Hellsystem - Another World E.P. Agneton

December 7, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
I could not disagree more with the two reviewers below me. "Another World" is a perfect, beautiful piece of melodic hardcore that makes this EP worth the purchase on its own. I'm happy to see that the ratings seem to reflect my opinion better, with 4,46 stars out of 5, based on 39 votes as of 7/12/2019.

Hellsystem - Another World E.P. Agneton

January 20, 2020
Well. Your review simply gave me the impression that the Angerfist track is the only tune that makes this EP worthy of the 5-star rating whereas the other two tracks are just forgettable. Indeed, happy to be proven wrong about that, as you pointed out both in reply to my review and your own edited review. Thanks.

Hellsystem - Another World E.P. Mr.TomServo

March 25, 2019
edited about 1 year ago

While respecting the previous reviewer's opinion, I think the Angerfist remix of "Shut Up and Die" more than "saves the EP a little"; it's a banging tune. And having recently forced myself to re-listen to the other two tracks (in light of Agneton's review), I'll admit, "Another World" and "Compromise" are both solid tracks as well, with "Another World" sounding better to me now than when I first got the record. It's more melodic than "Shut Up & Die," and is very dynamic (i.e., it goes through several different sections and keeps changing).

"Compromise" is a bit harder and more frantic in tone, and features a pretty intense banshee-esque "scream" synth that dominates a good portion of the track. I'll admit, the banshee noise is perhaps a tad overdone (or maybe it just doesn't evolve enough), but the tune overall is still stomping and worth a look.

Top record available for very reasonable prices.

Hellsystem - Another World E.P. as reviewed by SHIELDrecords

September 25, 2018
edited over 2 years ago

A release to forget, totally generic and heard a tons of time... The Angerfist remix saves the ep a little bit.