Tom And Jerry - Maxi (Mun) Style (Remix) djtimlyall

September 25, 2017
HUGE ! a must have in anyone collection if you can find a good copy

Tom And Jerry - Maxi (Mun) Style (Remix) as reviewed by Swagger

September 1, 2007
edited over 13 years ago

This is the only Tom & Jerry release that you tend to see often in second hand shops, which strikes me as strange as it is amongst the best in my opinion. I'd rate this as one of the best double-siders in Jungle.

For me, this is the definitive version of Maximun Style. Just can't get enough of those Disco strings and what must surely be the cutesiest sample out there. A real soothing moment with a fierce drop and all of the usual Tom and Jerry samples thrown in for good measure. L Double was really at the top of his game at the time and this is a killer remix.

All of My is a monster of a tune. Featured on Grooverider's Hardstep Vol 2, the bass and pulsing synth line drop has to be heard to be believed. This was sampled on a recent tune (Fierce?) but he should have left this well alone. What a tune!

Tom And Jerry - Maxi (Mun) Style (Remix) vali_nmeclick

September 26, 2014
No offense but seriously? I´m more than glad Fierce did Carrier, it´s one of the biggest Drum&Bass tunes ever written and it still gets caned at many parties. I think he used that sample in a very effective way and it works in a techy and therefore whole different context. By the way I´m quite sure Tom&Jerry also sampled it from somewhere, quite possibly form Ray Keith who used it in a zillion tunes