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CyclobeWounded Galaxies Tap At The Window

Label:Phantomcode – NAOS 01
Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, White, 180g
Style:Downtempo, Experimental, Minimal


A1How Acla Disappeared From Earth
A2The Woods Are Alive With The Smell Of His Coming
B1We'll Witness The Resurrection Of Dead Butterflies (Three Moons)
B2Sleeper: The Blue Towers, The Copper Bells, Ghost Ribbon, The Unknowable Index
B3Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window


1000 copies pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
500 on white vinyl, 500 on black vinyl.
All editions come with 2 inserts, with the exception of the first 250 white vinyl copies sold through Cyclobe website which come with 3 inserts.

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Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window (LP, Test Pressing, White Label)PhantomcodeNAOS 01UK2010
Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window (LP, Album, Limited Edition, 180g)PhantomcodeNAOS 01UK2010
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Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window (LP, CDr, , All Media, Limited Edition, Numbered, Art edition)PhantomcodeNAOS 01UK2010
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Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window (CDr, Album, Promo)PhantomcodeNAOS 01UK2010
Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window (CD, Album)PhantomcodeNAOS01CDUK2011


DrGlennMD's avatar
Edited 5 years ago
Something's coming. Really great, evocative (of all the great moorland-set Hammer Horror movies) celestial music.
Heathen.Harvest's avatar
I’ve heard it said that music has no borders, and that it is one of the truly international languages that will be understood wherever it’s heard. I’m sure that’s true, but only up to a point. When listening to this, “Wounded Galaxies Tap at the Window” by Cyclobe, I was reminded very sharply that there are yet other styles of music that have their feet in a very specific place and, indeed, time. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this album very much appears to spring from a particular underground stream of paganism and spirituality connected solidly with the very earth of Britannia – an ages-old stream that continues to worm its way through the very history and culture of this Sceptered Isle, even up to the present day.

According to the five tracks on here, the pastoral idyll that we imagine the English countryside to be has a much darker edge than we imagine. With our suburban lifestyles, many of us harbour an image of rural life as being somehow ‘better’ and ‘healthier’, more wholesome, than that to be found in cities. Yes it is, generally speaking, but as our ancestors knew only too well, Mother Nature and her attendants could be capricious creatures, bringing plenty one year and scarcity the next. Life is always edged with the knowledge of death and decay, whether on the short timescale of the continuous round of seasons or the (relatively) longer span of a man’s lifespan – as soon as we’re born, we essentially start decaying, both temporally and physically, toward our endpoint.

Cyclobe’s musical explorations contain echoes of classicism and folk, music in the vein of Britten and Elgar in places, perhaps, but infused with the stirrings of the worm in the earth, death and inevitable decay, as well as the hidden life of the ground beneath us, and the land that sustains and nurtures us. This is especially true of the opening track, ‘When Acla Disappeared from Earth’, with its soaring ringing tones descriptive of flight and departure underpinned by murmurings of discontent and regret. One could quite easily imagine this to be the logical musical extension and evolution of the kind of evocative music that Elgar was writing last century.

But Cyclobe aren’t interested in the superficial realities of the everyday – they want to show us the underlying reality, the one that exists just under our noses and which most of us refuse to even acknowledge. Track two, ‘The Woods are Alive with the Smell of His Coming’, forces us to focus on that other realm of being, injecting notes of the cosmic terror that lurks behind the thin veil – dare I say it, there’s a distinct Lovecraftian feel to this one, whether intended or not. The presences of terrors and alien existences beyond human reckoning entwine their tendrils around every single note, but those notes are simultaneously very much rooted in and of the earth beneath our feet.

Indubitably, though, we mustn’t forget that, even in the midst of death and decay, there is beauty, expressed here in the expansively sweeping ambience of the title track, ‘Wounded Galaxies Tap at the Window’. Of course, even this beauty is tinged (tainted?) with darkness, and that we must also remember that one cannot exist without the other, that the fabric of life and conscious perception is composed of duality. It is through duality that we exist and define ourselves.

This album is a veritable magic carpet composed of multiple threads, by turns dark, dangerous and stupefyingly beautiful. Each of those threads holds within its fibres little treasures and perhaps philosophical truths, just waiting to be discovered with each unravelling. It is indeed like looking at the world and its reality as a whole, and then picking it apart to see just what makes it work. And what we find there isn’t necessarily what we either expect to be there, or what we would want to find. Reality can only really work if we all agree what that reality is, but when we go deeper we find that it’s nowhere near as coherent as we think it is. And that, to some, is a frightening thought – it’s the equivalent of staring into the abyss.

Simply put, an absolutely magnificent album.

Rating: 4.5/5

Written by: SMJ63
beatflip's avatar
Definitely Cyclobe's best album so far. Dark, dreamy drone. Perfect for late night listening.