Autechre - Chiastic Slide Aedht

June 20, 2018

Autechre - Chiastic Slide santanderkevin785

April 21, 2018

Este es un punto clave en dedicarse en lo técnico que lo melódico. Si bien algunas canciones puede que su loop sea repetitivo, son interesantes e inusuales. Ademas, es muy creativo el álbum hasta dan ganas de preguntar como hicieron eso, como el caso de la cancion Rettic AC. Y es digno de admirar en pleno año 1990. Mis canciones favoritas son: "Cipater, Rettic AC, Nuane, Hub, Pule y Tewe". Uno de los mejores álbumes de Autechre. 5/5 estrellas :3

Autechre - Chiastic Slide TheRealTrevor

July 18, 2016
Every one take a moment to salute Autechre for this album ✌️

Autechre - Chiastic Slide SKX

January 28, 2015
I feel the style should also include industrial

Autechre - Chiastic Slide Nogus

July 27, 2015
Not at all Industrial Music, the music of Autechre is too much looked for, glitch or melodic downtempo, but too much sophisticated to put this label. The music of Autechre is not also raw and primitive as the industrial music

Autechre - Chiastic Slide PVG67

January 3, 2015
This is arguably the record that changed the way I listened to music forever. I won’t stop playing this one until I die.

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by Cardia1

September 10, 2013
edited over 4 years ago

Overall a satisfying Album with a touching and a dark side, and they are all played side by side like dark/light dark/light...and so forth. My favourite musics are "Cichli", "Hub" and "Pule".

Autechre - Chiastic Slide dghkfhldfdhlfa

December 13, 2010
on this record, the noise becomes more melodic and the melodies become more noisy. there is no longer any reason why polyrhythms need to be composed of anything at all that sound anything at all like a drum, although sometimes it is decided that they should, and there is further no reason that synths need to sound like synths or deep melodic parts need to sound like analog bass synths. everything has been thrown out the window.

however, autechre's journey is an evolution of increasing complexity, and we see that present here as well. the complexity began to become interesting on the last record; on this record, it's actually become mesmerizing. they have taken richard d. james' challenge; these are not songs, they are compositions, fully written upwards and nitpicked as closely as any other composer would nitpick their own scores. yet, they are often compositions of noise, where the computer has become the orchestra; and the computer is of course able to turn any conceivable sound into a melody. perhaps the part that would have been played by a flute last century should be played by a noise generator during this century, perhaps the ambience of a stringed instrument is now represented by the ambience of a pad; yet, the process is the same as it has always been, and this is no less serious a piece of music as a whole than anything by any composer in the past.

the primary improvement over tri repetae on this disc is the incomparably higher level of horizontal composition. on tri repetae, there are generally only a few lines moving at any one time and the writing is, in general, based largely around repetitive loops. this record is much more written in an academic sense and much less loop-oriented, regardless of what the reviews incorrectly suggested at the time. you can hear a huge influence from the minimalist school - particularly steve reich - in the evolving, subtly changing repetitions. almost all of the tracks are built around counterpoint. if you're not listening closely, that may come off as repetitive, but the solution is to listen more closely. indeed, like most abstract and revolutionary pieces of music, this was initially panned by the critics, who labelled it as redundant; they appear to have misunderstood it. they will eventually understand it. i would request a more careful listening, which will inevitably be followed by a serious re-evaluation.

tewe and cichli are great examples of this. on first listen, they sound like simple loops repeated over and over again. however, if you listen a little bit more closely, you can hear a very subtle evolution within each repetition. reich called this process and made it to the central motif of his career.

the fifth track is, again, an anti-climax; it splits the record in half. nuane is probably my personal favourite autechre track of all time and an excellent closer to the disc, the band's first true moving, sweeping, changing epic.

