SaosinTranslating The Name

Label:Death Do Us Part – DDUP-001, Death Do Us Part – VZVV-001
Vinyl, LP, Single Sided, EP, Etched, Limited Edition, Reissue, Teal


A1Seven Years
A2Translating The Name
A33rd Measurement In C
A4Lost Symphonies
A5They Perched On Their Stilts, Pointing And Daring Me To Break Custom

Companies, etc.



First pressing on vinyl: 2,500 copies on teal green.

Catalog number on label is DDUP-001. Catalog number on spine is VZVV-001.

The B-side contains etched lyrics.

“Welcome to 1979” is stamped into the runouts. Everything else is hand-etched.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 709388042878
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout): VRP0327-A ML201707 Welcome to 1979

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Translating The Name (CD, EP)Death Do Us PartDDUP001US2003
New Submission
Translating The Name (CD, EP)Death Do Us PartDDUP001US2003
New Submission
Translating The Name (CD, EP)Death Do Us PartDDUP001US2003
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Translating The Name (LP, Single Sided, EP, Etched, Reissue, Translucent Silver With Silver Smoke)Death Do Us Part, Death Do Us PartDDUP-001, VZVV-001US2022
Translating The Name (LP, Single Sided, EP, Etched, Clear w/ Blue Splatter)Death Do Us Part, Death Do Us PartDDUP-001, VZVV-001US2023



  • mrbonesSTL's avatar
    Edited one year ago
    Silver is back available on their store for $30ish + shipping so unless you want this specific pressing you can get the repress now!
    • Kingside's avatar
      Edited one year ago
      When you first start collecting vinyl, as your wallet bleeds and you run out of space in your home to keep your records, every collector soon realizes that while what a sweet dream it would be if you were so privileged, that this journey is not simply about replacing your old CD collection and owning every single title you want… When we hit this point, we all have the same epiphany… quit buying EVERYTHING “just because you could”, and start making decisions with surgical precision and purpose… only buy what you’re ACTUALLY going to listen to, or perhaps some really rare exclusive limited shit when the opportunity strikes, but no more… we start to buy with “PURPOSE”. For me, when I experienced this epiphany, I quickly drafted a list of anything I felt I absolutely MUST have, sorta stranded on a deserted island style. This was over 10 years ago… and the number ONE release at the absolute top of my precious list I’ve been picking away at all these years since that fills my heart with so much pride and joy as I inch closer to fulfilling it, was THIS RELEASE… You can all imagine the heartache and extreme dismay I went through at the time when I learned it didn’t exist… Especially with Anthony Green no longer being in the band at the time, the potential that this may NEVER come to exist was quite grim, and I suffered through a hard grief and mourning as I slowly and very painfully came to accept this… it was much like the pain I originally felt after learning Anthony Green left the band before they even recorded a single full length album for us.

      SO, imagine the giant nut I burst and extreme enthusiasm everyone around experienced with me as I just couldn’t contain myself, standing in the Las Vegas Festival Fairgrounds at When We Were Young watching Saosin play from right up at the very front, as Anthony just ever so slightly out of no where drops this HUGE BOMB!! They’ve pressed their original EP on vinyl, and IT’S AVAILABLE NOW!! 🤯

      Talk about feeling like the need to cry… I’m entirely unsure in every way what it’s going to take to ever feel so happy and satisfied in my life ever again… maybe my first born child? Who knows, we’ll have to see… kids got some big shoes to fill!!

      What SHOULD have been my next greatest moments of joy however, securing a copy ✔️, receiving said copy ✔️, opening it up and basking in all the glory of it’s beauty (in one of my favorite colors no less!) ✔️, and then sitting to have the most joyous listening experience of my life, for which all the highest grade expensive audiophile shit I’ve collected over the years felt that no dollar had ever been wasted because THIS right HERE and NOW in this moment is was what it was all for… 🚨🚫🚨‼️

      NOPE!! 🥺 …felt absolutely DESTROYED by numerous skips throughout the listen… 😭

      I cleaned the already brand new record with extreme detail and care, made sure my needle was as pristine as the day I bought it, recalibrated my turntable, used an anti-static gun 6 times (once in the center and over the grooves in 5 points like a star) on the turntable, one EACH side of the record, and then on the record AGAIN after I had placed it on the turn table… I was DETERMINED to prove that this couldn’t be happening, and that it was all MY fault some how… that it could FIXED… particularly since I typically archive all my most valuable records in DSD 5.6 and then usually never actually spin them again, so I just HAD to figure out how to get ONE. SINGLE. SOLITARY. FLAWLESS. PLAY…

      However, the best I came was a limit to ONE skip that I just can’t seem to make NOT happen in “They Perched On Their Stilts, Pointing And Daring Me To Break Custom” …my FAVORITE track no less, and right near where it starts to get the most righteous!

      Then I come here, and look around other places in the internet, confirming my worst fear… it wasn’t me… I have a BAD COPY 😭😭😭

      This was my white whale… the most anticipated vinyl release I’ve EVER yearned for… for well over a DECADE…

      and what do I get?? A BAD copy 💔

      EDIT: I’m on an iPad and can’t seem to locate where/how to set a star rating… It’s showing as 5 currently, which clearly does not vibe with my extreme level of dissatisfaction…

      I would rate it 3 stars if I could figure it out

      1 star for being one of the best damn recorded releases this century
      1 star for being an absolutely gorgeous pressing
      1 star for the fact that I got 4 out of 5 tracks playing smoothly
      -1 star for the sheer emotional distress and robbing me of what should have been one of the best listening experiences of my life 😢
      -1 star for the skip happening on my absolute favorite track that I was most looking forward to recording and archiving in Hi-Res DSD 😭
      • Debtriot's avatar
        Quick lil pop near the middle of "They Perched On Their Stilts..." on my copy but otherwise an excellent pressing. No warping issues either.
        • erikkkk39's avatar
          Stoked to finally have this, I feel like Beau teased the test pressing of this like an eternity ago lmao. My copy sounds perfect with no warp or pops at all. The translucent teal looks great, and the gatefold came out really cool. Glad the overdue first pressing of this classic came out nice. 5/5
          • Z-Rex's avatar
            Genuinely shocked how good this sounds.

            Was nervous, the quality of the gatefold and the record itself seemed a little cheap, but I couldn’t care less about any of that, 10/10 audio quality.
            • fisherdaman's avatar
              Pretty bummed we just got ours and it's extremely warped, since it sold out we cant exchange it. Sounds great when its not skipping tho.
              • vinyldude7's avatar
                This pressing sounds great. No skips, no surface noise 10/10.


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