AutechreChiastic Slide

Label:Warp Records – WARP CD49
CD, Album
Style:Abstract, IDM, Downtempo, Experimental


2Rettic Ac2:08

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(P)1997 Warp Records Ltd (C)1997 Warp Records Ltd.
Made In England
Issued in a standard jewel case with eight page booklet.

Almost identical to Chiastic Slide, except for different Matrix and Mastering SID codes.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text and scanned): 5021603049123
  • Matrix / Runout (Variant 1): 97500 WARPCD49 [logo] DOCdata UK
  • Matrix / Runout (Variant 3): 97500 WARPCD49 [DOCdata logo] DOCdata ablex UK
  • Mastering SID Code (Variant 3): IFPI LP76
  • Mould SID Code (Variant 3): IFPI 7303

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Chiastic Slide (Cassette, Advance, Album)Warp RecordsWARPCD49UK1996
Chiastic Slide (2×LP, Album)Warp RecordsWARPLP49UK1997
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Chiastic Slide (Cassette, Album)Warp RecordsWARPMC49UK1997
Chiastic Slide (CD, Album)Warp Records, Warp Records, Rough TradeRTD 126.3256.2, WARP CD49Germany1997
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Chiastic Slide (CD, Album, Promo)Warp RecordsWARP CD49PUK1997
  • Crawshyne_'s avatar
    After hearing Cipater on the Warp: Routine CD I bought a few years back, that's when I first got into Autechre. And it also got me into this album, which is one of the best IDM albums I have ever heard! Mechanisms and clippers delight, as track after track enriches with strong vibes, like Cichli, Tewe, and Nuane. Truly an infatuating piece of art.

    Pretty cool that this got reissued with LP5 (which I have yet to hear) last year. Definitely cichli suite! ;)
    • HPLobster's avatar
      Warp records just announced reissues both of Chiastic Slide and LP5. Available for pre-order right now. Release date 19th november.
      Finally, it's happening!!!!
      • Jurhem303's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        Chiastic Slide é um disco sensacional e não deixa a desejar em nada aos três primeiros lançamentos clássicos do grupo, mas segue em uma nova direção a partir do Tri Repetae de uma forma muito inteligente e desprovida de amarras. Em 1997 as pessoas queriam ouvir a maçaroca pop de Come To Daddy ou os malabarismo do senhor Jenkinson, sim, este último muito impressionante mas acredito que os paralelos não deveriam ter desmerecido este trabalho em seu ano de lançamento. 'Cipater' delimita um novo território a ser explorado e abre espaço para a sequência de sons pouco usuais até então. 'Rettic Ac' e 'Cichli' apresentam direções absurdas em termos de processamento, enquanto 'Nuane' resume e encerra de uma vez por todas a era iniciada com o Tri Repetae. É difícil? É sim, mas se você quiser facilidades basta deixar uma playlist genérica de um DJ qualquer rolando que não vai fazer muita diferença no fim das contas, o lance aqui é outro e a audição exigem máxima atenção para ser contemplada de todo.
        • plaidzebra's avatar
          From my perspective, "Amber" took a radical shift from their prior work towards the ambient and organic, like the grains of sand tumbling down the Turkish dunes on the cover. "Amber" featured a different kind of intensity, with stripped down arrangements and less focus on percussion. "Tri Repetae," on the other hand, took a radical shift back towards the mechanical, sterile. I like "Tri Repetae," but I'm in the minority that does not view it as the watershed moment in their 90's catalog; it's an album of one step forward, two steps back.

          For me, "Chiastic Slide" initiates the exponential growth that characterized the rest of their career, fusing the organic with the mechanical. Even better, the mechanical elements sometimes feel as if they're being slowly torn apart, sound spilling through space. Time signatures shift, the machines rasp and protest. Images of decaying radioactive elements, shattered crystals, amorphous lights in ambiguous spaces flash by. Which isn't to say the whole album is characterized by extremity or violence; there are genuine moments of tenderness. The spirit in the machine is at times deeply moving.

