodun. Might also be worth saying that all the tracks are all booming.


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