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by carlosrmanuel

January 23, 2010
Like every release of Autechre, starting from Tri Repetae, this is not only music for the years, but also music for the mind. Ae can transport us to completely different states of mind and Chiastic slide is no exception.
I returned to this record today and I just realized again how good it is. With Cipater I really started to move to the music, really dancing, but soon it turned to a claustrophobic underwater beauty with Rettic Ac. I travelled through different states of mind during the listening of the album and if sometimes I felt like in the middle of a sonic dream, it soon could change to a nightmare. This is music for the humans that we are... full of senses.
I already pre-ordered Oversteps and I think that a new big change will happen, until then I am re-exploring every bit that Ae produced. Until then...

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by Reticulum_Flux

June 23, 2006
edited over 12 years ago
This is where Booth and Brown said goodbye to easy listening. Imagine Tri Repetae with even less organic sounds and even more machine clanks... I'll give them credit for wanting to re-invent themselves with this album, but it just kept getting more and more crazy with each release. They used to release several CDs a year (album and EPs) and now look at them, as of this date (june 2006) they release 1 album every 2 years. Its clear they are running out of ideas and the boundaries of complex IDM they produce have been breached. I'd say its high time for them to begin making more accessible music again.

This album is worth listening to if you liked their first 3 albums, as hints of those works are still here.. withing the machinery.

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by DrumNBassJerk

March 29, 2006
edited over 12 years ago
Chiastic Slide was the first IDM album I ever purchased. The track 'Tewe' was what attracted me, after hearing it in a skateboard film called 'One Step Beyond'. I quickly researched the artist and bought this album the first chance I saw it on a shelf. As an IDM virgin at the time I wasn't sure what to expect. It took a few listens but in no time I found myself engaged in the wide variety of sounds that I never would have imagined hearing in my life. It's been three years since I first purchased this album, and to this day it still stands the test of time, and exceeds boundaries I once set for myself.

Autechre - Chiastic Slide ajtonic

January 24, 2010
Dont you love discovering new music going on mere intuition and then you end up truly enjoying it and become immersed in it! It really makes you think what if you hadnt bought the album for any reason and what a difference in your life it might have made, even by simply depriving you of the listening experience or any other changes youve made in your life subconsciously due to the impact of music!!!

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by

December 27, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
The beginning of the change for Autechre...and it shows. All the tracks are great in their own right, but the only problem is that the longer tracks, like Recury, Hub, and Cichli just seem to go on and on and on with little variation. Track Rettic Ac is probably their nosiest track they've done to date. I rated this album as one of my least favorite but I still love it a lot as a turning point album for AE and I think Booth/Brown did an excellent job in that respect.

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by Taskmaster

October 22, 2005
edited over 12 years ago

A semi-tough release to get into. This album marks where Autechre began to change their style so to speak. Not quite as ambient as previous releases, and may even sound weird the first listen. If you give it a chance and listen a couple more times, you'll begin to appreciate what they've created here.. which a clicky glitch ambience with a structure. One of my favorite Autechre releases.

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by moire

December 7, 2004
edited over 13 years ago

For me, this is Autechre's most emotional and human release. I would go so far as to call it personal - I think Sean and Rob put a lot of their feelings at the time into this record.

Some people look at Chiastic Slide as a rehash of the Tri Repetae "format," but I think that's really missing the point. While Tri Repetae seems highly abstracted from anything human, I feel like Chiastic Slide is human and organic on some level. Yes, it's still mechanical: the first track, Cipater, refers to an engine with its title and ignition/piston sounds. But this record is also very much human to me with its melancholic melodies, distant vocal samples, organic textures, and wide emotional palette.

Another reason why Chiastic Slide is a world apart from Tri Repetae is because Ae broke away from their traditional song structure in a few of the tracks. Tewe is the prime example. It's an amazing track that represesents a major leap forward. While Ae's previous work was unique, anyone who knows about audio production can listen to those earlier tracks and analyze more or less how they were made. A bizarre sample here, an old Roland there, a Nord Lead here, some delay and reverb, such and such time signature, etc. Tewe is structured in such a unique way that I'd be surprised if anyone besides Sean and Rob could reproduce anything close. In this respect, Tewe is more like Ae's later work than their earlier work. For this reason, I look at Chiastic Slide as the approximate turning point for Autechre, the link between their "old styles" (e.g. Incunabula, Amber, Garbage, Anvil Vapre, Tri Repetae) and "new styles" (e.g. Cichlisuite, LP5, EP7, Confield, Gantz Graf, Draft).

