Chu IshikawaTetsuo Complete Box

Label:Sony Records Int'l – SICP 2903-5
3 x CD
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
Style:Industrial, Rhythmic Noise


The Iron Man
1-1Chu IshikawaDH4:45
1-2Chu IshikawaTD5:06
1-3Chu IshikawaSK4:43
1-4Chu IshikawaCL4:27
1-5Chu IshikawaMP3:31
1-6Chu IshikawaLS11:10
1-7Chu IshikawaML3:30
1-8Chu IshikawaNW7:45
1-9Chu IshikawaMG9:02
Body Hammer
2-1Chu IshikawaCI0:29
2-2Chu IshikawaBF15:15
2-3Chu IshikawaCB0:19
2-4Chu IshikawaEH5:53
2-5Chu IshikawaEB1:01
2-6Chu IshikawaST2:27
2-7Chu IshikawaRP I7:05
2-8Chu IshikawaSC13:25
2-9Chu IshikawaSC23:15
2-10Chu IshikawaBL0:35
2-11Chu IshikawaSS0:21
2-12Chu IshikawaLB0:28
2-13Chu IshikawaGT0:58
2-14Chu IshikawaSF2:22
2-15Chu IshikawaDP0:41
2-16Chu IshikawaDR1:24
2-17Chu IshikawaKN0:46
2-18Chu IshikawaRP II1:39
2-19Chu IshikawaBF25:21
2-20Chu IshikawaIron Music [Original Mix By Chu Ishikawa]24:22
The Bullet Man
3-1Chu IshikawaScla1:01
3-2Chu IshikawaSparky4:08
3-3Chu IshikawaSand I2:00
3-4Chu IshikawaShizuka I0:57
3-5Chu IshikawaDouble I2:58
3-6Chu IshikawaRun1:24
3-7Chu IshikawaShizuka II2:11
3-8Chu IshikawaBorn I0:51
3-9Chu IshikawaBorn II0:58
3-10Chu IshikawaRe Born1:00
3-11Chu IshikawaDepth4:24
3-12Chu IshikawaZinc1:46
3-13Chu IshikawaBlock2:48
3-14Chu IshikawaRegeneration1:22
3-15Chu IshikawaDouble II1:20
3-16Chu IshikawaSand II3:26
3-17Nine Inch NailsTheme For Tetsuo The Bullet Man5:34

Companies, etc.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 4 547366 056884
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 1): IFPI L275
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): LLDA-1257X 1
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 2): IFPI L276
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2): LLDA-1258X 1
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 3): IFPI L275
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3): LLDA-1074X 1
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 1): IFPI 4553
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 2): IFPI 456D
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 3): IFPI 4551
  • Other (Cat# - Disc 1): SICP2903
  • Other (Cat# - Disc 2): SICP2904
  • Other (Cat# - Disc 3): SICP2905



  • stlkr's avatar
    Full names of tracks:
    Disc 1
    1. Drop Hammer
    2. Tetsuo Dance
    3. Scratch Killer
    4. Clock
    5. Metamorphosis
    6. Lost
    7. Mausoleum
    8. New World
    9. Megatron

    Disc 2
    1. Clash Identity
    2. Burned Figure
    3. Combustion
    4. Expanding Human
    5. Embers
    6. Sixth Tooth
    7. Rana Porosa
    8. Sand Cops 1
    9. Sand Cops 2
    10. Broken Line
    11. Skin Cops
    12. Lost Body
    13. Gamera Tsukamoto
    14. Sort Of Food
    15. Depth
    16. Dinosauroid
    17. Kana
    18. Rana Porosa II
    19. Burned Figure 2
    20. Iron Music [Original Mix By Chu Ishikawa]
    • Daedolon's avatar
      In case anyone is wondering, this compilation is complete excluding these two tracks that are missing;

      The insert jazz song from Tetsuo: The Iron Man, which is [Wish that never comes true]. Composed, arranged, guitar, bass, piano & chorus by Akio OKUSAWA. Drums by Jyohji NISHIGOME and Saxophone by JUKE HIROI. This information is found on a promotional info poster for the first movie. Sadly I haven't been able to locate the song or find any more information regarding it.

      The ending song from Tetsuo II: Body Hammer, which is "MATERIALS" by Tomoyasu Hotei and can be found on his Guitarhythm album.

      I guess technically the first opening 30 seconds of the first film are also missing, but they're unobstructed by any sound effects in the film itself.
      • artkiver's avatar
        I owned the release of this as well as helped countless who were slow to buy the original issue with the re-release that looked like a bootleg:

        This is doubtlessly the most complete release, with three CDs instead of just one.

        Moreover, given that 石川忠「ishikawa chū」passed away on the winter solstice of December 21st, 2017, I doubt this will ever be re-issued. He collaborated with the likes of Trent Reznor whilst alive, but Reznor remains far inferior in every appreciable measure.
        • LeSamouraiNouvelle's avatar
          This box-set includes the score for all three Tetsuo films.

          This is one of the best-value film scores I have ever purchased- even at the price of about £50 (for three CDs). One of the reasons is that my favourite tracks- as heard in the movies- are of sufficient length. Many a time, I have loved a particular track in a film but that track is either non-existent, drastically altered (from how it sounds in the film), or too short (no more than a minute and a half, for example). There are none of these problems with this box-set. Example: track 2 (TD) on disc 1 is around 5 minutes long, even though only a minute or two was used in the first film; 5 minutes is plenty for one's listening pleasure!

          There is a good amount of material provided here; around 160 minutes of music spread over three discs. The outer packaging is sturdy, which houses three cardboard slipcases, and inside each is an additional fabric/paper-type slipcase, which covers and protects the CD from being scratched when being taken out of the cardboard slipcase.

          If you love this music, I would highly recommend buying this set.


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