Trace*Lostdubs 1

DJ Trace - Lostdubs 1 album cover
Label:DSCI4 – DSCI 4017
Series:Lostdubs – 1
Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition, 45 RPM
Style:Drum n Bass


ASonar (Ed Rush & Optical VIP)
Remix [VIP]Ed Rush & Optical
BFinal Chapta (Tim Reaper Remix)
RemixTim Reaper


  • Mastered ByStu*



  • Mr_Ramsbottom's avatar
    Obviously the Ed Rush and Optical remix of Sonar is heavy as fuck, but the muddy sounding mix down kinda ruins it for me, and ultimately I still don't think you can touch the original. Flip is pretty good too - all out amen warfare!
    • SecretSquizza's avatar
      Mr Reaper's remix is as clattery as shit - i love it!
      • TimReaper's avatar
        Man, I must have been 17 going on 18 when this came out, my first track on vinyl, made on the worst pair of headphones I've ever owned lol. But it was a great experience for me, from hearing Bailey premiere it on 1Xtra, to meeting Trace himself at Metropolis to hear it being mastered by Stuart Hawkes & coming home from Sixth Form to find a package on my bed, which was the test press of this. Good times...
        • dav_12002's avatar
          Finally one of the best tracks from dnb's finest techstep years surfaces, it's an absolute monster! 'Sonar VIP' finally sees the light of day and this is one of the most sought after tune's off all time. The original is a classic but this is it's demonically possessed sister! Starting with bleeps and the original synth line before the sharp break kicks in and you know this is going to be something special and when it drop's you realise just how incredible this tune is with it's rib shaking reece bassline that scares the hell out of you! 10/10

          'Final chapta' remix is also outstanding taking the sound back to the mid 90's jungle hey days! and i love it! I ended up digging my old jungle records after playing this! Tim Reaper has done a fantastic job.

          This 12" is a must have, one of those tune's where if you had to buy one record! I on the other hand bought 2 copies!
          • DJQUICKLUNG's avatar
            Edited 13 years ago
            Well after hearing about this release i was like many others who felt like yeh yeh yeh heard it all before this will never come out on 12inch. How wrong was i? Now sitting forever in my collection it is a treasured piece of utter sickness on vinyl, and i'm so happy to own this i could vomit.
            Tim Reaper i feel deserves a special mention for doing a good job on the final chapter remix as well, i would love to hear it on a giant rig to see how it thumps properly. I feel the potential and interest for a series of lost dubs would be amazing if the right tunes and remix's were selected. I really hope this isn't a one off release and more classic dubs get found. I feel this is the vinyl release of the year on the drum & bass scene, make no mistake this is a fucking collectors item. :-)
            Now where's that time machine to go back to 1997-1998 and go mental at a disgusting smoke filled Bagleys in London or the Stratford Rex???


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