          "Chiastic Slide" is filled with novel detail, nuance and suggestion. It no longer sounds like music made by humans with synths; it sounds like a series of natural processes becoming conscious and exploring a world of sound. While "LP5" somehow managed to transcend all of this, "Chiastic Slide" is the crucible that made "LP5" possible. And "Chiastic Slide" is the first album in the Ae catalog that defined Autechre as something unique, almost apart from all other popular music.
          • utopia9000's avatar
            Shouldn't the track duration of Nuane 11:55 and not 13:15?
            • SKX's avatar
              I feel the style should also include industrial
              • PVG67's avatar
                This is arguably the record that changed the way I listened to music forever. I won’t stop playing this one until I die.
                • Cardia1's avatar
                  Edited 8 years ago
                  Overall a satisfying Album with a touching and a dark side, and they are all played side by side like dark/light dark/light...and so forth. My favourite musics are "Cichli", "Hub" and "Pule".
                  • on this record, the noise becomes more melodic and the melodies become more noisy. there is no longer any reason why polyrhythms need to be composed of anything at all that sound anything at all like a drum, although sometimes it is decided that they should, and there is further no reason that synths need to sound like synths or deep melodic parts need to sound like analog bass synths. everything has been thrown out the window.

                    however, autechre's journey is an evolution of increasing complexity, and we see that present here as well. the complexity began to become interesting on the last record; on this record, it's actually become mesmerizing. they have taken richard d. james' challenge; these are not songs, they are compositions, fully written upwards and nitpicked as closely as any other composer would nitpick their own scores. yet, they are often compositions of noise, where the computer has become the orchestra; and the computer is of course able to turn any conceivable sound into a melody. perhaps the part that would have been played by a flute last century should be played by a noise generator during this century, perhaps the ambience of a stringed instrument is now represented by the ambience of a pad; yet, the process is the same as it has always been, and this is no less serious a piece of music as a whole than anything by any composer in the past.

                    the primary improvement over tri repetae on this disc is the incomparably higher level of horizontal composition. on tri repetae, there are generally only a few lines moving at any one time and the writing is, in general, based largely around repetitive loops. this record is much more written in an academic sense and much less loop-oriented, regardless of what the reviews incorrectly suggested at the time. you can hear a huge influence from the minimalist school - particularly steve reich - in the evolving, subtly changing repetitions. almost all of the tracks are built around counterpoint. if you're not listening closely, that may come off as repetitive, but the solution is to listen more closely. indeed, like most abstract and revolutionary pieces of music, this was initially panned by the critics, who labelled it as redundant; they appear to have misunderstood it. they will eventually understand it. i would request a more careful listening, which will inevitably be followed by a serious re-evaluation.

                    tewe and cichli are great examples of this. on first listen, they sound like simple loops repeated over and over again. however, if you listen a little bit more closely, you can hear a very subtle evolution within each repetition. reich called this process and made it to the central motif of his career.

                    the fifth track is, again, an anti-climax; it splits the record in half. nuane is probably my personal favourite autechre track of all time and an excellent closer to the disc, the band's first true moving, sweeping, changing epic.
                    • carlosrmanuel's avatar
                      Like every release of Autechre, starting from Tri Repetae, this is not only music for the years, but also music for the mind. Ae can transport us to completely different states of mind and Chiastic slide is no exception.
                      I returned to this record today and I just realized again how good it is. With Cipater I really started to move to the music, really dancing, but soon it turned to a claustrophobic underwater beauty with Rettic Ac. I travelled through different states of mind during the listening of the album and if sometimes I felt like in the middle of a sonic dream, it soon could change to a nightmare. This is music for the humans that we are... full of senses.
                      I already pre-ordered Oversteps and I think that a new big change will happen, until then I am re-exploring every bit that Ae produced. Until then...



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