This is definitely one of my favorite Autechre releases. I like it more than any of their work that came after LP5, and it holds my interest much better than Incunabula and Amber. Essential.

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by mikedefacto

May 20, 2004

This LP, along with Envane EP is their finest work to date. It is a very conscious departure from the comparitively normal-sounding works of their first three LPs. Dangerously avant-garde and uncompromising (I read that Trent Reznor refused US distribution on his Nothing Records imprint when it was released due to it being so experimental,) yet extremely confident.

It is the sound of machines singing in the darkness, it sounds as if there is no human intervention here whatsoever, yet despite the gritty sounds and it's often menacing mood it has an undeniable funk, depth, warmth and awesome beauty that I don't think has been captured in the releases since. This LP has to be listened to as a whole, from beginning to end.

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by autptvt

January 20, 2004
This is a pure exhibition of warring machinery. There is nothing deeper or more important ever released in my opinion. Chiastic Slide is the my most influencial album that I own and will ever own. It is a classic that will stand through wind, water, and fire.

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by scadada99

October 29, 2003
Critics weren't that thrilled with this album as they were with efforts such as "Tri Repetae" and "Amber". Even Booth & Brown were quoted as saying that "Chiastic Slide" wasn't a true follow-up to "Tri Repetae".

One listen, however, reveals something much deeper. "Cipater" is simply an amazing track; it leads directly into "Rettic Ac", a track that feels like you're thrashing about in the water, struggling for air. "Cichli" is very melodic, but crazy at the same time, and "Nuane" is definitely the highlight of the album; 13 minutes of insanity (and wonderful synth play; the last 3 minutes or so of the track are just one continuous static line).

While I wouldn't start here for the new Autechre fan (it is a little crazy. But, the first song by Ae that I heard was "Cipater" on WARPCD82 - WARP:ROUTINE, and was thus the 1st album of theirs that I got, however), I highly recommend it to anyone looking to break away from the norm.

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by awillhoite

August 20, 2003

I find that at this point on Autechre went bad. They just don't put enough effort into their new records and it shows!

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by super_attak

January 6, 2003

Chiastic Slide is the most balanced of the "old" Ae, mixing melodies and simple aesthetic pleasure to complex structures. But not complex in the maybe difficult manner of Confield, for example, that some find even unpleasant - thus I call it the old Autechre.

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by 137

August 14, 2002
"Cipater" and "Calbruc" are great, and "Rettic AC" is kind of neat. But really everything else here kind of sucks. It took me a while to really be honest and admit this, but this is not a great album.

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by

August 24, 2001
edited over 17 years ago
the vinyl was recently reissued and has to be the most beautiful TheDesignersRepublic-design of all time!!! all the sleeves are printed, no generic white sleeves. Definitely get the vinyl instead of the CD!!

Autechre - Chiastic Slide as reviewed by miccom

August 1, 2001
edited over 17 years ago

Autechre established themselves even further with this 1997 classic. Plenty of granular textures, distorted beats with odd signatures and perfect minimal melodies to top it all off. One of their most catchy tracks, 'Cichli', is featured here. Really essential even if rumor has it the band didn't think this was a worthy successor to 1995's 'Tri Repetae'. Personally, I rank it even higher than 'Tri Repetae'. It also proved at least equally influential on contemporaries such as Arovane. I would suggest listening to 'Chiastic Slide' before taking on their untitled 'LP5'. It is both a great introduction to their 'actual' masterpiece up until now and much easier to follow and/or appreciate mostly because of the perfect first half of this record which is entirely produced according to Autechre's superhuman standards. That first half combines odd rhythm-structures and alienating melody using mostly otherwordly sounds to create music that feels soo incredibly natural at the same time. It's simply magic!! Once you've mastered this, check out 'LP5', you'll like it even more.